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Remember when GW was a modelling & craft hobby company and begrudgingly made a wargame?

It feels like they're now a game company that begrudgingly allows modelling and crafts. But perhaps I'm just a cynic.


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My S/O is so sexy it offends me and I would not have it any other way.


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Thanks. I have to say GRSM is a very nice and quite chic.

Though the consistent evolution of what I had considered to be general inoffensive terms into offensive ones is something that intrigues me intellectually. Evidently there is a culture about which I know nearly nothing. Presumably there are more cultures than just that one which I know nothing about but one step at a time.


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As a person on the fringe of the pride celebrations it always confuses me with how the acronym gets longer and longer. Its like the acronym itself is in the process of coming out of the closet.

What does I and A stand for at the end there?


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Crunch wise folk have spoken.

But the heat ray is always best because H. G. Wells.


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Strictly research for puzzles ofc.


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This is a common comment that I don't think is entirely valid. While jesus is considered by Christians to be the son of God, the tenets of Christianity note that Jesus and God are the same entity.

It's more like God tortured himself to test the capacity of mankind's ability to keep faith under torment. Certainly this is not standard experimental procedure.

Especially when the ultimate conclusion was basically "This shit is hard y'all. Tell you what, you won't be tortured forever by default any more as long as you're trying to have faith in me. Though the unbaptised babies won't be given this for another couple of thousands of years."


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To be fair to these ones. I is the roman numeral which means 1. The skull means dead. Fail is one. The other symbol is big and matches the army screaming success. I personally feel they're fairly well telegraphed.

The old wooden sylvaneth dice were worse, the sylvaneth symbol was the one, but atleast the other side had a six.


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The true way to go from here is to fudge rolls to be more difficult, that way no one can be happy but you can be smug. /S


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I can see this guy being played by Brian Blessed aswell.


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Well a grain if salt would be far too little salt unless you've the heightened senses of some freakish abomination forever damned to live life in a world where unseasoned is too much seasoning.


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I read somewhere that its linked to village cricket days so the bankers could take part, thus the banks would close and by extension all financial trading would halt.

Take that with a pinch of salt, my politics teacher gave it to me as a reading comprehension task when they were covering our tutor period and that was about a decade ago.


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Seems my tone was lost in translation.

What makes this castle able to stand up to a fantasy invasion. Being in the ocean wasn't enough for the real world, so how do you imagine dealing with dragons, wizards, etc.

Besides, to call Alexander the greatest military commander is a bit of a stretch. His tactic at Tyre was belligerence. "I'm going to build a bridge as plan A, two bridges as plan B." Its amazing what he pulled off, but tactical it wasn't really.


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Take a gander at Tyre and Alexander the Greats siege. Then look at it in the modern day. Think your island castle can beat that?


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The sternguard veterans box has heads for Titis and Sidonus.


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Okay. Pro tip. They say they can offer you a $30 gift card. This is a common tactic to placate you with something cheap, if you refuse then consumer rights laws require them to refund or replace the damaged item.

This is common with anywhere that returns are unwieldy and difficult.

Go in with the mindset of "I need this replaced or refunded." and tell that to them straight up and politely. They'll offer the generic cheap out offer, you say "Sorry but this one guy being damaged ruins the set so I'll need to get a new one anyway. Can I have a refund or get this replaced?" In my experience they always just give you a full refund.


COMMENT May 18 '21

He's not the homosexual English poet, and author of The Dark Angel, Lionel Johnson. He's a space Hercules cosplaying as Space Richard the Lionheart, Lion El' Jonson.


COMMENT May 16 '21

My issues are thus.

  1. The model doesn't have a lot of movement to it, apart from the hair, so it looks rigid.

  2. The stance on the rock means it looks like the model is about to fall forwards onto their face.

  3. The hair provides some indication of movement however is so long and stringy it lacks any weight to counter the fact the model looks like its about to fall over forwards.

  4. The bats in the hair are not repeated across the rest of the model resulting in them seeming like they're not a part of the character but rather incidental elements.

  5. Vampires in Warhammer to now have been graceful and brutal, or bestial and brutal. This one by bringing a spiked mace delivers a weird in between of the two that feels odd.

  6. The painting of the hair doesn't help. Neon orange clashes with the rest of the model.

  7. The hair occupies a lot of space behind and above the model but the weapon alone doesn't take up enough space infront and below the model making it seem top heavy and further lacking in movement.

  8. The lack of something like a cape or a more dynamic stance with the weapon means the model looks like it's lacking anything of visual interest from any angle other than face on.

In conclusion. With a few small cuts you can make this vampire into a great model for a rank and file game where models shouldn't take up too much space around their base. However this is AoS, we should be having exciting vampires dripping with character and motion, not a weird rigidity like the models of the 1990s - and those models still looked like they weren't going to fall over. The result is that while we get a plastic vampire lord, it has fewer interesting details to the old metal models for Konrad, Vlad, Manfred, Winged Vampire Lord the generic Vampire Lord, or the finecast Isabella that we got for Warhammer fantasy nearly a decade ago. This might be a fine model, but its replacing a lot of good models, so it feels like a massive downgrade. Especially when compared to the four we got in the Crimson Court kit. This model feels like the chaff that should have been thrown out in comparison.


COMMENT May 08 '21

Strength is too low too. You put a bar in a babys hands and pick up the bar. They hang there very happily by themselves.


COMMENT May 05 '21

In schools in the UK teachers like myself are trained to look out for students espousing buzzwords without seeming to know the meaning of them as it is a strong indicator for radicalisation. Its how we can tell a curious student trying to work out some fringe ideas from one who's caught in an abuse cycle.


COMMENT May 02 '21

I was more speaking of the sentence structure of the scroll implying that Tzeench was giving up Ahriman's soul in return for Ahriman's sweet shredding skills.


COMMENT May 02 '21

Tzeench's deal seems backwards. Did Ahriman really preserve his soul but serves chaos anyway because he's in denial about the fact he cannot shred like he used to?


COMMENT May 02 '21

Are Tyranids really independent if they're dominated by synapse?


COMMENT Apr 10 '21

Let's help him

  1. Assume a T-pose before the turned on camera. 1.1 Removing all clothing first aids in asserting yourself but consider your environment to determine if this is appropriate. 1.2 If you are a known nudist, to deliver pertinent shock to others inorder to hold attention, consider flaying all or part of your body first. 1.2.1 Always check with your doctor or health professional before flaying yourself.

  2. Place the microphone as close to your mouth as possible.

  3. Announce the reason for your late arrival. 3.1 Speak loudly, steadily and clearly. 3.2 Take care to max out the microphone any time you try to communicate.

  4. Engage others in the meeting with catch up conversation that you missed in the first few idle minutes of the meeting.

  5. Sit down and allow the meeting to continue. 5.1 Remember to always keep your C.V. up to date as new opportunities always present themselves to those who are very assertive.