COMMENT May 11 '21

Jon: "How do we pick the forklift up?"

Dave: "Just use the forkli..."

Jon: "..."


COMMENT May 04 '21

Alright, let's bring up Canada. My family has first hand experience with the Canadian Healthcare system. There are extraordinary waiting times that cannot be avoided. I had a family member who had a completely treatable non-lifthreatening (at the time) kind of cancer. Because of this they were put at the back of the line. The cancer got worse, fast. It took them 8 month to get their first treatment. Unfortunately, it was too late and they died a month later. If they were treat at diagnosis, they would be alive today. But hey, at least it was "free."

If you want an example of what socialized healthcare would look like in the USA, look at the VA. That system is inefficient and unsuccessful.


COMMENT May 04 '21

Its curious how a country is only successful if it is aided by the US...


COMMENT May 04 '21

Ah yes. All those people dying from old age in Venezuela.


COMMENT Apr 26 '21

We ended up going to Cerberus then we went mini golfing. I nice relaxing evening.


COMMENT Apr 25 '21

Appreciate the help...


COMMENT Apr 24 '21

Never heard of those places maybe I'll try that. But, I'm not sure if I should be taking advice for someone named JustBoredIsAll. 😄


COMMENT Apr 24 '21

Not a bad idea.

r/ColoradoSprings Apr 24 '21

Help Wanted I'm bored, and I need help.



COMMENT Apr 12 '21

polar alignment (eg can you polar align such that you get a 75% keep rate for the longest sub you can consistently do)

I'm working on this, I've gotten better over time but its a little difficult with my tripod. They is a lot of adjusting I have to do to get the polar alignment exact.

mechanicals (setup, balancing, focusing)

Balancing is a little difficult because I can only balance in RA because of the nature of my mount. My lens sticks pretty far away from where the camera is mounted so it does not allow me to get a perfect balance. With focusing, I did just get a Bhatinov mask that mostly works for my lens so I thing that helps.

target finding (eg star hopping)

Since I only have a star tracker I can really only aim at targets where I can get another bright star in the frame. But with ever target I am getting better.

data collection discipline (lights, darks, bias, flats)

I try to do them all but I am a little confused because I have gotten a lot of conflicting advice on telling me which ones I do and don't need.

do you dither, even manually?

I've never done dithering because I always assumed it was something you could only do on a guided mount. What is it and how do I do it manually?

Then there are free post-processing stuff to play with.

I just tried Siril for the first time (used gimp before that) and I do thing that has helped a lot.


COMMENT Apr 10 '21

Yeah, I did post this before but I didn't mean to. That first one was from mobile and I wanted to retype it and change a few things and post it through desktop.

Thanks for your tips where can I find the discord server? Is it on the subreddit main page?

Also I didn't realize that Siril and Pixinsight better. Maybe I'll try those. Do you recommend one over the other?

I think the things I struggle with most are post processing, and figuring out the camera settings I need for for the targets I am looking at (exposure time per frame, number of frames, ISO settings, etc.)

r/AskAstrophotography Apr 10 '21

Advice I have hit a wall and I need help.



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Thanks, we actually went there today because we wanted to go to Saguaro after. It's a nice place!


COMMENT Mar 25 '21

Well if we don't want to terrorize the wildlife we should just close all hiking trails and and national forest parks and and other wildlife areas to any humans too. Let just demolish all the cities and give it back to the animals.

r/Tucson Mar 25 '21

Good hiking trails for dogs?



COMMENT Mar 17 '21

Hmm, I seem to recall the same thing happening with half the country for three and a half years after trump got elected. I just can't seem to put a finger on who that was...


COMMENT Feb 24 '21

Literally just bought it, because of this post!


COMMENT Feb 11 '21

Not to sound too government conspiracy, but, this is why I always vote no on any TABOR measure. The government (from city to federal) cannot and will never use the money we give to them correctly. It will always be thrown at something that is a non-issue.


COMMENT Feb 11 '21

Wait, shouldn't we have gotten this back because of TABOR?! Why are they just spending this extra money without letting us vote on getting this back?


COMMENT Feb 06 '21

Aahhh, interesting maybe i will try that


COMMENT Feb 06 '21

Wow, how did you do that? I thought i did everything I could.


COMMENT Feb 06 '21

Alright makes sense, thanks! Will I have to increase the exposure then if my sweet spot for iso is real low.


COMMENT Feb 06 '21

Yeah, I've got raccoons who trigger theirs


COMMENT Feb 06 '21

Should iso be constant for every target and I just change exposure time?


COMMENT Feb 06 '21

My camera lens doesn't have any way to attach a bahnitov mask since it is only a stock camera lens. I can't really get much better focus than this because the lens is very finicky. Any tiny adjustments and the star in on gets out of focus. My hand is not steady enough to get it any better. I'll try though.