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[Baum] Colliton says Adam Boqvist has a broken wrist and is done for the season.



u/miss_arcadian MTL - Bandwagon Apr 28 '21


I said this is our GDT before we knew what the damage actually was, but Boqvist's season has been such a struggle. He got Covid 6 games into the season and was out for close to a month, and personally it seemed to me when he came back that his conditioning was affected, as a lot of Hawks fans starting noticing he was slow and getting gassed easily. Then earlier this month he was out for a few games with (maybe?) a concussion. And now this is probably going to take a significant chunk of time out of his offseason training.

I can only hope his recovery goes well and he is able to have a big comeback next year. There were some games this season where he was really fucking good and I really hope he can build on that. So unfortunate to see his development get interrupted by all these ailments. Good luck to him on his recovery.


u/PP_Horses CHI - NHL Apr 28 '21 edited Apr 28 '21


Also can someone please teach Dach and Bo to hit properly to avoid this type of crap. Two long term injuries knocking out our two most important developing players fuck this shit


u/miss_arcadian MTL - Bandwagon Apr 28 '21 edited Apr 28 '21

It's uncanny how similar their injuries are and how they sustained them.


u/TheBoulder4President DET - NHL Apr 28 '21

Fuck, you never like seeing this kind of news. Hopefully he recovers just fine; wrists can be a nuisance for hockey players.


u/gohabsgo49 MTL - NHL Apr 28 '21

Yup, just ask Jonathan Drouin. Was playing the best hockey of his career at the start of last season then missed 30-40 games from a wrist injury and has scored 3 goals since then including the return to play. He was playing very well through the first half of this season but just never shot and even admitted that his wrist still bothered him.


u/Wayf4rer TBL - NHL Apr 28 '21

Tyler Johnson's wrist injuries destroyed him. He's still the exact same player physically, but his shot and stick handling are completely gone. Fucking sucks man.


u/BiscuitsMay TBL - NHL Apr 28 '21

Not true. He can’t skate anywhere near what he used to. Dude looks twenty pounds heavier than he used to play at. He used to fly.


u/Wayf4rer TBL - NHL Apr 28 '21

He's still fast as hell.


u/BiscuitsMay TBL - NHL Apr 28 '21

...have you watched a lightning game in the past 4 years, because no he is not. Speed sucks, hands suck, shot sucks, decision making sucks, boards work sucks, puck protection sucks. He sucks.


u/SemiSolidSnake11 COL - NHL Apr 28 '21

Damn. Reminds me of what happened to Vladislav Kamenev when he was a rookie. Hopefully Boqvist isn't too harshly affected by this long term, he's a lot of fun to watch


u/GenericPeraon TBL - NHL Apr 28 '21 edited Apr 28 '21

Dammit. Watching it like looked eerily similar to Dach's WJC wrist injury. Best wishes in healing


u/northernpace CHI - NHL Apr 28 '21

Boq deserves better, he’s been through the ringer this year. Sucks to see him get set back again.


u/CatsInSpaceSwag Apr 28 '21

Here’s a video of the injury. Not good at all. Hope he recovers well.


u/Tominator55 CHI - NHL Apr 28 '21

Bruh what the fuck


u/Nostradomusknows TBL - NHL Apr 28 '21

Yeah, that’s what it looked like when he left the ice. If there is a positive, he has the whole offseason to heal, rehab and not rush the process.


u/DivClassLg CHI - NHL Apr 28 '21

Kalynuk is 3 years older but the eye test alone says he’s a hockey player and the young D man this team will lean on.

I don’t care how old 27 is he is slow. You can’t play at this level the way he does slow.

He needs to fix that more then his wrist...


u/miss_arcadian MTL - Bandwagon Apr 28 '21

I swear it's like people want their prospects to fail sometimes.

Boqvist wasn't slow last year. I actually went back and watched 3 games from last season when this started being a point of contention among Hawks fans. I truly believe those times he looked really slow this year were a side effect from having Covid. Getting it in-season means he couldn't really get his conditioning all the way back to where it should be. I don't think he's a unique case this season either.

Anyways, a 20yo D-man being inconsistent doesn't mean he's not going to be a player. He showed a ton of improvement this season even after having Covid. Maybe have a little bit of patience for a prospect that was considered a project when he was drafted, because with such a young player, there's quite a lot of room for him to really show large gains year by year.


u/DivClassLg CHI - NHL Apr 28 '21

Yes he was

I don’t want him to fail. I also won’t pretend he’s something more then he is so he is successful.

I want the team to be successful