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Sometimes they just have a dirty one on standby and just everyone the same thing.


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This song is just beautiful. I strongly recommend looking up the live radio version with actual acoustic instruments being played on YouTube


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This is why I think this is staged...who throws their hat at something spooking them like that?

The dude probably doesn't throw his hat at alligators in the water if he thinks there's one near him in the water


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That's what i'm sayin'. Most of us are just living life as we emerge from the pandemic. The only posts about the USA that make the front page is the worst of the worst so it gives a perception it's all messed up when in reality, we're all just chillen.

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How Ikea Was Made



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No, we prefer the term "piece of shit dumbass looking lemons"

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Other YSK: This summer is predicted to be even more favorable for wildfires than last year. Please have a plan ready.


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Let's be real for a sec

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ok. but I still need to wedge into ass to friend.


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Everyone is a hero on the internet, that's why it exists.


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This is an album cover for the song
Dokhtar Shomali by Ali Geraili.

Don't worry karma slut OP, I got you for giving people proper credit.


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XD as in Xtra Dick?


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Shouldn't she call it King Stabbers? I feel like this one was too easy.


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They're frustrated that call centers are designed intentionally to be frustrating.


Call center workers also are set up to fail because they often have limited authority themselves

Why would any company give top-tier and expensive authority to those at the bottom? That would just be bad business.

It's funny how companies always blame the consumer for their failings.

What? Do you know how a company works?


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Curious why Styrofoam is so bad?

I know it pretty much won't degrade in landfills, but is there something particularly super bad about styrofoam compared to other things, such as plastics and plastic bags?


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I actually had this exact photo printed out and hanging on the wall behind my desk at work when I was working for a small airport


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100% this. Nobody comes to this subreddit to tell about how awesome of an experience they had because they leave their Airbnb all happy, and leave a review. People only come here for help with problems.

I've hosted for about 3,500 guests and have had 5 issues that were quite minor and nothing close to the stuff seen in this subreddit.


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Video by Charlie Berens https://youtu.be/TSR-jtuVU1c

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How Ikea was Made