r/TrueOffMyChest May 04 '21

I tried to make my relationship work while my GF sells nudes but I just can’t do it anymore.



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u/Thewhitewool May 04 '21

He can't control her right to do what she wants with her body (selling nudes in this case), and she can't control what he does with his (in this case, ending the relationship).

We can't control other people's actions. But actions do have consequences, and she made her choice, and now he should do his. With the knowledge he did absolutely nothing wrong, and sometimes things just don't work out.


u/6138 May 04 '21

This is pretty much it, you can be 100% accepting with what someone does with their body, but still not want to be in a relationship with them because of it.


u/Maxor682 May 04 '21

Especially if it affects their sex life, which it sounds like it did


u/NotsoNewtoGermany May 04 '21

I don’t think it actually affected their sex life, he never says she was a goddess in the sheets, just that she does allot of poses... but sexually is a starfish, he wished she were as sexual as she pretends to be.


u/Maxor682 May 04 '21

He says "It's ruined our sex life" in the post. I think its the realization that she puts so much effort into acting horny/sexual for her work, and then the juxtaposition with how she lays and does nothing in bed that's got him sexually frustrated, and I get it, that would make anyone feel less valued than the people she serves with the sex work/nudes (idk which it is)