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FAQs for noobs. Read this before posting.


Q: What is mining?

A: To explain this in the simplest way possible, in monero, mining is using a computer to calculate something that verifies the next block to join the blockchain. This calculation is very difficult to do, so your computer rarely manages it. In fact, it's so difficult that your computer may never manage it at all. If it does ever manage it, you get the block reward which is in the range of $130 USD worth (as of May 2022 but this is based on the current exchange rate). Pool mining is when you join a group of others and split the reward when one of you manages to do this calculation correctly.

Q: How can I learn more about monero?

A: This is an excellent book (also available for free in pdf format).

Q: So can I quit my job now?

A: You're not going to get rich with mining monero. It only earns you a very small amount each day, if anything. I previously made $0.54 USD profit a day with running a Ryzen 7 3700X computer 24/7, but now I actually lose money from mining.

At the moment, in most areas you'll lose money from mining if you pay normal prices for electricity. You'll probably only make a profit if you have very cheap electricity or generate it yourself like with solar panels and a battery setup.

Q: I want to build a mining rig. Should I?

A: For anyone who pays for electricity, it's probably not worth buying any equipment to mine monero if you're aiming to make a profit. It gets more difficult over time, so the profits go down.

The only exception is if you have free energy that you can access for a long time. It would still take a few years to pay off a monero mining rig with free electricity, when you account for the increasing difficulty. But after that it's 100% profit. I made a full post explaining this topic in detail here. In my example in that post, it would take 2.5 years to pay off the computer with free electricity, assuming you can keep it mining 24/7/365.

Q: Can I get an ASIC for mining Monero?

A: No! It is specifically designed to be mined on CPUs only. This is so that mining remains decentralised. When ASICs start mining a cryptocurrency then it usually causes the creation of large mining farms controlled by few people. Monero is against that. Monero is mineable by the average person on their own desktop computer.

Monero has changed algorithms in the past to purposefully stop ASICs from being able to mine it. If an ASIC was ever made for monero again, the algorithm would probably be changed again to stop the ASIC from working.

Q: I can mine at 120 MH/s, so I should be able to make $50k per day of profit on monero according to a calculator I just used...right??? Please reply fast I'm about to sign a contract to buy a Lamborghini.

A: Hashrate is different for each coin. Your CPU or GPU getting 120 MH/s does not apply here. That's probably ethereum hashrate. The hashrate any CPU or GPU gets on monero is not influenced by or related to ethereum hashrate, bitcoin hashrate, litecoin hashrate, or any other coin. In fact, GPU mining of monero is very inefficient and not worthwhile. Forget about the hashrate you get on another coin.

Q: Can I mine with a GPU?

A: Short answer: No.

Long answer: Yes, it's possible to mine monero with a GPU, but it's generally a bad idea because the algorithm monero uses today is optimised only for CPUs. Mining monero on a GPU will be very inefficient and slow compared to a CPU, and will not be worth your time. Full explanation here.

Q: How much will I make mining monero/how do I know if my computer will be profitable/what hashrate will I get with my computer or CPU?

A: Follow this guide to calculate it. You need to know the specs of the computer you'll be mining on.

Q: How do I mine monero?

A: Follow this guide.

Q: Which mining pool should I use?

A: You can choose to use either a centralised pool which will do a lot of the work for you in setting things up, or you can use the decentralised P2pool. If you want to use a centralised pool, see here. If you want to use P2pool then the easiest way is using gupax which helps you to set it up.

Q: So I'm mining but my CPU is only showing 50% usage (or some other percentage less than 100). How do I get it to use 100%?

RandomX, the proof of work algorithm used by monero, needs 16 KiB of L1 cache, 256 KiB of L2 cache and 2 MiB of L3 cache per mining thread. Your CPU probably doesn't have enough cache to use all threads.

If your CPU doesn't have enough cache to run all threads then XMRig automatically selects the right number of threads that it can run with the cache available.

Q: I have access at work/university/school to 50 computers. How can I mine monero on them? I can't wait to get started, I'm gonna be so rich.

A: This is a terrible idea. The trouble you get in is going to cost you a lot more than you'll earn from doing this. You will likely be earning a couple of USD per day. The organisation that owns these computers and pays for the electricity will see this as stealing, which it is. You're stealing electricity. They'll also see it as you putting their entire network at risk. Expect to get in big trouble if you do this. Possibly to the extent of facing criminal charges. It's really not worth the risk for the miniscule profit you'll be making.

Q: If mining monero is not profitable, why would anyone want to do it?

A: There are other reasons why people decide to mine, too. Some people want to support monero because they like the idea of a private, completely fungible, decentralised cryptocurrency.

Other people who are highly concerned about privacy might mine as a way of obtaining monero without going through an exchange that has to find out their identity.

Some people just enjoy the technical side of setting up their computer to mine, tweaking the settings and getting it working as well as they can.

The profitability of monero mining is self balancing - as the total hashrate (the combined computing power of all miners) goes up, it becomes more difficult, which makes it less profitable. If the price of monero went down and people stopped mining it because they were not making enough, then the difficulty would drop, and it would become more profitable. Thanks to this, the profitability stays relatively stable now and hovers around the level of "just barely profitable if you have very cheap electricity".

Q: If I stop mining for the night/day/some hours will I lose all my progress and have to start again?

A: It doesn't work like that. With solo mining, you have a chance of finding the right hash for the current block with every single hash your computer calculates. If you don't find it then that work is of no use and there's nothing to "save".

With pool mining, you have to find a hash over a certain difficulty (the difficulty given by the pool). This is referred to as a share. The pool will save that result and pay you (when it finds a block) according to how much work your computer did for the pool. You don't lose any progress by stopping mining. You'll get paid for anything you earned while you were mining. The same applies to P2Pool.

Q: How else can I help monero?

A: Running a node is a great way to help monero. Running a node involves downloading and hosting the blockchain so other people can download it off you. You don't have to do this manually, there is software that does it all for you. You just have to provide a computer and internet connection. Some people even do it on a Raspberry Pi.

You can also help monero by using it as a currency. Monero has low transaction fees and confirms (1 block confirmation) in an average of just 1 minute. Who you send money to and how much you send can't be tracked, unlike most other cryptocurrencies.

r/MoneroMining 1d ago

How are these hash rates possible


Ive been mining in a pool all day using my laptop with a hash rate of roughly 1600 H/s at most. So I decided to go on the site to check my rewards so far... i also opened up the miners section and saw that others have extremely high hash rates such as 190+ MH/s, 44MH/s, 60 MH/s, which doesn't make any sense... I was just wondering how is it possible for these people to have such a high Hash rate while I'm struggling between 1300 - 1600 H/s?

r/MoneroMining 1d ago

I can't get Gupax to work on linux (fedora), any ideas?


r/MoneroMining 1d ago

mining with special cpu


Hello, I want to know how big the hash rate (estimated) is if I mine on a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X with 2 vcores.

r/MoneroMining 1d ago

How do I check the current block reward?


Please answer the question.

r/MoneroMining 2d ago

Monero and P2Pool opening ports automatically?


I am on a wifi where the provider has a page where I can manage my port forwarding, and it shows two port forwards added (that I did not add) named P2Pool and bitmonero. How did it do this, and why?

edit: Originally I saw just P2Pool had made a port forward a few days ago or so, and I deleted it, and I checked again today and it's back, along with a new one by (I'm assuming) the monero GUI wallet, or the daemon

r/MoneroMining 2d ago

Gupax test on Main Chain


Well I was about 23 days into my 30 day comparison test between Mini and main with Gupax and when I got home from a road trip half my system was offline. Asked the wife if we had a hell of a storm while I was gone and she said that we did BUT... if your referring to your computers That was me. Evidently while she was getting something out of the chest freezer (without clearing it off) a can rolled down, fell behind the freezer and landed smack dab on the surge protector switch knocking half my system off line. She flipped the switch back on and after a few minutes. thought everything was fine because "it sounded the same as before".

Oh Well... Shit happens. Main Chain test #2 -- 30 days to go!

Oh, and I turned the surge protector on its side to prevent this happening again in the future.

r/MoneroMining 2d ago

New XMRig release 6.19.3


Changelog from GitHub:

  • #3245 Improved algorithm negotiation for donation rounds by sending extra information about current mining job.
  • #3254 Tweaked auto-tuning for Intel CPUs.
  • #3271 RandomX: optimized program generation.
  • #3273 RandomX: fixed undefined behavior.
  • #3275 RandomX: fixed jccErratumlist.
  • #3280 Updated example scripts.

Download here: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/tag/v6.19.3

r/MoneroMining 2d ago

P2Pool Boost


I'm getting started with p2pool (just the mini for fun) and trying to understand the raffle/boost graciously provided.

Does the boost go through the list of miners sorted alphabetically? So for example I just registered with a 425.. address and the boost is currently a 428... address. So I did I just get added to the very end of the line?

Also why the boost vs the raffle vs just a raffle?

r/MoneroMining 3d ago

Bad luck since P2pool update

Post image

Anyone else have a run of seriously bad luck since the p2pool 3.4 update was released. I know I'm probably wrong but it seems like too much of a coincidence. 🫣

It's been going on two days now, seems long to be just bad luck. I'd appreciate some of our heavy hitters chime in on this. Cheers

r/MoneroMining 3d ago

Cloud mining


So I know there are lots of scam sites, but I want to know if there are any legit web/cloud mining platforms

r/MoneroMining 4d ago

node.xmr.to:18081 DNS error: "temporary failure"


hi, somehow whenever i start xmrig to mine solo it gives me this error (node.xmr.to:18081 DNS error: "temporary failure"). ive searched everywhere but couldnt find how to solve it.... can someone please help me?

r/MoneroMining 4d ago

Core changes during XMRIG mining

  • Is it possible to cap core usage, for example to set max 80% of the each core usage?
  • Is it possible to rotate used cores? for example when setting 12 threads for 24 core CPU, if its possible to rotate used cores?

r/MoneroMining 5d ago

P2Pool v3.4 released


It's been released in the last couple of hours.


Check all links for yourself before assuming they are legit, even this one.

r/MoneroMining 5d ago

I have 1 share in the PPLNS window, 2 blocks found on the pool but no payout. Any ideas?


r/MoneroMining 5d ago

Significant hashrate dropdown


Hello, currently experiencing significant hashrate drop like from 5.5KH/s about to a half of that what it can be the reason.Using node on windows 10 Pro and p2pool on different pc in local network.Thank you in advance.

r/MoneroMining 6d ago



Hey i am searching if anyone got a node in a country named “tunisia 🇹🇳 “ or nearby And if i can connect to them remotely to mine some xmr. And thx

r/MoneroMining 6d ago

How low of a RAM requirement can you make a monero wallet have?


I want to run my own node for maximum security, also the reason I am asking this is because i'm planning to use a series of 3 raspberry pi's to secure my monero, and I want to know what model I need to use.

Preferably I want to be able to run a Monero wallet at 1 GB or less, so I can get the setup for around 70 dollars, or even 512 MB of ram so I can run the setup for 30 dollars.

Note: The setup I'm using is somewhat unorthodox, but basically, the setup I'm using is this protocol I made up with 3 raspberry pi's. I use 1 to hold all the monero in seperate 1 monero wallet-units with separate keys, and it will be sent through an intermediate raspberry pi through a one-way cable to a wifi-capable raspberry pi to do a transaction, which means only 1 monero at most is on a wifi-connected device, making it more secure/cheaper than a hardware wallet.

r/MoneroMining 6d ago

RIG question


Hey, I wanna reach the best hashrate / price ratio. Currently have a 3900x with 3600mhz-cl16 overclocked. gets me about 13800-14500 H/s. Do you think I could do better than that for cheaper/same price?

r/MoneroMining 6d ago

Monero ocean


Is anyone else having issues connecting to mlpnero ocean pool? It says the site is offline

r/MoneroMining 6d ago

mining with a cluster of k8s


I have a few RP-4 with 8GB of RAM and I would like to know if I can deploy mining on them if I will put them in a cluster of k8s.

r/MoneroMining 7d ago

Announcing Donor Raffle Round - win more often when you contribute to the raffle!

Thumbnail monero.house

r/MoneroMining 8d ago

Question about hashrate increases between Ethernet, integrated WiFi, and attached WiFi dongles


I operate a unique mix of hardware and I see semi-substantial improvements in overall hashrates with Ethernet-attached connections vs motherboard-integrated Wi-Fi and USB WiFi dongles and I’m trying to understand why that is. USB WiFi appears to be the worst but with a Dell Alienware laptop with an Intel i7, there’s no difference in hashrates between Ethernet and integrated WiFi. I can’t say the same about a Gigabyte A520I AC motherboard however, and I’m curious to know why that is.

r/MoneroMining 8d ago

Why is the profit calculator at hashvault.proso bad?


r/MoneroMining 9d ago

Free power, what should I be looking for a low budget rig?


So, free electricity and a gigabit network connection.... Two 20amp 120v circuits available. I've been running as a noob hobbyist with a very basic node on an i5-7400 with monero Gui. But recently moved to a place where the electricity cost is zero.

I'd like to pick up some hardware to screw around on, preferably stuff that I could also choose to run fold@home and do some learning on too.

Lots of options out there from old gaming systems up through a full C7000 v8 blade server Under a thousand bucks.

What is the best bang for the buck on salvaged equient to run xmr? What should I be keeping an eye out for?

r/MoneroMining 10d ago

EADDRINUSE error Gupax


Hey xmr mining Community i just wanted to mine some XMR with gupax while being away from the pc

but it kept saying :

TCPServer failed to listen on tcp server socket, error EADDRINUSE

ol can't continue execution: panic at D:ap2poolp2poolsrctcp_server.cpp:236

any solutions ?