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The people who most strongly advocate against capitalism are the ones who have already profited so much off of it.

Living in NYC, you see a bunch of people who hate capitalism for whatever reason. A majority of those that do tend to be born as upper middle class women which doesn’t make sense to me. For starters, most of these people come from well-off backgrounds with parents who are lawyers, doctors, businessmen etc who are most certainly participants within the stock market. Due to this, growing up they’re often able to have the luxury of affording the best education possible and usually don’t have to worry about money. I guess somewhere along the line the thought process shifts while attending one of those elite undergraduate schools due to all of the debt that is acquired which is no ones fault but their own. No one forced you to pursue a low-paying career while also taking out a boatload of debt to go to a prestigious undergrad so you can feel superior to everyone else. They end up adopting this kind of victim mentality where anyone who works in a high paying job like finance is automatically a bad person. Theres a good portion of people in these careers who work long, hard hours in order to improve their lives and the lives of their future families, but they end up being demonized because of this smart career choice. Do they not realize that the same people they demonize for contributing to a capitalistic society are also their own family members who at one point started from the very bottom as well? Their entire upbringing has been centered around capitalism and now that they’re struggling due to the life choices that have been made, they expect society to shift in order to cater to them.

Edit: The title still stands as correct. The paragraph is catered towards large metropolitan cities, specifically NYC, but you’ll find these people in every city.


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u/Adorable_Anxiety_164 May 04 '21 edited May 04 '21

I grew up pretty poor (like bad teeth poor) and I don't like capitlaism as it is currently. I think under-regulated capitalism is harmful and it is why the income gap is growing. The current system makes breaking out of generational poverty impossible for many and seems to be putting more people into poverty.

I think people are too divided over terms. Most of the time I've realized that the working poor of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, from either party, will tend to agree on the problems and potential solutions when they are presented without the divisive rhetoric.

I took a career I knew would not be high earning, but I did expect it to enable me to earn enough to have some financial security. Money was never my motivation, but I still need it to survive.

What if everybody made decisions based only on money? We'd have no case managers or teachers. Do we need that many people in finance?


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I grew up upper middle class, graduated with no debt, made over 100k right out of college in software.

Unadulterated capitalism sucks and is killing people.

Acting like your opportunity to take advantage of capitalism is just around the corner is ignoring the fact that your life sucking and the lives of your parents and their parents sucking is also due to capitalism.


u/RobotKitten May 04 '21

I am young and I've been lucky to be financially successful.

I don't want to live in a country divided between the "haves" and "have nots", even if I am a "have". I don't like seeing people struggle through the hellscape. I don't like seeing places I care about collapse. I feel guilty, but there's little to do to help. I don't want a higher status than others.

I understand my position is fragile. What if I get a head injury? What if I can no longer work and lose my health insurance? What if I become disabled? What if it happens a family member? Having no social safety net is perilous.


u/wolverine1819 May 04 '21

Yup exactly I’m in a solid spot financially but you need a social net because we don’t know what will happen in the future. Also having a wage inequality gap that is as big as it is is just not sustainable for our country long term. I am fine with capitalism as a system but it’s not perfect and I think blending in elements of both capitalism and socialism is a better way to create a society as opposed to being rigid

The way our society is right now is you can be fine if you’re healthy but one bad accident and you can be screwed for a long time even if you’re careful