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I can't believe the government would use the "Spying on Everyone Act" that I wrote to spy on us!

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u/Hater-Bot May 16 '21

Translation: I never intended wanted this thing to be used against white people, especially Republicans.


u/ShitTalkingAlt980 May 17 '21

Pretty fucking much. That guy is a fucking idiot btw. Just youtube him or jump on a townhall call with him.


u/Hater-Bot May 17 '21

LOL my job requires me to sit on shit like that constantly, especially these days. I’ve ended up with even less respect for the morons we elect. They’re impossibly stupid.


u/MarkHathaway1 May 16 '21

"Unintended consequences" are a little easier to avoid if you're not as dumb as a rock.


u/Cue_626_go May 16 '21

What a fucking tool!

Thank goodness Russ Feingold voted no. Too bad he was replaced by a Russian asset.


u/jerrrrrrrrrrrrry May 16 '21

I can't understand how my state replaced the best senator, Russ Feingold, with the worst senator Ron Johnson. During his last election campaign RoJo was behind in the polls until his brother Dean Johnson from Hometime the home improvement show on Minnesota public tv came to RoJo's aid and made some tv commercials making him seem more of a family man.


u/ShitTalkingAlt980 May 17 '21

Pretty easy. Feingold got caught talking about Feinstein like gun control. No one wants that but Democrats don't want to hear that.

Edit: fuck Ron Johnson. I have protested his office all by my lonesome. If it is worth anything I called him a coward for 6 hours.


u/Cue_626_go 29d ago

I can't understand how the Senate GQP made Russian Ron the chair of the Homeland Security committee after he'd been a senator for like two years. Normally takes decades to become a committee chair.

In retrospect, maybe having a Russian agent in charge of Homeland Security wasn't a good idea...


u/octopusboots May 17 '21

Truly, those guys scare me to pieces. They're not going away. The Roger Stones of the world find them useful.


u/CornjobWillBeBlamed May 16 '21

Immediately post 9/11 was a weird fucking time, man.

I despise the GOP but I'm almost willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here.


u/bgaesop May 16 '21

Don't. I was 13 at the time and I saw all this coming and was baffled that there were adults who claimed they couldn't see it coming


u/octopusboots May 17 '21

Oh no, they saw it coming. They didn't care. 13 year olds know what's up.


u/bgaesop May 17 '21

Exactly - hence me saying the adults at the time claimed they couldn't see it coming. This was one of my first experiences where I realized "wait a second, are all these grownups just lying?"


u/CornjobWillBeBlamed May 16 '21

Well, I guess you were a big brained super genius who spent an inordinate amount time focused on geopolitical history and world events for a 13yr old. 🙄

I was in my mid 20s and we we're fucking petrified.

I'll remember to call you next time there's a terrorist attack on US soil. Just so you can talk me through it.


u/crimeo May 16 '21

uh it was predicted all over the news by large number of people, dude, both before and in direct response to the patriot act being drafted up. "There were [some] adults who" not "all the adults who"

I would venture to say almost even "most" adults saw this as a terrible idea from the start. Maybe somewhat less than most. 50% +/- 15

The patriot act was not subtle at all, it's almost like a B movie plotline, something out of RoboCop or whatever.

(I'm not suggesting people saw it going as far as Prism and shit, but just "This is gonna be a bad idea and a lot worse than it is good" at least, yes absolutely)


u/CornjobWillBeBlamed May 16 '21

Sure thing, dude.

Any other minecraft kids wanna chime in and tell me how they knew EVERYTHING BEFOREHAND?

Seriously, this is fun.


u/bigavz May 17 '21

Are you serious? It was a huge national debate at the time. You don't remember?


u/Nari224 May 16 '21

I was 25 at the time, have never played Minecraft and I could have told you at the time that the Patriot act was a massive overreaction and would leave to where we are. At the time I flew regularly for work, and my girlfriend at the time had a domestic flight on 9/12 (although not one of the flights that was hijacked) so I don’t think I was naive or disassociated from the threat.

I could also have told you that the likelihood of a similar attack being repeated was very low given how long they had to plan to pull off 9/11. I can also remind you that anyone pointing this out was publicly branded a traitor or a terrorist sympathizer and even worse, accused of wanted another 9/11 to occur. That alone should be sufficient alarm bells for anyone.

Scantly a few years later I could have told you that I was very concerned that previously level headed people such as Cheney and Rumsfeld clearly became so scared or intoxicated (or both) themselves that they forgot their own rationale for not invading Iraq in ‘91.

These were not rare positions in my circles. However they didn’t get a lot of airtime or sympathy, and our leaders at the time (including Senssenbrenner) exploited the disaster.


u/CornjobWillBeBlamed May 16 '21

None of what you said negates my original comment.

A 13yr old acting like it was all common knowledge and he knew everything is what I was responding to.

And congrats for having the foresight and intelligence to know it was a bad idea from the get go.


u/crimeo May 16 '21

According to Gallup, in June 2002 (earliest I could find with a quick search), they asked Americans:

Which comes closer to your view -- the government should take all steps necessary to prevent additional acts of terrorism in the U.S. even if it means your basic civil liberties would be violated, or the government should take steps to prevent additional acts of terrorism but not if those steps would violate your basic civil liberties?

  • "Take steps, even if civil liberties violated" 47%

  • "Take steps, but not if it violates civil liberties" 49%

By 2003 it was 67% / 29% in favor of "NOT if it violates civil liberties"

So not only was it indeed roughly a half and half split worried or not worried about this exact topic almost immediately after the events, but a large swath of people changed their mind to notice the problem in just a couple of years more time. It is now 20 years later, and if it took you that long to figure out this was a shit plan, you're in a quite small minority.


u/ShitTalkingAlt980 May 17 '21

No it fucking wasn't. Check the votes from the Dems. Fuck dude do you not remember Cindy Sheehan. I rest my comment because you are fucking retconning shit. The country was bloodthirsty and scared. You are a dumbass.


u/crimeo May 17 '21


Already provided evidence to the contrary. Just swearing a lot and using ad hominems is pretty convincing too, though.


u/iPlunger May 16 '21

Not worth it, he's lying.


u/octopusboots May 17 '21

No, s/he is likely not.


u/iPlunger May 17 '21

The guy who helped write the patriot act didn't realize it was abusive bullshit...?


u/octopusboots May 17 '21

No.....that a 13 year old saw it coming. I thought that's what you were responding to.


u/insomniac7809 29d ago

I keep seeing people act like it's impossible that some of us, in high school, could clearly see ahead of time that the USA PATRIOT Act was going to be abused and that the invasion of Iraq was based on lies.

Bills do not get names like the "USA PATRIOT Act" if they're good on their own merits. Governments who give themselves significant power but promise they won't use it are lying to you. Claims substantiated entirely by the word of liars should be presumed untrue.

These are not difficult or obscure concepts.


u/JRE_4815162342 May 17 '21

WI Republicans have caused a lot of damage to this country.


u/camdawg4497 May 16 '21 edited May 16 '21

From Charles Derber's The Wilding of America.


u/NovaNardis May 17 '21

Not a great look that he called Sensenbrenner a Senator. He was never in the Senate; he was a Congressman.


u/RayJez 25d ago

‘Land of the Free ‘ ha ha ha ha ha , land of the watched,followed,spied on ,nothing is secret and we manipulate that info till you become one of us ‘STASI’