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r/NFT-Approved AMA I'm Yat Siu, co-founder and exec chairman of Animoca Brands. Big tech companies control our data, and I'm fighting to get it back through NFTs. AMA.


PROOF: https://twitter.com/animocabrands/status/1632637772552085505

I'm Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, a company working to advance digital property rights and contribute to the establishment of the open metaverse.

The world's most powerful companies are tech companies, and we, as users, contribute to their success by giving our data to them in exchange for their services. But it's not a very good deal, being the online equivalent of a medieval feudal system in which peasants work on the land owned by a lord, getting little in return and owning nothing.

To break away from that, we need a decentralized system that can empower users with ownership and control of their own virtual goods and data, allowing them to enjoy economic freedom and the opportunity to build their own equity.

Blockchain technology and specifically NFTs enable digital property rights for our virtual assets and our data, and are crucial to developing a more decentralized and equitable society.

I believe in a world where NFTs form the basis of true digital property rights. Ask me anything.


AMA with Yat Siu, Animoca Brands


EDIT: CoinDesk team here. Thanks for participating in our first Reddit AMA! If you enjoyed this conversation, Yat Siu joins us again to speak at Consensus 2023, our annual conference next month, April 26-28, in Austin, Texas. (Check out Microcosms, our new NFT Pass, and you can ask us anything about that too!) Here’s your 15% discount: YATAMA

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Scam Prevention Contacted by an "Art Buyer" on Instagram or Facebook? Click here.



So, it's come to my attention that quite a few artists on Instagram and Facebook have been receiving messages from "seemingly legitimate" looking accounts saying that they want to buy their art for thousands of dollars. Any variation of this, regardless of the website or payment method, is a SCAM.

The most common variant involves the scammer contacting you, saying they want to buy your art, then directing you to a website that they own which can range from something that looks like a middle schooler made it in a "web development" class to full blown clones of OpenSea. These are not hard to make, which is why there have been so many of these scammers going around and stealing funds. After this, they will ask you to make an account on the website, and say that you need to "deposit a gas fee" in order to upload your art as an NFT. This is not how uploading NFTs works. Gas fees are not deposited anywhere, but burned when you make a transaction moving Ethereum or any token on the Ethereum blockchain. The scammers will then take the fee that you sent to the "gas fee wallet" and then block you, leaving you with $300-500 less than what you had before.

Another variant involves a scammer contacting you, going through the same steps before, but telling you to list it on OpenSea. They will send you a fake screenshot that says "the collection owner needs to send a maintenance fee in order to activate the collection," and the address included in the screenshot will simply be another wallet owned by the scammer. They will take your money and block you.

When it comes to these scams, they can be avoided very easily. This is not meant to demean anyone, but do you really think some random person with "NFT ART BUYER" on their profile is going to message you of all people and offer you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for some jpegs? Obviously not.

If you have any other questions or concerns of the legitimacy of someone that contacts you, feel free to contact us through modmail here.

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Ethereum NFT Printz NFT - A visual representation of your Ethereum Address

Post image

🌟Hello World!🌟

Get ready to experience Printz, an exciting new project where the visual appeal and quality of your NFT are uniquely shaped by your wallet address.

Interested? Give us a follow here and on twitter @printznft_eth and get ready to

Mint Your Print.

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Ethereum NFT Adapt, Gen art, 1600 x 1600, irishnftgal x mpozzecco.

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Request What are some good ways to advertise my nfts?


I am looking for any way with a high success rate and is free. Thank you in advance!

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Request How to find super awesome communities to get in to? (idc about reselling)



I was looking into buying some NFT’s with heavy community involvement. Kind of like a social club/hangout.

But most of them either seem scammy or they’re waaay too expensive.

I found NFT’s that look good, but don’t really have a backbone or some thought out NFT’s but are in the high hundreds.

Not interested in NFT’s as an investment, but as a brand with a good vibe and decent community.

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NFT Poll: Physical NFT comic books


Hi everyone,

I’m an indie comic book creator and I’m planning on launching a new project that combines physical and digital comics with NFTs. The idea is to create a limited 1/1000 edition of physical comic books that come with a unique NFT that grants access to exclusive digital content, such as the ability to read the digital comic through a secure url, hand drawn artwork, and a high-quality physical copy of the comic book shipped right to you worldwide.

The comic book I’m working on is called Enders Gate is and it’s a Medieval Sci-Fi story based on the Trading Card Game I'm producing with my small team that shares the same name. Here is some of the lore behind it:

Enders Gate is a Medieval Sci-fi comic book series set in our current solar system in an alternate timeline 955 million years ago. During this time period, almost every celestial planet in the universe was teeming with lifeforms.

The Enders Gates, an ancient artifact built by advanced beings, stood as tall as the Great Pyramids and dotted the landscapes of almost every terrestrial planet in the universe. Within our solar system, the landscapes of Mercury, Earth, Mars, and several of Jupiter's moons were also teeming with lifeforms and dotted by the Great Gates.

These Gates granted users the ability to travel to any planet instantaneously every 10 years for exactly 5 hours. Civilizations ranging from advanced to primitive erected colonies, cities, and kingdoms around these monuments, using them as a tool for exploration, the sharing of advancements, and trading resources for sustainable growth.

However, over time the Gates became a tool for destructive greed, turning the once tranquil celestial planets in our solar system into hotbeds of conflict and chaos, as civilizations vied for control of the Gates and the power they provided.

The story follows the creatures that inhabit our solar system's celestial planets, as they struggle to survive in a world torn apart by war and strife. Amidst the destruction, several races including Humans, Magical beings, and Mutants, band together to try and protect their solar system, or at least what's left of it.

As they journey through the universe, they discover the true nature of the Gates, their creators, and the intended use for the Gates now forgotten by the passage of time.

But it may be too late to turn back the tide of destruction. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance, as the creatures of our solar system and beyond, fight for their survival and the future of the Gates.

I’m curious to know if there is any interest or demand for this kind of product in the r/NFT community. Would you buy a physical NFT comic book launched on the ETH network via OpenSea? What would you expect from it? What would make you more or less likely to purchase one? Would you be willing to pay $50 for it?

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have. Thank you for your time and attention.

View Poll

2 votes, 2d left
I'm interested
Not Interested

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NFT Legal Ramifications of Bitcoin NFTs


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Polygon NFT Check out these dudes(dude 25 & 141) on OpenSea. 265 dudes are live now. floor price 0.007 ETH. collect your favourite ones & join their journey. just search "crazy funky dude" on opensea to get the project. share the project with others.(check out the original items on opensea).


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NFT Kaws LineUp - Fan Art - @misfittsx

Post image

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Ethereum NFT whoa, whoa, whoa! what happened here?! this chameleon just couldn't resist the magic mushrooms, on the island. surely its just "High as F**k!"


chamillion by millennium ART

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Ethereum NFT ...unfortunately, it got seriously sick from it and died shortly after. but wait, where did this egg come from...?! you are still early but the number is limited which is why we work with a waitlist.


chamillion by millennium ART

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Gaming Introducing Crossroads: Myth - A Web3 Browser-Based Strategy Game


Hi NFT fam!

Ben here from the passionate trio building Crossroads: Myth, a fantasy browser-based game currently in development.

Set in the fantastical world of Mythenia, players embark on strategic adventures, manage resources, form alliances, and uncover captivating lore. We recently came out of stealth and got active on our socials, which also now includes Reddit (yay!).

Current Stage: We're in the early stages of building Crossroads: Myth on the Tezos blockchain and would love for you to join us on this exciting journey. Your input and support are invaluable!

Gameplay Synopsis: In Crossroads: Myth, you'll have the opportunity to choose from three unique races: humans, elves, or dwarves, each with distinctive traits suiting different play styles. Engage in various activities such as recruiting units to form a squad, hire mercenaries, completing quests, as well as acquiring/upgrading lands to generate resources.

Blockchain Integration: All in-game assets, including units, lands, items, and resources, exist on the blockchain as NFTs or Fungible Tokens, enabling free trading among players.

Tokenomics: We've crafted a sustainable and rewarding experience with player-focused tokenomics. More details are available on our website, and stay tuned for our upcoming litepaper.

The many Lands of Crossroads: Myth (left to right) — Humans, Elves and Dwarves

Community & Cooperation: While you can play solo as an individual, plenty of opportunities open up when you collaborate with others. Emphasizing teamwork, players can form or join guilds, share resources to reach a common goal, and collaborate on strategies to tackle challenging quests together.

We're eager to share our unique and innovative browser-based web3-enabled game with you all, and we hope you're as excited as we are! Join us on our journey. Looking forward to providing further updates as we develop the game! Best wishes, all 🎉


Introductory Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/CrossroadsMyth/status/1660979176105738241

Landing Page: https://crossroadsmyth.com/ (Connect button is not live currently)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrossroadsMyth


Ben :)

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NFT GM to absolutely everyone 🌞 Let's start this week off right 💪

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NFT Collect your lucky Ruby's Kitty !


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Polygon NFT Experience the Thrills of DISTRITOS OLAGG: The Ultimate Football Manager Competition


Welcome to the DISTRITOS OLAGG, the most exciting football manager competition of the moment! In this post, we want to introduce you to a unique space where football and strategy enthusiasts can test their management skills in a competitive and rewarding environment within Metasoccer.


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Ethereum NFT CoinbaseNFT, ethereum collection, ‘cysix’

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NFT The Looney Goonies have 27 legendary NFTs within our collection of 10,000! They all have rare traits combined with special 1/1 backgrounds 🥰 Will you get one? Your Looney Goonie will be revealed 72 hours after mint 🙌

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Polygon NFT Grab yours now, YUUT APE TRIBE

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Fast selling grab yours today 📢 On opensea market YUUT APE TRIBE

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NFT WHat do you think about this ??

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Polygon NFT Sold out, YUUT APE TRIBE grab yours now

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Don't miss out check Bio for link or opensea market Yuut Ape Tribe

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NFT Where find items in the internet?


Hi I wanna find some assets to the my new nfts Where can i find them? Like a backgrounds and hats I wanna mode this items but need inspiration because i want 10k nft