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u/GeniusOfLove74 May 04 '21

Very true. I'm in Georgia. ICE raided here in 2019.

Suddenly farmers can't get their crops picked, sorted, hauled, etc?

When conservatives tell you that "they" (immigrants) want to take your jobs, they don't mean the jobs you actually had or want.


u/skintigh May 04 '21

When conservatives tell you that "they" (immigrants) want to take your jobs, they don't mean the jobs you actually had or want.

I don't think they care. They just want to hear that all the problems in their life are somebody else's fault. Preferably some scary, brown stranger's fault.


u/NoCurrency6 May 04 '21

You’ve just described how the Republican Party has been operating for decades now


u/vlasvilneous May 04 '21

Is... is this a shock to people? Are people really shocked by this?

I feel like Im taking crazy pills!


u/tyrico May 04 '21

I hear you but keep in mind there are people of all ages on here, many of which are just learning for the first time how fucked up the world can be


u/Mrpoodlekins May 04 '21

It doesn't help that some of us are surrounded by boomer/conservative talking points growing up. I only saw what was really happening in this country when I turned 18 with guys like Jon Stewart being labeled "socialistas comemierdas".


u/WintersMoonLight May 04 '21

god, i wish he was still doing the daily show. It would have been hilarious af during the Trump years.


u/PixelatedPooka May 04 '21 edited May 05 '21

Here is my heartfelt, saccharine opinion: Yeah, but I believe he has already done so much for us. He needed that farm and a good and healing place to keep his sanity. Especially while constantly continuing to fight Congress’ bullshit and corruption.

It seems unbelievable to me that the representatives and senators that gave fatuous lip service to the first responders that rushed into danger during the largest (terror) attack on our soil are not being held to account by the voters and party members that also claim to back the blue, the firemen firefighters the national guard, other armed forces and all the other people that risk there lives for common Americans every damn day. How can they avoid the debt we all owe to the 911 First Responders and their families? How can we as a nation not cover thier medical bills until thier deaths. I feel like we owe them far more than that, but isn’t that the very least we can do?

Dealing with the harshness of the reality of where our Legislators consider the sacrifice of those women and men has to weigh heavily on Mr. Stewart. And I certainly am selfish, and wish he were back, I think he deserves all the peace he can grab.


u/WintersMoonLight May 04 '21

yeah that's fair, he was going to be good for the country in either case, just a mild fantasy where we could clone a mentally and physically refreshed version of him and he could do both.


u/PixelatedPooka May 05 '21

I totally get wanting him back! In a more perfect world I’d have him on screen more often. I almost wrote five days a week but man that must have been grueling without all the other garbage.

I’m so glad I got to see him in my twenties and thirties. He really had more people looking critically at the news and information they were fed and was hilarious at the same time.


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u/vlasvilneous May 05 '21

A bot telling people what to do? Get the fuck outta here.

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u/artspar May 04 '21

I get what you mean, but everyone's got their own social bubble. There are people out there who simply havent had to view life in a way tbats different from the other 50 people in their tiny town in the middle of nowhere