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List of VPNs that allow port-forwarding (2021)

2022 post, comment there: https://old.reddit.com/r/VPNTorrents/comments/s9f36q/list_of_vpns_that_allow_portforwarding_2022/

Here's the updated and absolutely massive list of VPNs that do support port-forwarding. Thanks to previous posts by maxwolfie and brickfrog2. Some new entries taken from "VPN"s subreddit list. These needed updating and it took me hours, for your informed choice!

The choice to pick a trusted one is yours, I did not exclude anybody on any criteria.

IPv6 support is a nice thing to have but not mandatory: in rare cases you may connect to peers instantly via IPv6 but not IPv4: when they're restricted behind NAT and can't take incoming IPv4 connections. Most VPN providers don't advertise it readily and often cite it as "IPv6 leak protection" - in other words, no IPv6 connectivity.

All entries are sorted alphabetically, but there're numbers next to them to pick one at random. Some are not detailed as feature descriptions are often lacking and would require asking support directly. Here I rely on you to fill in the details/propose other VPNs to be added.

Also see my two other posts:

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List of VPNs with port-forwarding and no logging evidence (2021) (external evidence) by u/daiqo

VPNs with Support for Port-forwarding

  1. AirVPN (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 20 static port forwards + Dynamic DNS
    • Port forwarding configured on their website
    • IPv4+IPv6
  2. Astrill VPN (July 2021)

    • Allowed, up to 3 ports configurable via app (according to screenshot); with dedicated IP option: all
    • No IPv6.
  3. BolehVPN (July 2021)

    • "Yes, it is available on the IPv4-Fully-Routed-Dedicated-Switzerland and Luxembourg servers."
    • Port forward configured via UPnP (?)
    • No IPv6
  4. CeloVPN (July 2021)

    • Available, up to 2 ports via support ticket on a specified server
    • Apparently supports IPv6
  5. CryptoStorm (July 2021)

    • Allows 1 (?) dynamic port forward
    • Port Forwarding configured once connected
    • No IPv6
  6. Ghost Path VPN (July 2021)

    • Yes, without further details
    • IPv6?
  7. Hide.Me (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 10 dynamic port forwards according to their support
    • Port forwarding configured via UPnP (by apps themselves)
    • IPv4+IPv6
  8. IVPN (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 1 port forward
    • Port forwarding configured on their website
    • No IPv6
  9. LiquidVPN (July 2021)

    • Available, extent unclear
    • IPv6?
  10. Mullvad (July 2021)

    • User explanation: 'Up to 5 ports in the 5xxxx range, each assigned to server. Both OpenVPN & Wireguard.'
    • Port forwarding configured on their website
    • IPv4+IPv6
  11. NEXTGenVPN (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 1 (?) port forward
    • Port forwarding configured on their website (?)
    • No IPv6
  12. OVPN.com (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 7 port forwards
    • Port Forwarding configured on their website
    • IPv4+IPv6
  13. oVPN.to (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 20 port forwards
    • Port forwarding configured on their website
    • IPv4+IPv6
  14. Perfect Privacy (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 3 dynamic (+API) and 5 static
    • Port Forwarding configured on their website
    • IPv4+IPv6
  15. Private Internet Access "PIA" (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 1 (?) port forward
    • Port forwarding configured dynamically via their VPN client or via API scripts
    • No IPv6
  16. PrivateVPN (July 2021)

    • Available, 1 port (automatic, dynamic?)
    • No IPv6
  17. PRQ (July 2021)

    • All ports available, dedicated static IPv4 + IPv6/64
  18. PureVPN (October 2021)

  19. Switch VPN (July 2021)

    • Available, 1 port, (automatic, dynamic?)
    • No IPv6
  20. TorGuard (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 1 (?) port forward
    • Port forwarding configured on their website (?)
    • No IPv6
  21. VPNSecure (July 2021)

    • Only available with dedicated IP option, no further details
    • No IPv6
  22. WeVPN (December 2021)

    • Up to 5 random port forwards on compatible servers, configured via website. Instructions
    • No IPv6
  23. Windscribe (October 2021)

    • Available. Dynamic for regular plans, Static if dedicated IP is paid for.
      • User explanation: All Pro users have access to ephemeral (temporary) port forwarding, meaning you can reserve a single port for 7 days. If you need it on more permanent basis, or require multiple ports, you need to purchase a Static IP address.
    • Port forwarding configured on their website
    • No IPv6, "intend to add" since at least 2019
  24. ZorroVPN (July 2021)

    • Allows up to 10 (?) port forwards
    • Port forwarding configured on their website or via
    • No IPv6

Verification needed

  1. OctaneVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
    • user said it's individually possible on request (single port, EITHER TCP OR UDP)
  2. VyprVPN (October 2021)

    • Not available, but looks like NAT hole punching can be enabled (similar to dynamic ports)
      • User explanation: "one can disable the NAT firewall via the account dashboard which opens all ports, which might be quite dangerous. I have used it to seed torrents though, and it works well." - my comment: I doubt that's actually all ports, likely only those ports already in use by you (dynamic external ports, not static)
    • No IPv6

Not available

  1. AceVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  2. AzireVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
    • IPv4+IPv6
  3. BeetVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  4. blackVPN (July 2021)

    • Not available
  5. BTGuard (July 2021)

    • No mention
  6. CactusVPN (July 2021)

    • Not available
  7. Cyberghost (August 2021)

    • Not available (props for an honest support article)
  8. ExpressVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention. Sort of a misleading guide/article for a VPN appliance installed onto your router, that is not the port-forwarding through VPN.
  9. Encrypt.me (July 2021)

    • No mention
  10. F-Secure Freedome VPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  11. FacelessMe (July 2021)

    • No mention
  12. FrootVPN (July 2021)

    • Not available
  13. HideIPVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  14. Hotspot Shield (September 2021)

    • No mention
  15. IronSocket (July 2021)

    • No mention
  16. IPGurlVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  17. iProVPN (dotcom) (October 2021)

    • No mention, only a support article to do it on your router
    • No IPv6 support
  18. IPVanish (July 2021)

    • Not available
  19. Ivacy (July 2021)

    • Available as a paid option "addon"
  20. Kasperksy VPN (November 2021)

    • No mention of port-forwarding, overall very scarce on details
    • Support article for Mac says IPv6 is not available
  21. Njalla VPN (formerly "IPredator") (July 2021)

    • The VPN as a product is quite hidden, need to ask
  22. NordVPN (July 2021)

    • Not available
  23. ProtonVPN (July 2021)

    • Not available
  24. Seed4Me (July 2021)

    • No mention
  25. SlickVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  26. Smart DNS Proxy (July 2021)

    • Website blocked me as a VPN user: "This request was blocked by the security rules"
  27. Steganos Online Shield VPN (July 2021)

    • No mention
  28. Surfshark (July 2021)

    • Not available, sort of a misleading support article for router port-forwarding
  29. StarVPN.me (July 2021)

    • No mention
  30. StrongVPN (previously "ibVPN") (July 2021)

    • Port forwarding no longer
  31. Torrent Privacy (July 2021)

    • No mention, no dedicated support pages
  32. TigerVPN (July 2021)

    • No mention, support site does not work
  33. Tunnelbear (July 2021)

    • No mention
  34. Unspyable (July 2021)

    • No mention, but offer a "dedicated Wireguard server"
  35. VPNAC / VPN.AC (July 2021)

    • Not available
  36. VPN.ht (July 2021)

    • No mention
  37. VPNLand (formerly Blacklogic?) (July 2021)

    • No mention, despite stated company address in Canada, they are Russians and the support website does not work
  38. VPN Unlimited (July 2021)

    • No mention despite dedicated static IP option
  39. VPN Baron (July 2021)

    • No mention

These are gone (compared to old list)

Proxy.sh (HTTP 451): allowed gone after a rollercoaster: Summary article by TorrentFreak, TorrentFreak 2013, arstechnica 2016 (Links removed)

Privatoria, ShadeYouVPN, SecureVPN.to: Gone some time after 2019, RAMVPN: Totally gone probably was never operational, NolimitVPN, Anonymizer.com, Lokun, VikingVPN: Gone, website's on self-signed cert of liquidweb

Every single provider had a source link, but I had to remove them due to R3ddit "sp4m filt3rs"



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u/Mountain_Crab7660 Dec 26 '21

PrivateVPN are simply lying. They told me most ports are opened outside some to prevent hacking.

I bought the 36 months package. Connected to their dedicated server location and all ports were closed. I tried OpenVPN profile and the windows client. GRC port scan shows all ports stealth or closed. I haven't found a single port that's opened. No configuration on their website. They basically told me that once I connect to one of their dedicated IP servers that they forward all ports to me. Not true.


u/iqBuster Jan 04 '22

Thanks for your comments so far! Have you found any single VPN that works for you? To verify that it's not a configuration problem on your end...