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u/Machaeon May 04 '21

Having worked fast food for my first job out of high school at $7.25/hr... all I can say about the help wanted signs on many fast food places is this:

"Guess you should value your labor more, huh..."

That is a hot, sweaty, greasy, and thankless hell where you can't ever feel like you're making progress as when things are going well, all you're doing is keeping up, never getting ahead, and you end the day exhausted and in pain. You couldn't pay me enough to work that job again.


u/NoCurrency6 May 04 '21

My town is currently going through this. Every place has help wanted signs up because nobody wants to risk catching a life threatening illness for minimum wage.

Yet store owners just can’t seem to figure out why nobody is applying for their high stress and low pay employment. It’s a real head scratcher, that one.

Now it’s starting to manifest itself as angry customers when they’re having to wait extended times for their product or to check out at the register. Or stores are closing early since they can’t find someone to cover the later shifts.

I’m hoping this ends up as a positive and places start recognizing that without the hourly workers, there’s less money to be made so they should start paying and treating them right. I know it’ll never happen, but a man can dream...


u/fuzzyrach May 04 '21

Any time I read a job advertisement and it says "high energy, fast paced, multi tasking, etc" I nope right on over it. That kind of stress is not usually worth what they're paying. I know I can be a good employee that works hard and gets shit done, I learn fast and can work independently, I have no desire to be micromanaged and rushed into fucking up and stressed into a panic attack. Guess I'll remain self employed. :/