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Ahh didn’t realize I was using a vintage model lol.

Did come across this which makes sense for the velcro. Happy mopping!:)


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Maybe picture of a covfefe cup...and now they’ve signed up for another recurring donation.

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Of Course Trump Has Scammed Millions From His Not-Very-Bright Supporters | The ex-president has reportedly been using his political PAC as a slush fund for personal expenses.

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We had the same dilemma but then started using microfiber cleaning cloths instead of the pads. The square ones tuck nicely into the swiffer mop head.


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Mr Trump started the PAC after the 2020 election and it managed to raise $31.5m before the end of the year but spent very little of it during the period until 1 January 2021, according to the disclosure report for that time.

The former President has reportedly told aides that he wants to have a large war chest on hand to show strength ahead of 2024. While he’s telling staffers that he will probably make another run for the White House, some within his circle have suspicions that he’ll stay out of the race. Some aides have told him to save money for midterm travel in 2022 to rally voters in support of the candidates Mr Trump has endorsed.

Trump biographer and persistent critic of the former president, Tim O’Brien, told The Washington Post that the fundraising “is probably the most lucrative thing he’s had in terms of cash flow since the Plaza casino in Atlantic City”.

“This is just as lucrative. He has recognized because of what happened after the election, he can make money as a candidate,” he added.


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On Wednesday, the Rhode Island lawmaker and six Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee fired back in response to Tyson’s revelation about the passed-off tips, demanding more information about the agency’s discussions with White House lawyers and questioning why the FBI declined to interview Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh.

“Your letter confirms that the FBI’s tip line was a departure from past practice and that the FBI was politically constrained by the Trump White House,” the senators wrote on Wednesday. “It also belies the former president’s insistence that his administration did not limit the Bureau’s investigation of Justice Kavanaugh.”

The sheer number of tips that appear to have been ignored corroborates claims by individuals and firms who said they had contacted the FBI with credible accounts relevant to the investigation “only to be ignored,” the senators said.

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FBI Admits It Got 4,500 Tips on Brett Kavanaugh—Then Punted Them to Trump Team

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Mr Biden said on Wednesday that he had “never” argued for defunding the police.

“I don’t know any community, particularly the communities that are in the most need, and the poorest, and the most at risk, that don’t want police. They want police though, to look at them as equals,” Mr Biden told the audience in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“They don’t want police abuses,” the president added.

“If police aren’t doing their job, they should be held accountable. They should be fired for not doing their job,” Mr Biden said.

“We’ve actually cut down on [the] number of police, unrelated to anybody asking for it.

“The towns and cities aren’t spending as much money on it. There’s not as much federal money to hire police. And now, what’s happening is police are not wanting to be a cop,” the president added.

“So, what we got to do is we’ve got to give them the help they need to be better at their job,” he said.

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‘They’re lying’: Biden hits back at Republicans for claiming he is anti-police

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Referring to his previous attempt to pin the origins of COVID-19 on Fauci, because the federal government had indirectly contributed funding to a Wuhan lab, Paul asked the veteran immunologist during a congressional hearing, “Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th, where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?” (“Gain-of-function“ is a type of medical research that alters a disease in a way that increases transmissibility.)

Having apparently long since lost his patience with the troll from Kentucky, Fauci responded: “Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress and I do not retract that statement. This paper that you were referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain-of-function…. Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly, and I want to say that officially, you do not know what you are talking about…. I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, Senator, because if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments that were given in the annual reports that were published in the literature, it is molecularly impossible…. And you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individual. I totally resent that. If anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you.”

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Anthony Fauci Once Again Forced to Basically Call Rand Paul a Sniveling Moron

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He’s so busy…even gets work requests when he is trying to take a break lol.


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Maybe adoption info. He seems to be in a shelter.


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Appearing on CNN on Saturday—one day after Biden said social media companies like Facebook are “killing” people by allowing vaccine misinformation to spread, a critique he later clarified by saying he meant that about a dozen of Facebook’s users are killing people with misinformation—Fauci said if the world had had to deal with these anti-science pundits in years past, it never would’ve made it out alive. Asked by Jim Acosta if he thought “we could have defeated the measles or eradicated polio if you had Fox News, night after night, warning people about these vaccine issues that are just bunk,” Fauci responded, “We probably would still have smallpox, and we probably would still have polio in this country if we had the kind of false information that’s being spread now.”


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Today on cozy spaces with bonus cat…


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The Republican lawmakers thought they had finally secured the M3 Live Anaheim Event Center for the rally on Saturday night, despite opposition from city leaders.

But after Anaheim officials criticised the controversial politicians for bringing the event to the city, the venue changed its mind about hosting the pro-Trump representatives and their supporters.

“A planned America First rally at a private venue in our city is cancelled,” the city tweeted.

“The city of Anaheim shared public concerns with the operator and those concerns are shared by the operator.

“As a city we respect free speech but also have a duty to call out speech that does not reflect out city and its values.”

The latest embarrassing cancelation comes after two venues, the Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills and the Riverside Convention Center, cancelled on the GOP members when complaints flooded in.

And in Riverside, members of the city council also opposed the event. Council member Ronald Fierro said: “The hateful and racist rhetoric that will be perpetrated at this event by these two well-known extremists has absolutely no place in our City.”

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Third California venue cancels on Gaetz and Greene’s America First rally

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The recent wave of cartoon candidates and clickbait C-listers, who are hoping, like Trump before them, to use so-called “performative politics” to catapult themselves in the primaries from freak-show clowns to credible nominees.

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up. See the sword-swallowers, contortionists, and snake-charmers that include: the Heisman Trophy–winner Herschel Walker, with whom Trump had dinner in June, stating, “He told me he’s going to [run] and I think he will”; Caitlyn Jenner (a sports hero turned transgender pioneer turned punch line); Andrew Giuliani (a clone of a punch line); Lara (will-she-or-won’t-she-run?) Trump (who married into the punch line); Matthew McConaughey (the alright-alright-alright punch line); and J.D. Vance (the hillbilly punch line).

What all these political novices have in common is name recognition, lack of experience, and in most cases some connection to Donald Trump. Or, at least, a seeming desire to try and establish one.


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The petition calling on lawmakers to abolish the filibuster, pass all provisions of the For the People Act, fully restore the Voting Rights Act, and increase the hourly wage floor to $15 asks readers: "Which side are you on? Democracy or autocracy? The provisions of the U.S. Constitution or the demands of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?"

"This fight is not just about Black or white," says the letter. "What we are witnessing are attacks on people of every race, creed, income, gender, sexuality, ability, and identity."

"The battle to suppress the vote is a tool of wealth distribution upward," the letter adds, connecting the battle against autocracy to the battle against oligarchy.

During his speech, Barber stressed that "it's time to make ending poverty a top legislative priority," arguing that many people across the country don't have an accurate understanding of the extent and consequences of economic deprivation due to the government's inadequate measurements of the problem.

Referring to the need "to guarantee quality healthcare for everybody and universal single-payer healthcare," Barber was emphatic: "It's time," he said. "Past time!"


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Over the course of the more than five-hour hearing, Judge Parker questioned attorneys on whether they'd done any work to vet the allegations made in any of those affidavits, calling one such sworn declaration – in which a man walking his dog claimed that he saw a couple hand a trio of plastic bags which he asserted "might" contain ballots to a postal worker in a car park – "really fantastical".

The judge asked: "How could any of you as officers of the court submit this affidavit?"

Ms Haller denied that it was anything of the sort, at which point Judge Parker called the affidavit in question "total speculation". She also suggested that the attorneys' point in filing such documents was not to provide evidence in her courtroom, but to provide supporters of now-former President Trump with cherry-pickable anecdotes they can use to claim that there were problems with the 2020 election.

"My concern is that counsel here has submitted affidavits to suggest and make the public believe that there was something wrong with the election ... that's what these average affidavits are designed to do, to show there was something wrong in Michigan, there was something wrong in Wayne County," Judge Parker said, using the names of two jurisdictions in the state with large Black populations.

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Judge suggests ‘Kraken’ lawsuits were meant to ‘make the public believe’ Trump’s false election claims | Pro-Trump lawyers including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood may face sanctions

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Adorable! What’s her name?

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This Is a Perfectly Rounded, Gleaming Example of Mitch McConnell's Cynicism | This person does not have any intention to assist in the governing of the United States.

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