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But i like what i have okay?

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u/skippyfa May 04 '21

Mom: Didn't wages also go up by 2000%?


u/AverageCanadianGuy May 04 '21 edited May 04 '21

"I made less than $3 an hour in 1972!!!" my grandfather arguing against a $15 minimum wage.... Okay gramps but that's roughly $19 in today's dollars.


u/su5 May 04 '21

My grandfather's friend used to brag that he paid for medical school by lifeguarding over the summer. Nothing could be said to help him understand that doesn't work today and he is a doctor so should be smarter


u/AverageCanadianGuy May 04 '21

Holy shit I couldn't pay for medical school robbing people all summer...


u/FrenchFriesOrToast May 04 '21

You should start with a robbery workshop over a weekend, then one summer season and after that medical school


u/Channel250 May 04 '21 edited May 04 '21

No no no. See you go to rob one person, but instead you convince him on how easy and lucrative robbing people is. And how, for just a small percentage of his robberies he can be a robber too and make the big bucks.

Then that guy convinces three other guys to become robbers and all of their revenue is now part of your downstream.

You guys are acting like suckers.


u/booi May 04 '21

We’ll call this MLM, Jack+Rob


u/Channel250 May 04 '21

Now I want a reality tv show about MLM schemes which each episode focusing on a different couple.

It's like My 600lb Life with slightly less guilt.


u/su5 May 04 '21

So I just lifeguard to pay for the robbery school?


u/Brad_Beat May 04 '21

Just let people drown and rob their houses while the family is at the funeral.


u/FrenchFriesOrToast May 04 '21

Sounds like a good idea to me


u/Mczern May 04 '21

You should start with a robbery workshop over a weekend, then one summer season and after that medical school

FTFY. He can tell them they need to get in on the ground floor with this amazing opportunity. I mean most MLMs are just that. Robbery.


u/FrenchFriesOrToast May 05 '21

Great, we get closer to solutions all together :)


u/84Dexter May 04 '21

Yeah, robberies just don't cut it nowadays if you're paying those insane university tuitions.

You'll need to orchestrate and pull off at least 1 or 2 heists, possibly more if you have a shitty heist crew and someone drops a bag of cash, or crashes the getaway vehicle.


u/grendus May 04 '21

"Goddamn it Carl! We were set! We could have graduated with only five figures in debt! Now I'm going to have to switch my major to nursing just to make ends meet! You and your stupid butterfingers!"


u/chaka_khan May 04 '21

Not with that attitude.