r/TrueOffMyChest May 04 '21

I tried to make my relationship work while my GF sells nudes but I just can’t do it anymore.



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u/SnooRadishes9346 May 04 '21 edited May 04 '21

Same. Was doing something kinda similar to OF way before it was even a thing and it just made me resent anything sexual in real life even without a BF. As you said, money was nice. Some extra change in my pocket. Glad I quit, too. Edit: would like to add that it got to the point of having to be fucked up to perform. Typically drunk.


u/QuestioningEspecialy May 04 '21

To everyone: If you ever feel the need to be regularly fucked up to go to work, you should probably find different work.


u/Arkneryyn May 04 '21

What if you feel the need to be fucked up to work in general? Maybe the way we do work in the modern world is the problem and not each individual job


u/orchidbloom8 May 04 '21

I literally do not know a single person who is working without some type of substance. Alcohol, weed, painkillers, LSD, shrooms, anti-depressants, benzos, it goes on. Seems to me that most people can't bareback this hell.


u/Arkneryyn May 04 '21

I wonder why anyone would want too sometimes lol.


u/PromiscuousMNcpl May 04 '21

“Panic Attack” - Atmosphere

This song is about your comment.