r/Unexpected May 04 '21

Bad idea.


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u/WuziMuzik May 04 '21

there is a lot of fake self defense teachers around nowadays, and they can seriously get you killed. the best self defense is keeping yourself out of dangerous situations. and be aware of your surroundings.


u/SeriouslyImADragon May 04 '21

As a teenager I was a martial arts student. I asked why we had to run 2 miles every day in our warmup, and my instructor told me "running away is the most important defense you will ever have". That line stuck with me, haha.


u/The_Big_Daddy May 04 '21

When I did Tae Kwon Do, my instructor was a Russian 4th degree black belt who was also a Krav Maga expert who learned martial arts because he kept getting into street fights in the USSR as a kid. He was pretty badass.

He was doing a demo on self-defense and he said "I'm going to show you the most effective self defense technique in all of martial arts". He had a student try to attack him and he sprinted full speed out of the building.


u/guitarguywh89 May 04 '21

Did he ever come back?


u/The_Big_Daddy May 04 '21

I've been waiting in the class for 7 years. Any day now....


u/Daggerboard1 May 05 '21

Maybe he went to the store for some milk.


u/GeeToo40 May 05 '21

Obviously not cigarettes if he's still running.


u/Chxo May 04 '21

Nope, never got a refund either!