r/todayilearned May 04 '21

TIL "Highway hypnosis" is an altered mental state in which a person can safely drive an automobile great distances with no recollection of having consciously done so. It is a manifestation of automaticity, where the conscious and subconscious minds are able to concentrate on different things.


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u/AmericanCowboys May 04 '21

I did this driving from Iowa to Denver through Nebraska. I don’t remember Nebraska.


u/Kalooeh May 04 '21 edited May 04 '21

That's because Nebraska is a flat hellscape of nothingness that your brain is trying to protect you from for your sanity.

(I drove from Wisconsin to Denver, then back. I was pretty much screaming in frustration several times, with several breaks, trying to keep from drifting, both times I was in Nebraska, and it was so painfully relieving everytime I got to a new state because the change was so dramatic. Most of what I remember was hot af, flat fields, flat flat flat, cows, flat flat, some trees, flat, I'm dying oh my god, sun in my eyes, I'm still dying please help me, it's so flat and boring oh my god this is what hell is, COLORADO BORDER IS LITERALLY DIFFERENT I MADE IT THROUGH HELL)


u/AmericanCowboys May 04 '21

Seriously. The difference between Nebraska and Colorado is night and day. It’s like seeing the promised land.


u/Kalooeh May 04 '21

My younger brother used to live in Colorado for school and work for a few years before coming back home, but her wanted to go out there for the High Elevation Fest in 2017 for his bday. Been back and forth a few times anyway for hiking and friends too and yeah not too bad, just drive out there in so many hours and be fine, and have car to drive around Denver. Didn't want to take a plane because be a pain and driving be cheaper etc etc. Ok cool, take turns with it, nap at truck stops, be fine.

No. Was not fine. Was nice and cool in the other states, 100F+ in Nebraska, then cool in Denver (though it did get cold and rainy for the Music fest (we had to take a break in the car to warm up), then drive back was hell again.

Flat boring hot hell.

I'll probably continue to say how much I hate even when I'm old as hell. Partly joking, but also I'll make someone else drive if I have to do it again. Blasting music and us literally yelling and stomping to try to keep stimulated was a terrible drive.

Iowa was cool, Colorado was interesting, in general at night the stars were amazing but mostly directly overhead so that only was cool for a little bit.


u/AngusVanhookHinson May 04 '21

I don't know, until you get to Loveland, Colorado is almost West Kansas.


u/Defendorio May 04 '21

Yeah, Colorado isn't really Colorado until you can see the Rockies. Everything east of Denver Airport might as well be Nebraska.


u/Hawkijustin May 04 '21

Im making that same drive later this month, Iowa to Estes park. At least the speed limit in Nebraska is 80


u/WithCatlikeTread42 May 04 '21

I have made that very drive. Get yourself a thrilling podcast or something.


u/Mike-Green May 04 '21

Yes! Though Nebraska is Oz compared the Indiana


u/MeAndMeAgree May 04 '21

Every truck driver I've ever met has something bad to say about Indiana


u/jamirocky888 May 04 '21

Some joke picture I saw a while back from a trucker providing commentary on all the places he had driven to said something like “STAY AWAY FROM GARY”


u/Kelekona May 04 '21

I might be used to it, but Gary isn't that bad. Sure the Subway was encased in bulletproof glass back in the 90's... Just get gas well before Gary and then don't get off the highway because there are better amenities on either side.


u/pilotdog68 May 04 '21

Gary isn't that bad... but plan ahead and never never go there


u/Kelekona May 04 '21

To be fair, I have this mental image of an outsider not knowing how to find anything they need. Looks like that area around where that Subway was has some amenities.


u/cbellk May 04 '21

The new Mortal Kombat movie mentions Gary. Jax tells Cole to go to Gary, IN to find Sonia. Is Gary a known location in MK lore?


u/uchiha_building May 04 '21

I was just ranting to my friend about how Indiana is simply farmland with some anti abortion boards thrown in.


u/onemanwolfpack21 May 04 '21

I live in Indiana and I take no offense to any of this. Not really a fan but all my family is here and I like that. I will say that the interstates are the worst as far as being boring as fuck. If you get off the interstates in the northern part of Indiana there are tons of nice lakes. The southern part there are some really nice forests with some decent sized cliffs, hills, and caves. You won't see any of that from the interstate. And the middle might as well be Nebraska. There are a few spots with lakes, hills and a couple minor waterfalls like Huntington. I think ultimately we do have more to offer than Nebraska but I'm sure Nebraska has a couple areas that people just don't know about.


u/Begs1429 May 04 '21

I've driven to Vegas a couple times from PA and Indiana easily had the worst roads. South Carolina is second place


u/Castun May 04 '21

Driving West through Kansas on I-70 though, Eastern Colorado is practically just like Kansas. Doesn't help that it was dark though by the time we made it into the state so we couldn't even see the Rockies spring up over the horizon.


u/Womeisyourfwiend May 04 '21

I was going to say, once you leave Nebraska/Kansas, that view you get of the Rockies takes your breath away. Disappointing if it’s dark or hazy and you can’t see it!!


u/ronputer May 04 '21

It's kind of hilarious driving across big, flat Nebraska on 80 and after crossing into Colorado it's instantly a hilly landscape out of nowhere.


u/Ass-Packer May 04 '21

i 80 is also way better maintained than i 76 so i feel like i'm the only one who can't wait to get into nebraska during that drive


u/meleemottechess May 05 '21

As someone who used to live in Eastern Colorado, you may have simply driven through about 100 miles of Colorado before realizing that you aren't in Nebraska any more.