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Photo emerges of Republican barricading chamber doors during US Capitol attack after he compared rioters to ‘tourists’


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u/Cue_626_go May 16 '21

We all remember when the tourists came to visit King Louis and Marie Antoinette. Just typical tourism...


u/Stormy8888 May 17 '21

It's strange this coward politician barricading his door against "tourists" still considers himself a "man" when his behavior is that of a scared child.


u/ststeveg May 16 '21

I had a tour of the Capitol once. My tour did not include breaking windows, beating cops, or chasing congress out of the chamber with a handful of zip cuffs. Was that a different tour?


u/WartPig May 16 '21

Shit. I wonder if refunds can be given. Didnt get the full experience


u/OkAcanthocephala9723 May 17 '21

What about murdering a police officer on the steps of the capitol?

Is that the tourist behavior Clyde thinks is normal?


u/replay40 May 17 '21

Don't forget smearing crap on walls.


u/Quiquiq May 17 '21

I've worked in tourist traps before and this one is actually true.


u/an_agreeing_dothraki May 18 '21

Worked at a walmart. can... confirm


u/Summerisgone2020 May 17 '21

Looks like it. Apparently this one had an interactive part where you got to build a gallows for the Vice President


u/BK4343 May 17 '21

Did they at least let you steal Nancy Pelosi's laptop?


u/zubaz69 May 17 '21

If you'd have just been 5 minutes earlier


u/bagjoe May 16 '21

What a rotten carpetbagger.


u/windigo3 May 16 '21

Fox News: “All I see in this photo is a tour guide handing out lollipops to a school tour group”


u/SomeRandomPerson66 May 16 '21

Oh and it was Matt Gaetz handing them out!


u/AlexandriaLitehouse May 16 '21

He could give them out a lot faster if he took his right hand out of his pocket.


u/axisleft May 17 '21

Awww...and the ones straying from the group are giving the police smooches.


u/StreetofChimes May 16 '21

Maybe they do this to all tourists? Seems totally normal to barricade doors to block tourists.


u/Mrgoodtrips64 May 16 '21

I live in NM and wish I could have barricaded the doors to Texan tourists this last year. Fuckers were aggressively anti-mitigation practices.


u/canada432 May 17 '21

Here in CO, too. Everybody came out here because they thought CO=outdoors. At least most of them stayed out of Denver and just infected the mountain towns and ski resorts that wanted to cater to them and stick it to the government.


u/StreetofChimes May 17 '21

I wonder if Texans realize that when they "threaten" to leave the United States, the rest of the states are like "here, let's help you pack".


u/Real_Rick_Fake_Morty May 17 '21

I wonder if they realize Mexico is going to want their land back when the only thing defending it is the Texas Defense Force, and not the US army.


u/StreetofChimes May 18 '21

Wouldn't that be hilarious? Texas declares independence. Mexico invades and wins. Texas becomes part of Mexico.


u/InuGhost May 16 '21

Is this the "Republicans holding the line with police" that Marjorie Taylor Green was talking about in that tweet war with a fellow Congressman?


u/Neeerdlinger May 17 '21

Are you suggesting that you don't normally barricade doors when there are tourists around? I thought that was a normal thing to do in response to tourists, what with all the rioting and looting that they do.

Oh wait, no. That's rioters and looters, not tourists. It's so easy to confuse them.


u/egalroc May 16 '21

Maybe compare the mob to Black Friday shoppers to be more accurate.


u/Justanaussie May 17 '21

Does anyone think this "reimagining" of January 6th is going to work? I mean obviously there's a lot of people that won't buy it but what about the diehard Trump supporters, do you think they're going to believe it was all just a beat up?


u/arandomsadredditor May 17 '21

A lot of them still believe it was antifa


u/BK4343 May 17 '21

Dude, I have seen sooooooo many idiots who continue to believe that George Soros bussed in crowds of Antifa people dressed as Trump supporters.


u/claire_resurgent May 17 '21

this "reimagining"

They reimagined the fuggin Civil War quite successfully, so yeah probably.


u/101Alexander May 17 '21

This is like reverse LAMF

Leopard eats face - Then supports leopard.


u/Hanekem May 17 '21

maybe he has a fetish?

Don't kinkshame!


u/jbertrand_sr May 17 '21

He really hates tourists doesn't he...


u/biffbobfred May 18 '21

My Polish grandma was just outside Wielun, Poland sept 1 1939. She had a splendid time with the new German Tourists. They even put her on a train for germany FOR FREE where she was tourist forced labor for SS officers, who are known for their niceness.


u/BeansInMyPillowCase May 17 '21

There is a reason I called him President Dump and not Trump hahahaha got em


u/older_gamer May 17 '21

Wow that website is poison on mobile. I got no more than the title of the thread.