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Because being okay with its current bugged state basically is the same as not caring at all


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I wonder if Lyza's whistle has something to say as well. Riko still has it, right?


COMMENT Jun 16 '21

I hope Kate can do something to help Emilyko in the next episode

I'm guessing that what happened to her is similar to soot sickness. The girl that contracted it in episode 3 also had black eyes. Kate's probably just gonna have her drink lots of water in order to remove Granddaddy's soot from her body


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The second season has already been announced for 2022


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They really should've tried to talk it out instead of straight up trying to murder Marcille


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Same. I really need to know the system requirements


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Or rather, more traumatized than ever


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The problem is that Ken isn't a good enough actor to believably pose as Rin. I think Rin and Mantis indeed switched places. And Ken ended up being the unfortunate victim of Rin's schemes. He would definitely let something like this happen if that means he gets to successfully trick the villains


COMMENT Jun 12 '21

Remember that neither the Mantis or the Centipede are aware of SBD, nor that it was with Xíng Hài

In episode 8 Rin told Gungha about 7BD being in Kguy's possession and the resurrection plan. Then he shared the same information with Mantis. So they both know


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On suicide watch no longer!


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It's Pakoyan or something


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Shimeji stimulation

Sounds like a hentai title. That aside, pretty good chapter


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Why would I wanna warp when I have a Yakul?

Plot twist: Yakul's gonna be the level up waifu of Elden ring


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Well, yeah. They managed to fuck things up horribly in every way imaginable. On top of that, the update was in development for 2 and a half years and during this period the game didn't really get substantial updates. Releasing Odyssey in its current state is a crime and they should be ashamed of themselves.

But well, that's still better than what CIG have been doing this entire time

r/EliteDangerous May 24 '21

Discussion Fdev's earlier promises regarding Odyssey's optimization



COMMENT May 21 '21

Ah yeah, the fabled Final Planet Tech. They did post some nice pics prior to release too. This is straight up false advertisement


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Here you go


  1. Will Odyssey have the same graphic impact as the current engine interms of performance or will you need to upgrade your video card?

Odyssey will be optimised to run on your current setting for Elite Dangerous.


COMMENT May 18 '21

I remember them saying Odyssey would be optimized to have the same system requirements as Horizons. I guess I won't be playing it after all

r/ThunderboltFantasy May 16 '21

I guess Ken might be kind of fucked



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It's extremely difficult to get your hands on 1mg fin here in Russia. 5mg fin, however, is dirt cheap, $4 for 30 tabs or something


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Actually, if I did ever commit suicide, I would want my parents to forget about me. As soon as possible. I don't want them to suffer, feel guilty or get traumatized because of my stupid shit


COMMENT May 08 '21

I'm also 24, went to a dermatologist earlier this year. When I brought up finasteride (yes, I did have to do that myself), he went like "you wanna turn into a girl or something?". Said he doesn't prescribe it to anyone since it's got absolutely horrible side effects. Also asked him about minoxidil, he said he doesn't approve of it either, since you have stay on it to keep the results. All of this got me real curious as to how they even treat hair loss at the clinic. Apparently they've got some peptide serums or something, also mesotherapy, scalp massage and other stuff. According to him, all of this is also pretty effective and would allow me to regrow up to 70% of my lost hair (I'm NW 1 on the left side, NW 2 on the right side) if I respond well to the treatment

All of this seemed really dubious, so I went to another doctor and got my finasteride prescription without any trouble. Also started minoxidil. Unfortunately, because of my initial confusion I ended up starting the treatment one month later than I would have if the first doctor was more competent. I wonder how many people lost their hair because of him


COMMENT May 03 '21

Well, certain things like dizziness can most certainly be written off as paranoia. Things like testicular pain and numbness, however, are quite real. The lack of hardness during masturbation and not being able to get it up isn't something that only exists in my head either. I'm not gonna deny that I'm being rather careful here, but that's simply because I already have some experience with drugs that can cause severe side effects. When it comes to this sort of thing, one can't be too careful. Ultimately, I am inclined to continue and see how it goes, but from what I'm seeing now it doesn't seem like my body can handle the drug very well


COMMENT May 03 '21

In my case it was both cluelessness and social isolation. I didn't really go outside much during the past year because of working from home and having 0 friends. Then one day I decided to take a good look at my hairline (my hair is pretty long and it usually covers the hairline) and found out that my left side is nw 2 and my right side might be past nw 3. Which was a huge shock, since I cared really well for my hair before the pandemic. It took me almost a month to gather my courage and start on fin/min (the doctor I went to also strongly advised against both). But I finally did start, although I am now cursing myself for doing it so late