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Its the ciiiiiiiircle of pain REMOVED: Rule 4


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u/PaperclipStrategy May 04 '21

i would never go back to food-service unless i could be stoned while on the job. Most people i knew were stoned anyways, a few got drug-tested and fired.


u/dreadpiratesmith May 04 '21

Yea. Honestly, most places I've worked (not fast food) it was an unspoken rule that we're all gonna go chill and get stoned before the day starts, talk about what needs to get done, how we're gonna tackle the workload. It's easy to get overwhelmed on the line. Smoke a couple puffs off a joint and take a breather. Everyone's gonna get their food, but if you're rushing, you're gonna fuck up.


u/PaperclipStrategy May 04 '21

Everyone's gonna get their food, but if you're rushing, you're gonna fuck up.

words to live by.


u/dreadpiratesmith May 04 '21

And you know what's worse than having to make a dozen orders at once? Doing them all again


u/SoySauceSyringe May 04 '21

Had a manager who had this on a big sign by his desk. “Do you want to do it right, or do you want to do it again?” He understood that people needed time to do good work. Miss that guy.


u/Milligan May 04 '21

One of mine had a sign that said "If you don't have time to do it right where will you find the time to do it over"?


u/OneToyShort May 04 '21

Work lazy. Do it right. Do it once


u/AgentSmith187 May 04 '21

Work smarter not harder.


u/dreadpiratesmith May 04 '21

"Lazy" doesn't exist in the kitchen lol


u/Sol-Infra May 04 '21

And again and again for the 3 hour dinner-time rush.