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Unpopular opinion: I love Tomb Of The Giants. Discussion

I beat ds1 like a month ago after playing ds3 for a while. And i heard all the horror stories about Lost Izalith and Tomb Of The Giants. While with Lost Izalith i agree with most points that its not the best area i still enjoyed it alot (except Bed Of Chaos that boss sucks).

But Tomb Of The Giants oh boy its one of my favorite areas in ds1 and ds3 (cant say anything about ds2 since i havent played it). Now i get the complaints about not being able to see and that its an annoying mechanic but i think its great. It rewards you for exploring(Getting the sunlight maggot/skull lantern). And the darkness adds alot in my opinion like seeing the glowing eyes of the giant skeletons, which is quite creepy. And the layout of the area works great with the area, the feeling that you can fall to your death at any moment is a hell of a thrill. It actually feels like you exploring dark caverns which i dont think any other area has done this well. With the twists and turns everywhere and no light sources it actually feels like a cave, which i love.

Then there is Gravelord Nito, he fits this area perfectly. What better place for the lord of death and desease to rest then a cave full of undead skeletons overlooking Lost Izalith and Ash lake. When it comes to gameplay Nito isnt the best fight but definitly not close to the worst and is still really cool. His lore is also really interesting to me.

What do you think? Why/why not is Tomb Of The Giants good? Are there any other areas you think are underrated? Why/why not

Let me know! im interested in what you guys think!


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u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21 edited Jun 08 '21

?? but there are already two bonfires?

Honestly I hate only the Dukes Archives. Two armoured boars before the entrance. It's a nightmare for pure melee builds, if they catch you in their attacks, hp begone. The area was cool to play it the first time but the whole spiel about escaping the prison gets old. The staircase "puzzle" is nice but the crystal hollows are annoying af. Minor nitpick but there are also no NPC invasions or summons to make it a little bit more interesting. There's the Logan quest but kinda useless unless you're a sorceror


u/slackmaster2k Jun 08 '21

Yeah I was mostly kidding of course. I just remember the boss run in the tomb being obnoxious as hell, not to mention the second bonfire is pretty hard to find (for me, I do not like mazes).

I agree about Dukes archive. The pigs wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t in a corridor. I don’t like camera fights! Mostly though I don’t like areas where enemies are shooting at you from multiple directions, or areas that are excessively dark like the tomb.

Actually, I don’t “like” most areas. Every time I play through I’m like “oh THIS area, I hate this area.” Funny though because this is my favorite game series of all time. There’s something about conquering crappy areas, and whatever the brain does to only save the “good parts” so that I’m willing to play again.