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BJP MLA in UP Says Afraid of Sedition Charges if He Speaks Against State Govt


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u/SuicidalTorrent May 18 '21

How are these sedition charges even valid? Criticism of the government doesn't cause communal disharmony.


u/DMercenary May 20 '21

Criticism of the government doesn't cause communal disharmony.

Sounds like something a traitor would say. Sedition charges for you!


u/GebraJordi May 20 '21

So like, Robespierre?


u/IndianPhDStudent 27d ago edited 27d ago

Indian here. It's not about directly kidnapping civilians for speaking their mind like a traditional dictatorship. But there are indirect ways to harass whistleblowers within a flawed democratic and legal system.

For example, if you criticize the government's measures against Covid management, the government will come up with some basic evidence that somewhat contradicts a small portion of what you claimed.

Then they would file a legal charge against you for libel and spreading misinformation.

Then a team of lawyers can hype up that charge to "deliberately spreading panic during national emergency and subverting government's efforts at pandemic management." - which can be escalated to sedition or terror.

And then you are stuck with a lifelong case which will drag on in courts and you have to keep fighting them for the next 10-15 years. You will most probably get out of it scot-free - (even governments don't last beyond 5-10 years) - but you would have wasted half your life savings in legal costs and wasted 10-15 years of your life.