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u/PranavKat May 04 '21

Yup this whole thread is pretending like people have it good in socialist countries, because Cuba, Venezuela, and Laos are just so great. I don't disagree with universal healthcare, but there's not a single socialist country with a higher life expectancy than the United States


u/FlexFiles May 04 '21

according to a quick google search, U.S. is 78.54 while Cuba is 78.73... so.... also countries in europe are all over 80 years.


u/sohndesmars May 04 '21

Just a quick intervention from a European. I don't think we have a single socialist country in the EU. It all depends on perspective: For us even the US Democrats are in the right-center of political opinion. So from an American perspective our healthcare system and our workers rights might seem like socialism but it really isn't for us.


u/FlexFiles May 04 '21

totally. my point was that europe, which isn’t socialist but is closer to it than the U.S., has a much a higher quality of life. so if socialism was allowed to flourish quality of life would go up around the world.


u/WintersEnvoy May 04 '21

Eh, it depends on what ur comparing entirely. Extremes like Cuba has with private ownership/business laws, sure, Europe’s not remotely close to that compared to with the us.

Compare it to say, public heathcare...


u/Erdusk May 04 '21

Depends where in Europe though. The poorest parts of Europe are doing worse than the poorest parts of America.


u/FanEu953 May 05 '21

not really..Venezuela shows that the opposite would happen


u/FlexFiles May 05 '21

how many sanctions does venezuela have against it again?


u/FanEu953 May 05 '21

Venezuela was already a shit hole before any sanctions you fool.

Thank god morons like you aren't in charge in the west, your type wants to turn us into an authoritarian shit hole


u/FlexFiles May 05 '21

you can have non-authoritarian communism just as there can be authoritarian capitalism. don’t get it twisted that people who support the ideals of karl marx want to live under oppressive regimes.


u/FanEu953 May 05 '21

Yet every communist country has had an oppressive regime..Venezuela is the perfect example, people were slaughtered when they protested against Maduro.

Meanwhile western capitalist countries are not nearly as bad, you have freedom of speech and can protest & not get suddenly killed or kidnapped