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An emoji mocking a man's manhood spurs a reverse #metoo in South Korea.


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u/Canvaverbalist Jun 19 '21 edited Jun 19 '21

a simple google search of "why do people say men are trash"

That's not... how that works.

Born in 89 I was raised through the 90's and I have, through my upbringing, have internalized "men are machos who only think about sex" because that was in the sitcoms that would play, in the ads, in the stand-up comedy, it was everywhere. You're 7 years old and you're attuned to your surrounding, you think "I won't be a man like that!" and you just don't really think about it afterwards, it's just part of what you observe in the world and how you want to shape yourself in relation to it: you like girls, you don't want girls to feel bad, you listen to them, society is telling you what the problems are with men so you try counterbalance them.

Yeah maybe later on when you're 20 years old and you do a google search and find that the issue is a bit more nuanced than that and then for the next 10 years you work in men's spaces, trying to understand and theorize and analyze and deconstruct and reconstruct and make sense of the whole thing...

But do you think a single Google search counteracted decades of conditioning? Do you think it took me one wikipedia article to stop repressing my sexuality?

Come on.