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Helped a friend move into a new apartment and this was plastered on before arriving. Suggestions for removing?

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DRAMA No white males in all of the multiverse in MOM


Of the 135 cards previewed so far, there are exactly 0 depicting white males. The phyrexians killed them all I guess

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Happy Louis C.K. Day (new special out)


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Discussion No it’s not just “it’s only 2.5 days“…


[Edit: the comments are pure gold. I’m not even complaining that “I can’t play the game”. All I’m saying is that it’s retarded to remove game modes just for a special event and that the “it’s only 2.5 days” excuse doesn’t justify removing modes. But somehow I’m the guy that has no life and plays CoD 24/7. Meanwhile I’m sitting here playing Zelda BOTW.]

[Edit 2: And for everyone saying I’m a crybaby that needs to touch grass: where did I say that I’m mad that I can’t the game?]

The problem with the new game mode is not the mode itself. But how it’s done.

Yes for some it’s “only 2.5 days of weird gameplay”.

But for others it’s the whole gaming weekend ruined. Not everyone is 16 and has time to grind 8h a day during the week. A lot of players rely on the weekend to play with friend or to play at all.

And for people that don’t play every day it’s nice to have the double xp event to finish the season pass or level up weapons.

So the issue is not the mode but the fact that they removed everything else.

NO other game does that. You don’t see Riot disable normal league of legends when they add a fun mode. But Activision for some reason thought that’s a good idea.

I’ve already had enough after 2 games. Finished the season pass and I’m out for the weekend. Because I know my sweaty friends won’t enjoy this mode.

Limiting choice doesn’t bring people back to your game guys….

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Martinelli is one of the top 10 strikers in the world. That’s it. That’s the post


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Cares more about the misgendering of the Tennesse shooter than the horrible crime that was committed.

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PWInsider: Drew McIntyre's WWE contract up imminently. Apparently "aren't even close" to agreeing to a new deal

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Eva Green

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OC [OC] I have no idea how to convince rich countries to reduce their CO2 emissions (source is Oxfam, link in comments)

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You are now expected to accept traits that would get anyone else fired?

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I understand demanding acceptance and inclusivity, but I think this is crossing a line. Am I wrong?

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GENERAL So are women not allowed to look like women? What's the deal with this set

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Other I love having the windows open, even when it's hot outside.


I live in south Louisiana, where it can get VERY hot and humid. But I love having fresh air in the house. So I will frequently put up with warmer indoor temperatures if it means I can have fresh air with the windows open. The problem is humidity though... if it gets too humid, the A/C has to be used.

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Bioware Slander I sometimes remember how good the writing was in vanilla and how much potential it had as story driven mmorpg... How did we come to this?

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Discussion Thread Discussion Thread


The discussion thread is for casual and off-topic conversation that doesn't merit its own submission. If you've got a good meme, article, or question, please post it outside the DT. Meta discussion is allowed, but if you want to get the attention of the mods, make a post in /r/metaNL. For a collection of useful links see our wiki or our website


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Discussion (MKBHD) The Smartphone Awards Midseason 2023!


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Certified Chill ❄️ Embracing the calm and brighter days

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LIB SEASON 4 Zach is a bad guy!


Zach is a bad guy. 🚩🚩🚩🚩 all around. He plays the good guy and Irina’s mean girl overshadowed his own red flag bad guy self.

  1. He knew Bliss and Irina were not getting along. He knew Bliss was hurt by Irina but he choose Irina and excused Irina’s “vicious” behavior because she’s just acting out when others hurt her. Is he implying Bliss hurt Irina??? Go back episode 2 & 3 listen again.

  2. Episode 3 he says I don’t trust people but I trust Irina “she would have my back all the way” because she is mean.

  3. He says Irina is “more vicious than him“ admitting he has a mean side himself. Episode 3

  4. Bliss is gaslighted when she says admits she still struggles with being second choice and she was completely!!! He picked the girl he knew was being cruel or not getting along with over her. It’s different than other seasons when they got along. He knew Irina didn’t care. Bliss is the nice girl that he doesn’t really feel attracted to. Episode 8

  5. He called Bliss pretentious when she was trying to voice her concern. He said with a roll of eyes again “there’s that pretentiousness again” WTF 😳 what did he say in the pods that we didn’t see where he has chastised her for being pretentious like it’s her character trait. Episode 8

There are probably more.

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Adderall should be available over the counter and cigarettes should be completely illegal.


Adderall should be available over the counter at least for all adults over the age of 18.

It is absolutely ridiculous how Adderall is prescription-only while tobacco is completely legal for all adults over 18 when the latter is much, much, much, much, much more harmful than the former.

Adderall is literally all of the benefits of smoking (appetite suppressant, mental stimulation) with NONE of the negatives (lung cancer, secondhand smoke, etc.).

It's bizarre how people are so obsessed with "vaping" as a smoking cessation tool when Adderall is a far, far, far less harmful way to get the benefits of smoking tobacco with fewer downsides. Ban smoking and vaping and legalize Adderall.

Additionally, ob*sity is one of the biggest killers in America. Adderall reduces appetite substantially and would be one of the best ways to combat the ob*sity epidemic. (posts with the o-word are automatically removed on this sub, hence the censorship. This is not breaking any rules because the o-word is not the main topic of this post).

Drowsiness/lethargy is one of the biggest factors in causing school/work underperformance and driving fatalities, among other things. Imagine how many lives could be improved/saved thanks to universal access to Adderall.

Adderall would help this country beat China and Japan in regards to productivity, academic performance, health outcomes, etc. It's ridiculous how stigmatized Adderall is when it is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol.

A while ago on another forum, when I argued for making tobacco completely illegal in exchange for making Adderall completely legal and available over the counter, someone responded by saying "what did Nazi Germany mean by this." 🙄

Yes, it is true that Nazi Germany was one of the first governments in human history to recognize the dangers of smoking and to discourage tobacco consumption, while at the same time having amphetamines available OTC as "Pervitin," but that was one of the only two things the Nazis were actually right about. Nazi Germany was also one of the first governments in history to advocate for animal rights and to pass groundbreaking animal rights legislation that is still in effect in Germany to this day. Does that mean animal rights are bad?

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Övrigt En 16 åring ska utvisas till terrorstaten Iran fastän han inte hade gjort något brott.


16 årige Sam med sin familj som har bott här i mer än 10 år som kommer bli utvisad till Iran | MittSkifte | namninsamling och kampanj på nätet

Skriv under om det är möjligt för er. Han kommer bli avrättad. Han är oskyldig och har inte gjort något brott jämfört med många andra människor som begått våldtäkter och ändå fått medborgarskap.

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Certified Chill ❄️ Guy goes off the rails in a college cafeteria

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