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Mark Hamill practicing with Olympic fencer Bob Anderson on the set of Return of the Jedi Movies

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u/BowieKingOfVampires May 17 '21

Bob Anderson really has the perfect face for a master fencer


u/AlpacaTraffic May 17 '21 edited May 18 '21

His pursed lips are mached by his cold gaze knowing he is 4 steps ahead of you and has forseen your end


u/MiloviechKordoshky May 18 '21

the OG count Dooku


u/BlackbeltJedi Clone Trooper May 18 '21

signature look of superiority


u/dwide_k_shrude Jedi May 17 '21

Mose really has the perfect face for a master baiter.


u/Impromark May 17 '21

Anderson was also sword master for Highlander (and the first two years of the TV show), The Princess Bride, the Antonio Banderas Zorro movies, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, among many others. He had a great talent for making actors look like they’d been doing it for years!


u/Perry7609 May 18 '21

Not exactly a weak resume there!


u/Hot-and-Foamy May 17 '21

My dad casually let slip the other week that he used to train with Bob Anderson (we’re both fencers).

Why he never mentioned this before I have no idea.


u/BlackWidow1414 May 17 '21

I'm also a fencer. I can picture what my face would look like if a relative let that slip to me after however many decades.


u/ProdMikalJones Chopper (C1-10P) May 17 '21

Looks like Skip Bayless lol


u/GunnedMonk May 17 '21

Still my all-time favorite lightsaber duel. Vader vs Luke in the throne room of the Emperor: no other duel in SW has as much meaning or emotion.


u/Bornheck Luke Skywalker May 17 '21

And you gotta love A Jedi’s Fury. Fantastic track that nobody talks about.


u/LennLennBoi May 17 '21

Final battle of maul vs Kenobi has so much more emotional significance


u/Flashpoint1234 Jedi May 18 '21

Love that fight. It’s always been an epic one for me.


u/BlinByard May 17 '21

I beg to differ. I feel like Obi-Wan vs Anakin had more emotion compared to this


u/Markdor May 17 '21

It should have, but they were more focused on making the battle flashy and cool looking, instead of the raw emotions of its participants.


u/ste_fun May 17 '21

That's flashy because they're two Jedi at the peak of their power, that's quite normal to see some fast moves


u/Markdor May 17 '21

Nah, dude. Shit like this is completely stupid and unnecessary.



u/CovertOwl May 17 '21

I was told that this technique is an effort to confuse each other/hide their attacks as they both know each other so well plus use the force to see ahead a few seconds.


u/C--K May 18 '21



u/TheGreff May 18 '21

I don't know why you're getting downvoted. Do people think this was just put in the movie for no reason?


u/CovertOwl May 18 '21

They think it's just flashy Hollywood bullshit. Which it could be lol


u/Markdor May 18 '21

I'm sure that's what Lucas came up with for an excuse in his mind, but it doesn't make the act any less ridiculous. It's such a needless expenditure of energy, and leaves easy openings for a death blow.


u/ProxyAttackOnline May 17 '21

Glow stick lava surfing fite


u/Samon8ive May 17 '21

Based on the clothing I presume Bob Anderson was on the set of DUNE right before this?


u/LazarusKing Major Vonreg May 18 '21

He's in the vader suit. He did the fight scene because Prowse wasn't particularly good at it.


u/IndyMLVC May 17 '21

Wow. Don't think I've ever seen this before


u/Squirelm0 May 18 '21

Why is he dressed like Fayd-Rautha Harkonnen?


u/Hakaider01 May 18 '21

it's called dressing for the occasion

Honestly, I'd like to know too. Is it a safety suit? Many questions


u/Squirelm0 May 18 '21

Upon zooming in. It actually looks like a Vader costume.


u/AlbanViking May 18 '21

It’s the Vader costume without the armour and cape. Anderson was Vader in virtually all the fight scenes in Jedi.


u/Tabord May 18 '21

It's just the Darth Vader undersuit.


u/ACnut May 17 '21

Therapist: Gigachad Darth Vader isn't real he can't hurt you


u/General-Minute-938 May 17 '21

I thought these were action figures for a second 😆


u/SophieTheCat May 17 '21

Fencing might be the perfect sport for social distancing.


u/TheInklingsPen May 17 '21

I was just talking about Bob Anderson and his involvement with SW with my husband yesterday


u/phat_penguins May 18 '21

Guys I found jedi bob


u/Mystic_Ranger May 17 '21

Before the fight choreography in Star Wars became embarassingly bad.


u/Dprimordialbeast May 18 '21

Ignore the downvotes, my friend. When an elite warrior with years of specialized training can’t even take down a homeless junk dealer or a janitor, then it’s time to accept that Stars Wars has been officially defecated on.


u/TriadHero117 May 17 '21

A good 3 movies early, even