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Black alter has internalized racism?? What??

Black people can have internalized racism sure, but saying that because you’re in a white body means you are racist is another thing...


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Anorexia is not always defined by weight, you’d be surprised how many overweight or average weight Anorexic people there are

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My (17F) mom (52F) doesn’t seem to respect my personal wishes.



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the dog is not trained to sense tics, they literally had to call the dog over. the dog doesn’t even do simple tactics like adding pressure on the person or sitting in their lap to regulate stress.

there’s literally no reason to call it a service dog. no one would judge this person if it was just a emotional support dog lmao

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Symptoms Finally Lining Up



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I wish, haha. My parents are a little on the older side and didn’t grown up in a time we’re neurodivergent/mentally ill people were openly discussing their issues so they will often prioritize their opinions and thoughts over professional help.

Hopefully I can try to ease my parents into it, but they usually assume that since no one else is professionally diagnosed in our family that this is “brought into me myself” sadly


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That’s up for debate. Some people just don’t care, have a voyuerism kink or just don’t feel a Internet connection with someone is the same as real life. As long as it’s consensual I personally don’t feel the need to judge


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I can see that being the case. It just seems like a chunk of th comment section hyper focused on his gf doing sex work rather than his worries about their sexual relationship. From what I read and OPs replies in the comment section, he seems to not be too upset at the sex work itself but feeling he’s getting the short end of the stick. But I agree, if they did try working it out and it’s draining him mentally he should let it go


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I agree. We’re here for fakers, period. There can be fake clowncore uwu small beans with fake Tourette’s and real clowcore uwu small beans with Tourette’s. Having it harder or taking yours as a pain in the ass to be the “better person with Tourette’s or any other illness/disorder” makes me roll my eyes a little

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I feel okay with diagnosis buuut...



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I do this, but I have anxiety and other shit that makes me need to clarify questions out of fear. If he’s not doing it for any of those reasons, he sounds a little like he’s looming over your head. Have you ever asked why he does this, and how he benefits from it? If it’s not something that makes a bit of sense, start playing by some new rules before he gets powerhungry


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I feel you on this one. Being overweight and battling a restrictive ED feels like a endless loop. I hope you’re healing, people love to say unnecessary things thinking it will “help”


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I agree. It seems a lot of people dart right at the onlyfans issue and not the part where we emotionally cares for her. Not everyone can handle being in a relationship sex worker, and that shouldn’t be an issue. If she was engaged as he is in their relationship, hopefully she would be open minded in stopping. If not, he shouldn’t feel bad. It’s not everyone’s thing and feel pressured into staying


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yep, I think she talked about it in her Brony video in youtube


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truly. Dissociation isn't just simply spacing out for a moment, its a total mix of fear and other scary emotions and not being able to identify shit

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Emotionally Detached from Parents



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Hello fellow sapphic! You don't sound dumb at all, but since yall are touch-feely, you might as well just ask her what ''you two are''. Being blunt and direct is the best way to organize your relationship and the feelings. It may be hard, but youre in a limbo relationship wise in my opinion. Hope it helps <3


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My sensory hates their reaction more than music honestly


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i knew this was wrong the minute they called ADHD a ''mental illness''


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i agree. im sure they chose the first result from Healthline that matched up with their symptoms, but this ''self diagnosis'' with no other reason but to share bad/unhealthy symptoms has gotta go. I though I had BPD for a long time just for it to be GAD. Diagnosis can help identify symptoms, but these tiktok kids do nothing more but share them from some awws and views and it's sad.


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i agree. yes, the disorder may stay; no mental disorder can be ''cured'', but recovery can be very long standing. how people handle recovery is different, but i hate people who say ''we still struggle''. not all of us do or had plans to when considering recov

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Recovery support Best. Boyfriend. Ever


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Experience Still really sad about this..



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OH MY GOD. I gasped when i seen this. You guys are so good! thank you so much!


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please do, im taking multiple submissions!