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It always comes back to the cake

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u/Taco4Wednesdays May 04 '21

The cake is a bad comparison though, nobody referencing it seems to realize the actual details of the case and why it's entirely irrelevant here.


u/WYenginerdWY May 04 '21

People are referencing why it's a terrible comparison and they're being downvoted to shit, that's why you don't see it. Because reddit likes simplicity.


u/neccoguy21 May 04 '21

Why is it irrelevant here? Genuinely curious.


u/n-sidedpolygonjerk May 04 '21

The other response is off base. The real reason it’s totally different is the wedding cake case was a balance of first amendment freedom of religion vs the Colorado state law that protects against discrimination by sexual orientation (also called a “protected class”). It never gave Carte Blanche to discriminate. For example a baker who refused to serve African Americans (federally protected class by the civil rights act) would lose their case instantly.

There’s no federal law against discrimination by sexual orientation.


u/heavymcd May 04 '21

Is “insurrectionist” a protected class?


u/n-sidedpolygonjerk May 04 '21

I know you’re being funny, but just to be clear, political opinion/leaning isn’t a protected class.


u/PurgatoireRiver May 05 '21

I thought because the baker's work was considered art, he could refuse to decorate the cake acknowledging a gay wedding. He didn't refuse service however because he offered an already prepared cake and cupcakes.


u/Bongo_SaurusReX May 04 '21

guess you can go to another bakery but u cant fly yourselve or make your own social media platform, bank etc.


u/trumanchap May 04 '21

Yeahhh, bit rough to compare those 2 things