r/todayilearned May 04 '21

TIL "Highway hypnosis" is an altered mental state in which a person can safely drive an automobile great distances with no recollection of having consciously done so. It is a manifestation of automaticity, where the conscious and subconscious minds are able to concentrate on different things.


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u/pat_speed May 04 '21

worse is when your going somewhere else but you accidental start driving too work


u/wdh662 May 04 '21

I sometimes take my kids to work instead of daycare. Turn around to grab my bag from the back seat and they're staring at me.


u/Cabtalk May 04 '21

Saw on oprah that's how a baby died. Mom went to work on autopilot, forgetting about the sleeping baby (it was usually the dad that took the baby to daycare), and one of her coworkers saw the baby dead in her carseat a few hours later in the parking lot.


u/SoktaMiles May 04 '21

That’s got to be the worst feeling in the world. That’s the kind of guilt and shame that’ll destroy you.


u/Bismothe-the-Shade May 04 '21

There's not much you can even do to reconcile. It's your fault, but it's not your fault. It's awful, and there's none scaping that you caused it, even if it was an accident.

I don't think even therapy would help me in that case. But what do I know, Im just over here hoping to NEVER even get close to such an experience.


u/xBIGREDDx May 04 '21

There's a Pulitzer Prize winning article about it, obviously it's a bit of a depressing read but worth the time.


u/DopplerShiftIceCream May 05 '21

I read about some dude who did it and he tried taking the cop's gun away to shoot himself. Iirc he lived, so the cop must have pepper sprayed him or "won" the wrestling match or whatever.