r/TrueOffMyChest May 04 '21

I tried to make my relationship work while my GF sells nudes but I just can’t do it anymore.



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u/supplyncommand May 04 '21

ya i don’t think people realize what you have to sacrifice in order to sell yourself for that kind of money. for a healthy relationship to end like OPs as a repercussion is sad. like any job you have to have a healthy balance. no different than if OP was in the office 80 hrs a week or out of town 8 weeks at a time. your partner is left emotionally and physically uninvested. i think a lot of the gals that do OF have a lot of maturing and growing up to do. comes with the line of work. i lost my gf due to her getting so much attention as a bartender. she didn’t know how to handle it or balance her life outside of work. everyone became her friend and the money flowed in. honestly if OF were around 5 years ago she probably would’ve done that too. she struggled with school and got into drugs. very difficult lifestyle to maintain and now she’s not doing so well. i wish things would’ve went differently. so im probably jaded but i feel bad for OP or any guy having to deal with someone who sells themselves like that. it’s too much to handle mentally


u/Dong_Hung_lo May 04 '21

Does everyone here know what OF stands for except me? I googled it and got Open Firmware and Operation Firestorm amongst others. I’m not sure any of them fit the context.


u/IcebergSlimFast May 04 '21

Of all people you, u/Dong_Hung_lo, should know what OF stands for.


u/ChazCharlie May 04 '21

Maybe his name is literal and he's never needed such a site.