r/LeopardsAteMyFace May 04 '21

Its the ciiiiiiiircle of pain REMOVED: Rule 4


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u/Machaeon May 04 '21

Having worked fast food for my first job out of high school at $7.25/hr... all I can say about the help wanted signs on many fast food places is this:

"Guess you should value your labor more, huh..."

That is a hot, sweaty, greasy, and thankless hell where you can't ever feel like you're making progress as when things are going well, all you're doing is keeping up, never getting ahead, and you end the day exhausted and in pain. You couldn't pay me enough to work that job again.


u/LifeStill May 04 '21

Currently trying to get out of food service, like a lot of people. Just gotta make it one more year til I get into law school...


u/BranWafr May 04 '21

Obligatory reference.


u/WorkFlow_ May 04 '21

I know a few lawyers who are happy. Like super fucking happy. I would wonder more how the fuck my accountants at my company are so fucking happy than a lawyer. A good lawyers is making 300 an hour. My cousin does nothing but travel and he is a lawyer. Also dated half the famous people in Atlanta.