r/TrueOffMyChest May 04 '21

I tried to make my relationship work while my GF sells nudes but I just can’t do it anymore.



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u/Maxor682 May 04 '21

Especially if it affects their sex life, which it sounds like it did


u/NotsoNewtoGermany May 04 '21

I don’t think it actually affected their sex life, he never says she was a goddess in the sheets, just that she does allot of poses... but sexually is a starfish, he wished she were as sexual as she pretends to be.


u/Maxor682 May 04 '21

He says "It's ruined our sex life" in the post. I think its the realization that she puts so much effort into acting horny/sexual for her work, and then the juxtaposition with how she lays and does nothing in bed that's got him sexually frustrated, and I get it, that would make anyone feel less valued than the people she serves with the sex work/nudes (idk which it is)