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r/self 5h ago

My Mom (53yo) was found dead 6 hours ago and reality hasn’t hit me yet.


My brother is crying left and right yet I’m as numb as a doorknob, and I don’t know why, I cried when I heard my dad’s death in 2012. Is something wrong with me or is this natural?

Edit: Thank you for all your graceful responses and for those questioning why I didn’t ask a family member is because my brother is basically the last one I trust in my eyes and he’s already trying to accept the loss of our mom as well. He doesn’t need my useless baggage along with it.

r/self 9h ago

If you think about it, human laughter is just ape hooting


Humans are apes, human laughter is actually just the same thing as a gibbon hooting to find a mate.

I'm posting this here because r/showerthoughts is absurdly gatekept and you literally can't post anything there.

r/self 1d ago

Anyone else get tired of themselves?


Like Jesus Christ if I could never deal with myself I would be so happy. I’m sick of my thoughts, I’m sick of my feelings, I hate the dumb mistakes I made. My god, anyone else feel like this?

r/self 4h ago

So fucking annoyed of rude customers


It just makes me so mad that they wouldn’t be that bold if I didn’t have a uniform on. Especially the grown ass men fucking jerks. I hate that they make me feel stupid, and I wanna cry only becuz I can’t say anything. I thought I would grow out of it but no. Ugh I came with an alright attitude why does a fucking idiot have to ruin my day. Now I’m in a shitty mood where I just wanna hide under my covers 😣😤😫

r/self 10h ago

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU.


How’s it been going? Any fun plans this weekend?

r/self 22m ago

I just had my first kiss today at 21.


It wasn’t anything incredible, just a quick kiss on the cheek. I realized after the fact that no one besides my mom/grandma has kissed me, so I guess I hit a milestone.

Other than that, I don’t feel any different. I don’t suddenly feel more grown-up or validated. The only reason I even realized it was my first kiss was because it never happened before.

Had I not been kissed, my life would have gone on just the same.

r/self 32m ago

I'm at the lowest point in my entire life


I'm stuck staying at my uncle's and I lost my car. I don't have very much. A year ago my fiance left me two days after the last time I saw my kids. I miss all of them so fucking much and I've tried everything I can think of to see them. I've called lawyers and I can't afford any. I can't get my visitation order enforced and my kids mom moved them to a different state. She has me blocked on everything and has my kids calling her boyfriend dad. I've tried so hard to do the right thing and pay my child support and be a good person and just figure it all out but it's so fucking hard right now.

All I wanted is to be a dad to my kids and marry my fiance and it just all fucking fell apart at the same time and I don't wanna do this anymore. I'm tired of everything going fucking wrong no matter what I do. They were the only three important things that mattered to me. I never did anything wrong to my kids I never hurt them abused them and I never even yelled at them. I just want to hold them and hear them and see them and it's all just not gonna happen. If this was the other way around I'd have lost my kids. She moved in with a registered sex offender with child crimes and they let her keep them. I just want to be the dad I never had and she won't let me

I hate her so fucking much I would have never done this to her. I called her so she could talk to them every day when they were staying with me while she had to move out of his house and she was supposed to sign custody over but she called the cops on me saying I kidnapped them. No one cares. She's moved over 10 times in 3 years and they don't care. She isn't stable and I'm worried about them. She slit her wrists in front of all of us when she broke up with me and I didn't want her back. She's fucking crazy. I hate myself for getting with her in the first place.

I just want someone to hold me for five minutes and tell me everything is gonna be ok and I'm doing my best and I know that isn't going to happen. I just want my kids. I want my family back. I fucking hate how she just gets to get away with doing all this shit and everyone's just cool with it. I'm just done with everything right now and I have literally no one I can talk to about it

r/self 9h ago

Injured and frustrated


I love working out and moving my body so much, it’s the highlight of my day. Sadly I get injured so often.

2 years ago I ran so much and loved it, got a weird injury that no doctor could define. My oblique abdomen get cramped up or something while running. So I couldn’t go for a solid run the past 2 years, but okay I thought let’s switch to the bike. 1 year of stationary bike, some weights and HIIT training. HIIT is also one of my big loves, but I get burned out and it’s just too explosive over time for my body. So I thought again, okay sure, let’s just do stationary biking and strength training. Guess what, I had 3 months ago a torn muscle or so in my back for one month, so I had to rest for a week. Sure sure, let’s do this. Back pain was healed. One evening, 6 weeks ago, I had the amazing idea to just dance before going to bed. I fell, back pain is back and hasn’t gone away by now :( So now I’m at the point where I can’t exercise at all, just walking. Maybe it’d be good to mention that I worked out 7 days a week the past 4 months, before always 6 times per week. I am so frustrated and sad that I came to this point. Idk what to do, maybe a longer workout break, to completely give my body a “reset”? And start again fresh? It’s so hard mentally for me, exercise is like meditation. My mind is clear and the dopamine rush afterwards. Gosh I love it.

r/self 1d ago

I won a giveaway for a house and I am going to give it to my parents.


I just learned that I won a giveaway from an official goverment organization and as a 27 old guy I am truly happy to finally achieve one of my dreams. I will let my parents have the house. Since I was a child they have been applying every giveaway thats been going on and their only goal was to get rid of rent and have their own house. I felt truly powerless knowing that I am living in a country which doesnt have middle class people anymore due to shit economy. I couldnt do anything significant knowing that how much I could work, I would never be able to achieve something as big as a house. I am in tears to do this for them.

Just to make everything clear, it is not a free house but a significantly cheaper then a normal house price. To give you a clear point a big sized apartment costs 3M (dont think of it in USD or EUR) and this house I am getting is 850k.

Good things have been happening to me for a year, got a great job a year ago and now this, cant be happier more than this. Dont know how to share my excitement with you guys but I just wanted to share my feelings.

Hope is everyone having a great day as well

r/self 2h ago

I don't want to get married, but I still get sad seeing people's engagement posts


After recently witnessing a close relative's rough breakup that would've been made 100x worse if they had been married, I've fully switched to never wanting to get married myself. I used to lean towards wanting it because I think what it signifies is really cute/romantic, but realistically you can have all of that without government involvement

I still feel sad when I see other people's posts about it though? I feel like I'm missing out on something or my partner "doesn't love me enough" to marry me (thanks anxiety) or something else. I don't think it's jealousy, but I'm not sure what else it could be?

My partner has never wanted to get married either for essentially the same reason, so even if I'd wanted to it wouldn't have happened in the first place, and it wasn't a dealbreaker

Does anyone have stories about getting "married" without all of the hoopla? Still having a celebration of joining your families/committing to one another and having rings and vows and all of that, but not making it legally binding? I think it would be cute/satisfying to have a symbolic gathering like that, but it also seems a bit odd to go through all of the trouble for a "fake" wedding, and I'm not sure if either family would take it seriously

If it matters, we don't live in a state where after X years you're considered married regardless of whether or not you've filled out the legal documents (common law marriage)

r/self 4h ago

He Gets Us... Gone


I don't even know how many times I've blocked the damn accounts posting the ads but I'm getting to the point where I might just delete Reddit and do my mindless scrolling on Instagram

r/self 5h ago

I just don’t understand people


So, an old school friend I haven’t spoken to in over ten years found me on social media and sent me a message asking me how I am and what I am up to and even telling me they were looking me up on purpose. I was surprised and answered of course and asked them the same questions. It’s been two weeks now and they haven’t responded.

I just don’t get it. Obviously I understand this doesn’t have first priority but… why bother in the first place when it doesn’t even lead to any kind of conversation?

r/self 3h ago

I don’t understand the financial decisions of others vs. my own


I keep seeing social media posts of people I know that are buying these massive houses, expensive cars, etc. And I’m always happy for them. But my next thought is generally, “wow, I’d like to have something nice too”. My husband and I live fairly modestly. We have a decent house that we are fixing up, and we both drive 2019 Jeeps.

I do well for myself too. I grossed $90k last year, and have a respectable savings for a 24 year old. I used to be loose with money and wouldn’t hesitate to spend, especially after starting my recent career. But since we bought our house and reality struck I’ve become more frugal and only buy things when it’s necessary. It feels safe to have a padded savings.

Which is why I can’t understand folks who spend every penny they make. I guess they’re comfortable with living paycheck to paycheck? I guess they’re ok with the constant debt? I just don’t understand it. For example, a girl I graduated high school with went on to be a physical therapy assistant. Her husband is an engineer. They recently bought a huge house and one of those new jeep grand cherokees that are $50,000. How do they afford it? He’s just starting as an engineer so he’s probably doing okay for himself, but I know PTAs don’t make more than $15 an hour in our rural town. Like I said, I’m happy they have those things. But I can’t help my desire to want a nicer house and new car when I see that. I feel bad for wanting better things.

r/self 17m ago

Link to a useful article about progressing the self: The Contest and the Revision


Hello everyone. I understand that this article may come from a different source, but it will contain valuable information about how to improve the self and become stronger despite the troubling conditions that happen around you. You can select what suits you and take advantage of the best options that you find no matter how difficult. This is not related to Star Wars. I guarantee you that this will help you.


r/self 4h ago

I’ve tried’


I’ve tried for years In both spiritual and physical way, i’m tired. Can’t focus no more and being able to seek help from others but i guess i’m not the only one am i? I almost smashed their head to the concrete, i’m not the one to blame, not my fault like cmon. I’ve been blinded by anger these days so i can’t feel satisfied by happiness, i guess i have anger issues or something like that, i still don’t know cus i can’t focus on myself. Childhood experiences are important even those traumatic childhoods event, good shi’z… Who cares about the standards of normal people. So boring

r/self 57m ago

How do you stop focusing on what other people are thinking even in the most basic conversations?


My biggest issue in life, which only started about 3 years ago when I turned 23, is that in every interaction I have, I am almost exclusively worrying about what the other person is thinking. If it’s a 1 on 1 interaction it’s especially bad because im just trying to mold the way I talk and act to fit what Im imagining they would like. When I’m alone I’m fairly confident but when I’m actually taking to someone I have just about zero confidence, I mold my entire personality to fit them, and I abandon all of my principles and opinions. I justify it by saying “They don’t care what I think, I won’t change they mind anyway, its easier to just go along with them”. Does anyone have experience with this and how do you get past it?

r/self 1d ago

I just made a post about hating my manager, and within minutes of that post I found out they quit!


Oh YES!!! Hallelujah! I feel like a curse has been lifted! The sun is shining brighter! Music is sweeter to my ears! I have Covid but I suddenly feel like I could jump up and dance

In honor of this incredible news, I will now list the 8 perks of this exciting update


  1. Never again will I have to hear my manager brag about how everyone wants to have sex with him (they definitely don’t)

  2. Never again will I have to give my shifts to my manager because “he wants more money” (me too! We all do!)

  3. Never again will I have my manager yell at me to “get the FUCK over here” in front of a customer, or listen to them yell at customers because they wanted to close 30 minutes early

  4. Never again will I have to hear about my managers sex life in excruciating detail

  5. Never again will I have to do an entire shift by myself while my manager smokes weed and goes out to buy sushi for themselves (which they will loudly complain about the flavor of while I bust my ass)

  6. Never again will I have to hear my manager tell disturbing stories like flashing their gun at a group of kids, or letting their dog maim and kill another dog at a dog park (and leave without telling anyone)

  7. Never again will I have to fix my managers mistakes that they made while stoned out of their mind during a rush

And most importantly!

  1. Never, EVER, again do I have to listen to them talk about themselves and how “incredible” they are for 8 hours straight!


And I can finally get shifts again! I used to work 5 shifts a week but because of him I had 2

Now I get them back!

Glory glory hallelujah!

r/self 1h ago

The number 33 has been showing up a lot the last couple weeks and it's making me question the nature of this existence


It all started on a trip, our group order number was 33. After that there were random times almost every day when I would notice the number 33 sticking out prominently. Whether it was an exit number driving on our trip, or some digits on a license plate. That all seemed not too out of the ordinary.

The past couple days it has got even more common to see it though. I was on a run, and I saw a man I know, and he asked me "Are you on mile 33?" Then later I was reading a passage in the Bible and it said "These sons and daughters of his were thirty-three in all"

Then tonight I looked at the TV and watched the amazing final moments of one of the March Madness games, and one of the players prominently focused on in the replays at the end was number 33.

I think I'll keep a journal of when I see 33 and 32 and 34 to see if 33 is way more common.

r/self 2h ago

Here's quick guide on tornado alerts in the United States


Tornado Watch: Favorable conditions for tornadoes to form. Will have a yellow outline on weather maps

Tornado Warning: Cloud rotation has been spotted on radar. Tornado may have not formed yet, but could in a few seconds. Take cover. Will have a red outline on weather maps.

Tornado: A tornado has been confirmed and is actively fucking stuff up on the ground. Will have a "debris trail" on radar. Take immediate cover. Will have a pink outline on weather maps.

r/self 10h ago

I'm really lonely sometimes and I kind of feel like it's my fault


(If it matters, I'm 23M and straight. Also, this might be a bit long and unfocused.)

I'm not going to beat around the bush here; I am starved for physical and emotional intimacy. It comes and goes in terms of severity, and even at its worst, I wouldn't call it even close to actual depression or anything. But it's been a consistent factor in my life the past few years. And sometimes I feel like I'm sabotaging myself. I keep finding excuses for why I'm not trying to find someone:
1) I don't have my shit together.
2) OK, now I have my shit together, but I'm graduating soon, so what's the point when I'm not going to be here in a couple months?
3) OK, I've graduated, but I haven't found a job, and there's no way it's going to be in my hometown, so what's the point?
4) OK, I've found a job, but I should really focus on getting off the ground there. Maybe I can try a little bit of online dating on the side.
5) Well, online dating sucks, so I'll just focus on building up some savings for a couple months before I jump into the hobbies I'm interested in.
6) Whoops! Just lost my job, so back to #3.

And all of these are, on their own, completely valid reasons. But I think that if you keep finding reasons to justify your actions, even if they make sense on their own, you need to reassess the situation. I'm worried that there's some subconscious part of me that just wants to give up and find any reason to stay alone. I should mention here that I've only been in one relationship in my life. It was when I was in high school, 7 or 8 years ago. And it ended in a way that was an incredible betrayal. The idea has crossed my mind that it may have given me some kind of trust issues, but idk, I'm not a psychologist.

So I guess the whole point of this post is, what do you think? Am I just thinking too hard about this, or could there be a problem there? Any other relevant advice would also be very welcome.

r/self 15h ago

I am bitter and full of hate


Over these last few years I’ve grown resentful at the world. I have become misanthropic, and I even wish death upon others. I hate having to participate in this world, having to abide by rules and pressures outside of my control. I cannot accept these situations as they are. Everyday I feel rage, and frustration, and it has been this way for a while.

r/self 6h ago

Fizzlewumps and Zephyrs


Befuddling gizmos and snarfling fizzlewumps gyrated in harmonic cacophony, entangling the very essence of temporal flux in a phantasmagorical symphony of quixotic fervor. The zephyrs of discordant quintessence waltzed in a chimerical fandango with the cerulean moonbeams, while the chromatic harmonies of sizzling kazoo kept the jibber-jabbering jabberwocky at bay. And as the quarks and leptons frolicked in a dizzying display of pyrotechnic capriccio, the exuberant flibbertigibbets zipped and zoomed through the cosmic tapestry of consciousness, leaving behind a trail of mirthful mischief and perplexing perplexities.

r/self 2h ago

Here’s a random goal I set for myself.


I want to play every video game in this list

Read every book in this list

Watch every movie in this list

Watch every tv show in this list

And finally I want to learn math and physics using the guide in this article

This would probably take several years if not the rest of my life.

r/self 6h ago

Does anyone else feel the general anxiety that something BIG is about to happen in the next 1-2 years?


my daily interactions in various social circles leads me to believe people are just holding their breath waiting for it to get worse.