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It always comes back to the cake

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u/Cinemaslap1 May 04 '21

You know, I love to bash conservatives whenever I can.... But I have to give them props at least here, they do think.

They think about the underage girls that they can exploit.

They think about their wallets getting bigger even though our country needs better infrastructure, better education, better healthcare... but they only think about their wallets.

They also think about the next group of people they can oppress.


u/conancat May 04 '21

They also can't stop thinking about how persecuted they are when they "haven't even done anything wrong".



u/Blockofett May 04 '21

Man Christian's also have this, and I think it might even be the root cause

"People are getting they're head cut off for speaking the word of God!" Actual qoute from back when I was forced to go to Sunday School

I mean if you wanna try to force your God on people who tell you they'll cut your head off for it point blank, then I don't know what to tell you Mr. Largest Religion on Earth


u/DuntadaMan May 04 '21

Having been raised in one of the most doomsday cult branches of Christianity I can tell you that being persecuted is central to the identity of American Christians.

They are told the world is evil and only a few people are fighting back. They are taught constantly that they are at war with evil and that evil is winning.

If you are not being persecuted then you are obviously part of that overwhelming evil.


u/MyJourneyToTartarus May 04 '21

Thank you for explaining this, cause as a non-Christian European I am highly fascinated by American christians. Saying they are dumb is too easy, not all of these people are dumb. Yet they still keep doing these actions that make no sense in sane eyes. I often wondered why. Your explanation makes sense. This is also why I dislike a lot of American movies: it is always the american hero saving the world while everyone around them is either too stupid or one of the bad guys. Many Americans love this whole idea and I can see how a church can abuse this thought and brainwash people.


u/TheHistoryofCats May 04 '21

The traditional Mainline Protestant churches in the US, which are mostly descended from European denominations, are a lot saner and still exist in most American towns. The problem is that right now they're massively outnumbered by very loud, very political fundamentalist crazies, many of whom are "non-denominational" (ie, random independent churches started up by people who may or may not have any actual qualifications or theological education). So it's not all American Christians that are like this... But it sure is a lot of them.


u/LiquidImp May 05 '21

I was going to say something similar. But the easy differentiation is that Evangelicals are like this. I didn’t really get that I wasn’t evangelical until 2016 and I was complaining to someone about how they’re political views don’t represent me and they explained how my denomination isn’t part of the Evangelical movement. My world made a lot more sense.


u/Old_Thor May 05 '21

It’s easiest to think of extremist religious people as the American far left. It’s the same victim mentality, inability to comprehend other views, and unwavering servitude to their ideology.


u/SapperInTexas May 04 '21

I'm reminded of Bill Hicks bit about the War on Drugs, being that the war is being won by the people using drugs.


u/Old_Thor May 05 '21

Sounds like the Left now haha


u/DuntadaMan May 05 '21

Persecution complexes are as American as bombing hospitals.


u/Old_Thor May 05 '21

This is true. Everyone wants to be victimized. It’s the “trendy” thing now.