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How is Shaco avoiding nerfs?


52.4% overall winrate, 40% presence, 12 viable mythics (14 1st items with 50%+ w/r), can play basically ANY style (tank, AD/AP assassin, bruiser, mage, support), flex pick etc

And to top it all off he's generally just annoying to play against.

Good thing only 3 champs are getting nerfed in 11.13.


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u/ZekkPacus Jun 18 '21

It's the Guinsoo's change. I haven't run the numbers but I would guess it delays your evolutions too much, and the actual damage is lacking without the ramping AP, plus if you're not getting any crit from anywhere the rageblade passive isn't great.


u/RenegadeExiled Jun 18 '21

fair enough. I'd assumed that the ramping from Rift made up for the AP from Guinsoos, while Nashors is a 1-item double evolution spike, leaving you space for more AP than before, or a collector to pair with Guinsoos for Q evo