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Affiliate Links


I would like to thank those who have reported affiliate links. Some resellers are extremely aggressive with these.

As we have said before, Affiliate links will be considered spamming. Anyone using one will get an automatic month ban and reported for spamming to the admins.

Anyone doing so for a second time will be banned permanently. If we see a consistent pattern of spamming linked to a particular network, we may remove anything with their name or autopost a comment to say they are considered to be using community threatening behaviour.

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[GUIDE] Bind VPN network interface to torrent client to avoid exposing your IP


This guide assumes you already have a VPN. If you don't then:

List of recommended VPNs for torrenting (2022)

VPN killswitches aren't reliable, the best way to avoid exposing your IP address is by binding the VPN network interface to the torrent client. This means that you'll only be able to download/upload while the VPN tunnel is active, reducing the probability of having a leak to virtually zero.

Requirements: A torrent client that supports binding, eg. qBittorrent (Windows, macOS and Linux) or BiglyBT (Android). The instructions below are for qBittorrent.

Method 1

  • Open qBittorrent. Go to Preferences, and then Advanced tab.
  • Check for the differences on the "Network Interface" list when you connect/disconnect VPN (you may have to restart qBittorrent for the list to refresh).
  • Select (bind) the one that shows up/disappears from the previous test.
  • Restart qBittorrent.

Method 2


  • Start the VPN and connect to a location.
  • Open qBittorrent. Go to Preferences, and then Advanced tab.
  • Change Network interface to the VPN (usually its name, like "Mullvad").
  • Restart qBittorrent.


  • Start the VPN and connect to a location.
  • Open the Terminal app (it's in Applications/Utilities).
  • Run the command "ifconfig | grep -A 2 utun" (without "")
  • Take note of the utun interface with the internal IP "inet 10.x.x.x" (eg. "utun3").
  • Open qBittorrent. Go to Preferences, and then Advanced tab.
  • Change Network interface to the utun interface you found above.
  • Restart qBittorrent.

Note: The utun interface may change if you reboot or reconnect.


  • Start the VPN and connect to a location.
  • Open qBittorrent. Go to Preferences, and then Advanced tab.
  • Change Network interface to one of the following depending on the app and protocol you are using (Mullvad VPN as example)
    • Mullvad app using OpenVPN: tun0
    • Mullvad app using WireGuard kernel: wg-mullvad
    • Mullvad app using WireGuard userspace: tun0
    • WireGuard standalone: mlvd-xx
    • OpenVPN standalone: tun0
  • Restart qBittorrent.

How to test?

You can download the official Ubuntu 21.10 torrent and open it on qBittorrent. If the binding is properly set, the download will only start if the VPN is connected. If you disconnect, the download will stop.

Further resources

r/VPNTorrents 6h ago

Internet connection issues after mullvad


Every time I use mullvad the net conection keeps conecting and disconeting every couple of minutes and sometimes less, it happens so fast that it does not affect my activities, but what is the reason and should I be concerned?

r/VPNTorrents 12h ago

Do I need to uninstall ProgramData of Expressvpn if I really want to get rid of it? Or should I just leave it alone?


r/VPNTorrents 20h ago

So is Mlvad really the be all and Ellie best VPN? I need one for extremely casual torrenting and genuine privacy


I constantly see their name but don't know if I'm just being advertised too

r/VPNTorrents 1d ago

Mullvad Ca I pay W/ Gift Card USA only?


I am thinking of buying a prepaid gift card to pay for Mullvad. Apparently, they are now cracking down on streaming on the net. The card only works in the USA. Does anyone know if the payment server for Mullvad is in the USA or is it an international?

And, if the USA only gift card will not work, anyone have an easy solution to pay. Crypto just seems complicated. But, maybe I can pay for crypto using a USA only gift card?

Any thoughts are welcome.

r/VPNTorrents 1d ago

Is this something to be concerned about? Mullivad


r/VPNTorrents 1d ago

Ivacy + Vuze and binding IP


I've used Ivacy for 5+ years now and it's always been pretty solid for me. I've used Vuze for the same amount of time and have it setup to bind Vuze to local 'ppp1' IP address, otherwise Vuze immediately shuts down if Ivacy disconnects at random.

Over the years, this has worked well 98% of the time. The last week or so, with no input changes, when I connect Ivacy it does fine, connects and I am getting traffic. But loading Vuze I'm getting the 'Bind IP not resolved: ppp1' message.

Anybody have any ideas what's changed? I cannot get any explanation from Ivacy.

r/VPNTorrents 1d ago

am i good?


i have norton vpn and i’m trying to download plutonium as soon as i downloaded the bo2 file my kill switch went off and i couldn’t open the vpn back up i tried closing the vpn through task manager and reopening it like i do with discord if the file was already downloaded when it turned off would my isp know i’ve already gotten a email from my isp too

r/VPNTorrents 1d ago

mullvad I'm starting to get worried. suggest me a vpn guys


Dear friends, frankly, I'm starting to get scared. I saw the topic yesterday. Sharing information to vpn 14 eye countries is worrying to me. Vpn torrent list has 2022, no 2023 list! Me, I want a vpn without 14 eyes. I watch torrent movies series and pirate matches.

r/VPNTorrents 2d ago

Deluge Connection Issues - Anyone Else?


Windscribe + Deluge 2.1.0, LT 2.0.6 on Windows 10, but also tried 2.1.1 and the older LT version in all combinations.

Started happening about a week and a half ago - I'm having a heck of a time connecting to peers, and when I do, the download speeds are terrible except for brief spikes of ~20MB/s. I have a wired gigabit connection, I get around 350 down depending on the Windscribe server, so the connection itself doesn't seem to be the problem. I can seed and UL just fine.

I've triple-checked my port forwarding and ltconfig settings and all looks in in order. All are new torrents with multiple dozens of seeds and varying amounts of peers.

What am I missing? Am I the only one with this sudden problem?

r/VPNTorrents 3d ago

Should I have TCP on both VPN and qbittorrent?


Question is title.

r/VPNTorrents 3d ago

Mullivad is in a 14 eyes country, so why do you trust it?


Seriously, Sweden is part of the 14 eyes alliance, how can so many people be okay with that?

r/VPNTorrents 2d ago

wondering if using a hot spot to torrent would get my isp to send me letters/cancel my wifi or cellular


Im thinking of trying to set up my phone with a random free vpn app and then setting up a hot spot and then running one or two shitty free browser vpns like what opera has or stuff like that. I know those are incredibly weak layers of protection but im wondering if them+ it being set up with a hotspot would work. I cant do the smart thing and just pay for a decent vpn because I dont have a card atm, and im on linux so even a fair amount of the free vpns dont work for me. Im sorry if this is the wrong sub but Im very confused.

r/VPNTorrents 4d ago

qBittorrent occasionally not connecting when binded to Mullvad


using qBittorrent v4.5.2. Had the same issue with some earlier versions. After binding to mullvad, at first, everything works fine, but then after a few days or so, it all of a sudden cannot connect. I found that I can fix this by switching to any interface, then restarting, then binding it to mullvad again, then restarting again. Then it'll work fine for a while until I run into the same issue again. It's getting annoying. Can anyone help me? Also, I use split tunneling for certain apps (not qbittorrent ofc)

r/VPNTorrents 4d ago

retarded question


where is the best place to download qBittorrent ?

r/VPNTorrents 5d ago

[Noob Question] I have Mullvad and it is saying I have leaks, how would I go about fixing that?

Thumbnail i.redd.it

r/VPNTorrents 5d ago

Can anyone help setting up Utorrent and Pure VPN?


I've tried everything from the guides and I can't get it to work.

r/VPNTorrents 6d ago

Mullvad: Consensus best for torrent d/l and u/l speeds?


Hi, I am very close to pulling trigger on mullvad to pair with qbittorrent but before I do want to make sure I haven't missed anything.

I'm looking for maximum performance in terms of my d/l and u/l speed and reliability whilst downloading torrents and being able to reliability seed torrents back for an indefinite period of time. I also might use the VPN to download from filehosters like rapidgator or uploaded.net if the VPN is even needed(probably not but would like to clarify)

The only streaming I do are free streams, an app called Cloudstream(doesn't need VPN) and I use various free sites to stream live sports(also no need for VPN).

I may get an IPTV service at some point to save money on bills. Just speculating but Mullvad would work with an IPTV service correct? According to my admittedly limited knowledge it's only paid streaming your Netflix, Paramount, Disney Plus etc that specifically blacklist VPN IP addresses. This prevents users from accessing content that is geo locked. From my research, IPTV services, actually don't require a VPN as from a legal standpoint as long as your not using VOD with them than there's really no distinction from when I'm streaming an NBA, MLB or NFL game in my web browser.

Does mullvad sound like the right option? I had considered proton but no port forwarding which will affect torrent performance and torrenting was main reason I want the VPN in the first place. Seems as if I should get mullvad and setup port forwarding, bond it to qbittorrent, and setup SOCKS5. Let me know if my thinking and reasoning is sound on everything I've mentioned or if its flawed at all please point that out so I can reaccess my plans.


r/VPNTorrents 6d ago

Need help with microsoft codes


Ok so I bought minecraft turkey code and after chaning my acc to turkey and using turkish vpn it said That I cannot redeem it because its georestricted do u guys know what to do?

r/VPNTorrents 6d ago

Probably got a post like this a 100 times ,But looking for free VPN to make international calls.


I want a free vpn thats unlimited and at least has most major countries like India cannada UAE Australia USA etc .I want it with unlimited MB (don't mind ads ) and safe . I use proton VPN but it only has USA Netherlands and japan free but importantly its safe .

r/VPNTorrents 7d ago

Need help installing VPN on linux VPS


Hello, im trying to connect to Mullvad on my Oracle linux VPS and every time I connect to a location the VPS disconnects. I have to end up terminating the instance and recreating another as even if I reboot from the panel I still SSH to it. Has anyone else ever managed to connect to a VPN from their VPS and how did you do it? How can I SSH to my VPS without it locking me out when I am connected to the vpn? Need mullvad to torrent on my VPS

r/VPNTorrents 7d ago

Any Cracked VPNs? I don't care about privacy and I'm not afraid of malware


title says it all. please if you know of any, I'll be glad to know. thanks

## EDIT: I merely want it for access. bypassing geo-restrictions on certain websites. not for other reasons. that's why I just want it to work. and free VPNs are mostly out of order in here. X-VPN barely works sometimes, some days, but that's about it

r/VPNTorrents 8d ago

Which VPN... + some basic TOTAL NOOB VPN begginer questions...



Im thinking about buying my 1st VPN (1st time in life using/purchasing a payed VPN). My aim is mainly to protect my privacy, not really anything else (like accesing some content that is blocked in my country etc.), but the additional use cases for VPN might be nice too, but primary basic aim is simply to protect my privacy. Im thinking about buying VPN from some of the biggest ones/most famous ones (like Nord VPN, Express VPN...) some big/known one. Couple of questions:

1) Which provider would you suggest for me? (im based in europe if that makes any difference)?

2) My Download/Upload internet speeds will NOT be affected by using VPN at all...? (my internet provider is Wifi and has a speed of 60 Mbps (i think)... With payed VPN i should still be able to get 60 Mbps easily... (only free VPNs are super slow?)

3) VPN will totally hide my "web life" (what i search, what sites i visit etc.) from my Internet provider, correct? Thats the main reason why im aiming for VPN in the 1st place, so i hope so... (?)

4) With payed VPNs i can freely change my IP adress and country from which i appear to connect, correct? each session i can choose different server/country/IP adress...?

5) There are no downsides in using VPN (besides the cost?)...? (or do some sites for example block even payed VPNs from accesing them etc...?)

Thank you

r/VPNTorrents 8d ago

Questions about Security


I use firefox, ublockorigin, and hotspot shield (I know free VPNs aren't ideal, but I cannot afford a monthly subscription) with the killswitch on. I keep qbittorrent bound to the vpn. What can I do to increase my safety?

r/VPNTorrents 8d ago

All my VPNs stopped working on school wifi. Unsure what to do.


All my VPNs stopped working on school wifi. Unsure what to do.

(Device: iPhone SE 2020 and iPad 6th gen) As the title says, recently all my VPN have stopped working on my school’s wifi. This includes: Mullvad, Windscribe, ProtonVPN free tier, and all Wireguard and OpenVPN configurations for each Mullvad and Windscribe. The only thing that perplexes me is that the Speedtest app’s VPN on my phone works fine. Connects fine, unblocks everything. In settings it says IKEv2 but trying the same protocol on Windscribe doesn’t work. I am unsure which service to renew since my Mullvad subscription is running out. Do I have to try creating my own VPN on a cloud server of some kind? Is there a setting I am missing in one of the respective apps?


(Cross post from r/VPN as they deleted my post for mentioning specific vendors)

r/VPNTorrents 9d ago

Was qbittorrent broadcasting both my VPN ip AND my home ip?


Removed from r/torrents so I'm posting here

I'm relatively new to torrenting, and I started downloading and seeding about 76GBs of content with varying levels of legality. I had my VPN on but i realized I hadn't configured qbittorrent to use my VPN specifically. Now, I know qbittorrent uses the VPN by default, but I got paranoid so I set it to my vpn interface and went about my day, seeding all the while. Later, my computer crashed and I had to do a hard reboot. After setting up qb and my vpn again, I noticed I was getting significantly slower speeds (from 25Mbps to 4Mbps). So I went to ipleak.net and did the whole torrent checker they have, and It showed me only my VPN ip. I then switched my interface to "any" instead of my VPN, and then it showed both my VPNs ip AND my home ip. I know the chances of getting DMCA'd aren't *that* high, but I would like to know if this is even possible or something I should worry about considering I'm currently not at my own house. Also, if it matters, I was using Mullvad through wireguard on Gentoo Linux. Thanks for the help!