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Its the ciiiiiiiircle of pain REMOVED: Rule 4


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u/cerevant May 04 '21

She believes - like the rest of the Republican Party - that the unemployed should be punished for not taking shit jobs at shit pay. That this is the lot in life that they chose, and they should suck it up and deal with it.


u/My_Bouche_Is_Amused May 04 '21

But I thought these jobs were not 'real jobs', they are for kids who want pocket money. /s


u/OrneryPathos May 04 '21

“Why aren’t you kids in school” some boomer mad at the person making their burger


u/kciuq1 May 04 '21

"Why are you working here on Thanksgiving?"


u/Machaeon May 04 '21

"Shouldn't you be in church?" - Sunday morning breakfast crowd


u/IAMA_Plumber-AMA May 04 '21

And then they leave those fake $10 bills with a bible quote on them as a "tip".


u/Ishmael75 May 04 '21

I shuddered when I read that. I hated the Sunday church crowd. Always the most demanding , condescending jerks & the worst tippers too!


u/kendoka69 May 04 '21

They’re doing the Lord’s work.


u/greed-man May 04 '21

Specifically, Republicans have always believed "The only reason you are not rich is because you are too lazy or too stupid."


u/cerevant May 04 '21

Which is kind of ironic when there are so many Republicans who are not rich...


u/Artemis829 May 04 '21

That's only for other people. The reason *I'm* poor is because I'm just down on my luck. /s


u/greed-man May 04 '21

That's where the "You SHOULD be rich, but that other guy (who doesn't look or think like you) stole it from you."


u/moonknlght May 04 '21

I believe the term is “temporarily embarrassed millionaires”.


u/justmyrealname May 04 '21

Well they are very stupid


u/tkdyo May 04 '21 edited May 04 '21

A lot of those types just shrug and say they aren't smart enough, but they are hardworking so they still have a decent life. They will do anything to support the narrative that rich people deserve it.


u/R3cognizer May 04 '21

It seems that way to us because we don't think of helping the poor as something that burdens everyone else. We think of it as just a cost that can (and should) be equally shared by everyone to ensure the disadvantaged are helped out of poverty at least enough to have a reasonable minimum standard of living.

But conservatives believe people are poor because of the choices and decisions that they make, and while this isn't necessarily always untrue, they hate "giving poor people free money" because not only will it not solve poverty as a societal problem, but having a policy of equity like this is inherently unfair to everyone else who isn't also receiving free money. And since conservatives tend to think of everyone as fitting in somewhere on a social hierarchy, of course they are going to label poor people as being lazy and beneath them and unworthy. They are firm believers in meritocracy and that one's social status should be earned through hard work, so unless that help comes from individuals who CHOOSE to offer it out of charity, they generally feel any money spent on the poor is just a waste.

The problem is really just that conservatives dislike the unfairness of "giving" poor people free money, but they do not really see all the classist and racist policies that punish people for being poor or black and all the different things that act to suppress social mobility. They are people who are happy to accept the status quo and ignore these things because they aren't directly affected by it, so they will just throw up their hands and say, "This is just the way things are." Which simultaneously allows them to feel disempowered from changing anything for the better and also frees them of responsibility to anyone but themselves.


u/Haikuna__Matata May 04 '21

This is known as the Just World fallacy, where everyone deserves everything that happens to them and everyone brought it all on themselves, good or bad.

It’s why they see the rich as innately good; if they were bad, they wouldn’t be rich.


u/My_Bouche_Is_Amused May 04 '21

Ironic that many of these people are Christian yet the bible teaches the opposite, doesn’t it?


u/bjorkedal May 04 '21

Hey! Those aren't the only reasons I'm not rich.


u/a8bmiles May 04 '21

The party of "Personal Responsibility", meaning that since you're personally responsible for everything bad that happens to you, I'm completely absolved of any guilt for leaving you dying in the gutter instead of even considering helping.


u/ScammerC May 04 '21

Slaves can never rise above their place.


u/lexkixass May 04 '21

This sums it up completely.


u/MexicansAreCool May 04 '21

It’s the fundamental-attribution error, and they refuse to alter their understanding and it’s so annoying.


u/fuzzyrach May 04 '21

Just be born rich, duh. /s


u/sig_bexy May 04 '21

It's proof that they don't believe in markets; instead, they actually believe that people with power/wealth should get to dictate terms. If you made mistakes, you deserve your fate, regardless of whether those mistakes created that fate or not.


u/WumFan64 May 04 '21

VERY true.


u/HookersAreTrueLove May 04 '21

They shouldn't be punished for not taking shit jobs at shit pay, but they should not be rewarded for as much either.

Not receiving an award is not the same as being punished. If the top 3 get a medal, that doesn't mean that 4th place is punished by not receiving a medal as well.