r/TrueOffMyChest May 13 '21

Israel/Palestine Conflict Notes - A Reminder Off My Meta


We do allow topics on the Israel Palestine conflict if you have some personal relation to the topic. Such as, "I'm scared to death, the sirens are going off.", "I have an Israeli friend who hasn't logged in to Discord for a few days and I'm scared." or "I lost a friend to a missile strike."

But, giving your opinion on the topic broadly, even as an Israeli or Palestinian, is against the subreddit rules unless it's an opinion on your personal situation with respect to the conflict. Again, you can write about how the conflict makes you feel if it's directly affecting you, but you cannot turn that into a commentary on the conflict and who is or is not justified.

We do personal posting about how things affect us (or someone close to us) here, not political commentary, opinion pieces, or meta-analysis.