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Lmao I’m confused af too it was extremely harmless

Like it wasn’t a knock in any way, I was listening to it for the first time and noticed the similarities in flow/inflection. Regardless I’m all here for it, Keem brings a lot of great energy to songs and Zay gives it a whole extra layer.


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Twitter is simply bigger. The root of the issue is people and how they act on the internet.


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It was absolutely still just a TV show.

You're not the only person who watched it/cared about it.


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The influence Baby Keem has had on TDE is wild

I love it tho


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“We” didn’t, a lot of them just found a safe haven in Asmon’s chat for some reason


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They’re absolutely extending with the KT/guardian changes, especially considering that they’re a few pieces of vault gear away from a kill


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Yeah a piece of vault gear for everyone should be enough to push it


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lol fuck off


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Nope, they did splits for 7 and a half hours before going into Painsmith. You can check the vod. If Echo takes the same amount of time, they'll be on Fatescribe in about 6 hours, which would be like an hour or so after Limit starts up again.


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I know it's silly to let the look of a product get in the way of its actual utility, but when it's clearly meant to rival a Switch, I think you can have both the clean look of the Switch and a more ergonomic device in your hands.

Idk, I don't feel like they're directly targeting the nintendo audience here. It's meant to be handheld competition, but it doesn't seem tailored to people who care that much about aesthetics in the first place. I think it's more for people who want more power/functionality and a larger selection of games, most of whom aren't gonna care a whole lot. Valve is going for more of a PSP thing here, and I don't really think it's particularly bad looking either. Just less colorful than a switch.


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You’re just gonna keep on digging, huh?


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Isn't it a common complaint/observation that WoW from Cata on has given people buttons that they used to not have. Like self-healing, movement, kicks etc.

I wouldn't really call it a super common complaint tbh. Maybe moreso in PVP, but definitely never heard any PVE folk complain about having utility.

Movement/self-healing is still highly varied dependent on class. I think every class might have an ability that does each of the above, but there's a massive disparity in how potent it is. It makes it all-around better for the health of the game because it doesn't lock certain classes out of content. Like, if a DPS didn't have a kick, I probably wouldn't want them in my M+ groups at all. If one class has a worse kick than another, it can be worked around fairly easily.

The main issues with "adding buttons" is borrowed power systems that change every xpac, which is a valid and major complaint amongst a good chunk of the playerbase.


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The bathroom attendant there always confused tf out of my drunk ass

Like it's 1:30 AM, I'm smashed, and I just wanna take a piss. I don't need you to hand me a towel bro lmao.


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This is the first expansion where I did take the time to read quest text and it made the levelling/covenant quest experience much better tbh. I don't like what they're doing with the overarching story wrt to Sylvanas, but the actual Shadowlands specific story has been really good imo.

I wish they'd stop trying to tie everything to some big meta-issue because it makes things complicated and they're really not very good at it.


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Sleeping with multiple people. Promiscuity.

How are these wrong?

Cheating on a spouse or partner

obviously wrong in a monogamous relationship.

Sex with minors.

Wrong, obviously. It's rape.


Wrong because it can produce severely disabled offspring.

All this shit isn't equal just because it revolves around sex.


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Are you ok with a restaurant kicking out patrons for wearing masks?


Can a movie theater kick out someone for wearing a Bernie Sanders or Che Guevara t-shirt?


Can a tow truck driver leave you on the freeway for a Biden2020 or Jesus Fish sticker?


Can FedEx stop shipping packages to anyone found ordering marijuana paraphernalia?


Can a doctor refuse you as a patient because you’re a gun owner?


Can Jeff Bezos fire people for talking about forming a Union?

sure, idk if it's legal tho

can the Catholic Church refuse Communion to Joe Biden?


The overarching extended response to all of these is "yes, but they also must face whatever negative consequences arise as a result of their actions".

These businesses can do these things, but we can also publicly boycott/cancel them for said actions. Most of these would be a good way to sink your profits/public standing.


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In your society, where should such people go? They cannot get a job, they cannot start a business, cancelled all around. Should people really be condemned to die in the street for the crime of reading a book once and finding it persuasive?

In your authoritarian society, should people be forced to hire/associate with people they don't want to?

All the people that read said persuasive book can start a business themselves. Society isn't monogamous - for every position I find despicable, there's likely someone out there that agrees with it.


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The black guy going around converting people from being KKK members is a perfect example of how to fix hate. He is actually having conversations with people and making them see the error of their ways.

Daryl Davis. He's a person with extraordinary levels of patience/understanding, that everyone should look up to.

That being said, I fucking hate when people bring this up as some kind of standard. Shit is purely abnormal, and not feasible for 99.9% of people. I shouldn't have to tolerate hate. I shouldn't have to go around and coddle racists to not be racist. I'm glad that someone out there can do it, but it's not my job to do so. I can't have deep one-on-one talks with random internet bigots. Most people in homogeneous communities aren't going to suddenly change their entire systems of morality based on a single conversation.

Like can we just explain how someone is dumb or bad without getting them deplatformed or fired?

So what happens when you explain this, and they continue to do dumb/bad things as a result of not having consequences? I'd like to think that everyone is capable of self-reflection and change, but it's not that simple in most cases.

I'm all for more productive ways of fixing these issues, but "cancelling" has arisen purely as a result of methods like that not working. Things like education, gov't programs, and various ad campaigns have attempted to target racism (kind of), but it doesn't really matter when people's families and hometowns are still racist, and they retain those beliefs regardless. It's essentially the root of this thread - freedom of association. You can say racist things, sure, but don't be surprised when people don't want to associate with you, and find your actions shitty enough to encourage others to not associate with you.


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Communists really hate other lefties more than they hate righties.

Probably because the sole thing non-auth leftists and right wingers can agree on is that tankies fucking suck.


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I don't get how it's a problem. Blizz knows their community likes to use addons, and the community (barring a tiny minority of people) are completely fine with add-on usage. If it were a genuine issue, Blizz would make it an inherent part of the game.

I'm fine with addons because people that play casually don't really need all the extra shit that they bring. It allows people that care enough to use them to enable them, and nobody else has to concern themselves with it. I don't want the game made simpler purely to eliminate add-on usage - it makes it all less fun.


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but you're talking about the fear affix, right? i dont understand what you mean, how does the affix change what you pull at all? most of the time for me, it's just an extra punishment for taking too much damage, which makes it a lot easier to die

If you pull too much, you're at a larger risk of dying because of the torment?

That feels like the definition of a difficulty factor to me. Like, it's annoying, but it's kinda supposed to be. It makes it less possible to mindlessly run through and pull everything.


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Good god those beats are trash


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So edgy


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The xe/zer shit died years ago, but snowflakes like you continue to bring it up because the mere concept of being considerate makes you rage and post paragraphs. He, she, they. It’s not complicated. You do it on a regular basis anyway. If you can remember a person’s name, you can remember their pronouns (see how easy it is?)