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Sir Keir Starmer: June 21 target 'will be missed' because of 'pathetic' border policies


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u/ZekkPacus Seize the memes of production Jun 14 '21

No, that's not what I meant, perhaps I wasn't clear.

At one point during the pandemic, approximately half of our wards were being used exclusively for covid patients. That slowly scaled down to the point where six weeks or so ago we finally cleared out the last of the covid patients in a general ward - we kept an isolation ward in A&E for suspected cases, and an ICU ward, but the general wards all went back to their pre-pandemic usage.

Then last week I got asked to move all the non-covid patients back out of one of the wards as it's being re-converted back into a covid ward. So we're back to having an isolation ward in A&E, a covid ICU ward, and a covid general ward.

Disclaimer, I'm just a portering supervisor, people ask me to organise moves and I organise them. I have no access to any of the medical data they've used to make these decisions.


u/whuf Jun 14 '21

Thanks for the answer, I get it now.