r/socialskills May 07 '21

Just because “no one owes someone any kind of relationship” doesn’t make it easy to move on at first and you’re still valid for the frustration you’re dealing with after putting in one sided effort.



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u/TurntPikachu May 08 '21 edited May 08 '21

You can’t fault OP for taking the rejection personally. Their feelings are valid and in relationships everythings going to be taken personally since feelings are the main objects at stake. If you genuinely fall for someone and continue to hope for the best for them until you find out they don’t hope for the best for you, you’d understandably be upset too if/when you’re rejected as well especially after being led on and used for emotional support.


u/[deleted] May 09 '21

Exactly so I don’t see why people are whining about OP feeling hurt when he was led on. Pathetic.