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Is it weird to anyone that you have to flaunt your traumas in apps? Admissions

I feel like the entire mba process is a bit predatory in a way. As a way to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, a lot of people end up having to utilize the traumatic events that they’ve gone through in their lives as material for essays. I feel like you end up being used as inspiration for the university - whether its through articles they put out or through opportunities to present where you’re highly encouraged to talk about your “journey”. I feel like it could become more of a circle jerk where people compete to show who has had the hardest life when compared to everyone else. I’m in no way saying that it shouldn’t be done because obviously it impacts your life and provides justification for some of your stats or jobs (ie low gpa, poor work experience), I just think its super weird to be that intimate with a person (adcom) you’ve barely spoken to just for the sole purpose of getting admission into a school.

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u/TurntPikachu Apr 11 '21 edited Apr 11 '21

Thats a good point too! Oftentimes its like you’re crafting this story to provide evidence as to why its your passion to go into a certain type of career (ie health problems leading to wanting to work in the healthcare industry). Its never enough to just want to go into a certain industry simply because you enjoy it and find it interesting. There always has to be some underlying reason for your career choice.