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List of VPN's that allow P2P and Port Forwarding

Specifically, port forwarding where the port does not change automatically/periodically (which becomes an issue as you sometimes don't realize when it changes).

I will update this post as we compile a list. Please cite OFFICIAL references wherever possible.

Confirmed static port:

Confirmed dynamic port:

Port forwarding confirmed available but not sure if static or dynamic

Not mentioned at all/to confirm:

Confirmed port forwarding not permitted:


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u/zenware Apr 05 '16

FrootVPN has no NAT, so all the ports are forwarded...


u/brickfrog2 Oct 11 '15

If you're also listing Dynamic port forwarding then you may as well list Private Internet Access under there. ("Port Forwarding" in the Client Support page) They give you 1 dynamic port forward.


u/maxwolfie Oct 11 '15

Thanks for that.


u/hughk Oct 12 '15

Its a dynamic port so it can change each time you connect.


u/quisp65 Oct 25 '15 edited Oct 25 '15

Just an FYI... Mullvad was a static port when I used it with open ports way back.


u/PatrickKal Feb 29 '16

I currently have an account at Privatoria. They have confirmed that they currently do not support port forwarding. This was last friday, 26th of Februari 2016.


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