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It always comes back to the cake

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u/MrVonic May 04 '21

As a Canadian who cannot for the life of me understand why so many Americans behave this way, this was eloquently put that so much more of America makes sense now, thank you. This is their reasoning behind the intense cognitive dissonance they have, or at least most of them have a similar thought pattern


u/Mediocratic_Oath May 04 '21

You don't have to cross the border to see this attitude in action. Hell, Alberta has its fair share of religious reactionaries in the McGrath/Lethbridge area. It's an attitude that can be found anywhere, including our own lives, and it's important to understand it so we can avoid making the same mistakes or unintentionally hurting people.


u/S-Quidmonster May 05 '21

I’m an American and I’m in the same boat as you


u/Fresh_Insect7443 May 05 '21

You can’t believe Americans would act this way because that’s not how people Act. It’s a giant lie and projected set of false narratives on conservatives.


u/MrVonic May 05 '21

Aww what a cute little troll you are, I love you :)


u/Fresh_Insect7443 May 08 '21

You have to love someone 😘


u/MrVonic May 08 '21

And someone has to love you cuz your parents clearly didn't 😘


u/Fresh_Insect7443 May 08 '21

Jesus loves me, that’s all the love I need. Let Jesus love you. It feels nice


u/MarshaNicole1979 May 05 '21

It was bullshit.


u/MrVonic May 05 '21



u/Memnojokasel May 05 '21

You caught one in the wild.