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Monthly Simple Questions Thread


This thread is for simple questions that don't warrant their own thread (although we strongly suggest checking the sidebar and searching before posting!).

Examples of questions:

  • What should I mine?

  • Is this build good enough to mine?

  • Which PSU should I get for _____ GPU's?

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r/gpumining 5h ago

Any kind soul have the original VBIOS / BIOS of RX580 from ELSA?

Post image

(ignore the replacement fan) Folks, I have tried to give my friend one of my mining GPUs, but I have changed it's BIOS and I have no idea where the backup is. It would be an issue cause there are tons of BIOS online. The thing is, I CANNOT FIND THE BIOS FOR THE ELSA MODEL ANYWHERE! Tried to install one bios that said it was for that model, but it just briked my card. Any of your kind souls could help me by sharing or finding the BIOS for that card?

r/gpumining 1d ago

Mining wear and tear


How bad is the wear and tear on a gpu? I have a few 3090s in my sights (long story why a few), but one has been mined on. Owner says 6 months in a controlled environment at low temps. Never tampered or opened. Just trying to keep as many options open and gather good opinions so I don't miss out on performance.

r/gpumining 2d ago

Question about withdrawing from nicehash


Just wondering if it is possible to withdraw from nicehash in the United States. If not, where is the best place to mine if you’re in the us right now?

r/gpumining 7d ago

Video card box empty only when I mine Dynex on HiveOS

Post image

When I mine other coins it’s fine but when I switch to dynex is does blank. Does anyone have a solution?

r/gpumining 8d ago

40 series dynex settings.

Post image

Has anyone found any settings for Dynex using windows? I've been using SRB miner on 3 4090s.

r/gpumining 9d ago

I've made my GPU into Candle Warmers !!


r/gpumining 10d ago

PepePoW Hashrates Nvidia & AMD, tuning/overclocks, + some issues found


Still testing and not my final GPU overclocks / undervolted settings, just sharing data. For Nvidia 20 & 30 series you can just do 1500 - 1700 core, and either leave mem stock (zero'd out) or 5000 is recommended. For AMD 5 & 6 series, 6000 series - 1900 core - 1000 mem - 0.750 mV and for 5000 series 1500 - 1600 core & 880 - 900 mem. Tune MVDD and MVDDCI to your config is stable. For 10 series Nvidia do 1700 - 1900 core and 5000 mem. Everyone will tell you what to do and how to undervolt or overclock, but you have to tune for your setup, thermals, and environment so tweak from there. Good luck.

Mixed Nvidia & AMD Mining Rigs on Memehash - PepePow

AMD Rig is just Zero'd out across the board except for the fan curve. The Nvidia Rig has manual tuning but again not the final form.

Another Mixed Nvidia Rig with 1500 core, - 3000 mem throughout.

Same Rig from above but the core bumped up to 1700. Some improved hash but also some dropped hashrate while increasing powerdraw.

O it likes Memory, zero'd it out and look at the Hashrate jump but also power. for new gen card most will like 5000 locked mem.

(Just now realized the 590 was missing) N e who... locked core - 1900 for 6 series and 1550 for 5 series & 590

But even stock with AMD latest drivers (which I believe to be the problem), the 590 will crash.

RX 590 - crashed rig - AMD driver 22.10.3 keeps kicking 590 off rig...

error reported for RX 590

Prior to locking core clocks, the rig defaults to around 1400 mhz on all including RX 6000 series

Rolled back driver to previous version, to see if we can get RX 590 stable in this Mix rig.

Just trying different configs - to get all cards running stable

This the what the software thinks the RX 590 is doing... Swapped risers, connectors, cables... still weird but only thing left is miner, but need latest to mine Memehash.. moving on...

Before zeroing out mem on Nvidia rig with 10, 20, and 30 series

Mem zero'd out

Locked down clocks via direct Miner commands below. All except the 1080 ti, because my kids broke it...

--gpu-coffset0 255 --gpu-cclock0 1470 --gpu-mclock0 5000 --gpu-coffset1 255 --gpu-cclock1 1470 --gpu-mclock1 5000 --gpu-coffset3 250 --gpu-cclock3 1470 --gpu-mclock3 5000 --gpu-coffset4 255 --gpu-cclock4 1470 --gpu-mclock4 5000 --gpu-coffset5 255 --gpu-cclock5 1470 --gpu-mclock5 5000 --gpu-coffset6 255 --gpu-cclock6 1470 --gpu-mclock6 5000 --gpu-coffset7 90 --gpu-cclock7 1470 --gpu-mclock7 5000

Before with mem zero'd out vs Locked clocks below

Locked clocks with miner commands below - going to de-tune 3070 ti due to temps

--gpu-cclock0 1770 --gpu-mclock0 5000 --gpu-coffset1 250 --gpu-cclock1 1770 --gpu-mclock1 5000 --gpu-coffset2 90 --gpu-cclock2 1770 --gpu-mclock2 5000 --gpu-coffset3 255 --gpu-cclock3 1770 --gpu-mclock3 5000 --gpu-coffset4 255 --gpu-cclock4 1770 --gpu-mclock4 5000 --gpu-coffset5 255 --gpu-cclock5 1770 --gpu-mclock5 5000 --gpu-coffset6 90 --gpu-cclock6 1770 --gpu-mclock6 5000 --gpu-coffset7 250 --gpu-cclock7 1770 --gpu-mclock7 5000 --gpu-coffset8 255 --gpu-cclock8 1770 --gpu-mclock8 5000 --gpu-coffset9 90 --gpu-cclock9 1770 --gpu-mclock9 5000 --gpu-coffset10 255 --gpu-cclock10 1770 --gpu-mclock10 5000 --gpu-coffset11 255 --gpu-cclock11 1750 --gpu-mclock11 5000

r/gpumining 10d ago

The fun has vanished


Is anyone else depressed about the state of affairs in the crypto mining space? It seems it has become far too mainstream (the mining aspect) to the point that a coin can only be profitable for a few days before being swallowed up by literal municipality sized operations and its over with at that point. I’m switching to only cpu and HDD mining and I’m selling all of my cards. The thrill of the chase is gone and it is now merely a bunch of vultures fighting over a 10 ounce steak.

r/gpumining 10d ago

Contributing Data for years


I have been contributing data on Proof of Work coins for years, and it seems to me that just because you dislike a coin or whatever your dislike about a particular project, you downvote my post. My goal has always been to share data, and there have been many times that I have bought a crappy piece of hardware to share the performance, hoping to prevent people from wasting their time. Alternatively, helping them make an educated buying decision. Trying to help others is the whole point of what I do in this community and for my channel. I don't try to shill my own content but only place a link or post when relevant. If, you are going to downvote my contributions, please have the courtesy to comment on why. If I don't know the problem, I can't fix it, but if your just downvoting because you don't like the project or coin or crypto or even me, it doesn't help anyone. Because there might be a statement, an item, or data, that could have saved people time, money, or effort. Please consider it next time you downvote my post, just to do it.

I just want to share data and focus on the data, not your opinions on the project, asset, or crypto. You can skip the post if you don't like the project, asset, or crypto, you don't have to downvote something I took time away from my family while working my 9 to 5, to share with you all.

r/gpumining 10d ago

RX 7900 XTX PePePoW Hashrates


r/gpumining 10d ago

Hosting avail for GPU's, US Based 0.125


US based, we've been operating for over two years and recently started expanding accepting gpu miners bought from us or not. Feel free to reach out with inquires. Quantity discounts available.

r/gpumining 11d ago

Everytime my rig shuts down, I have to enter bios and update. Then all works as advertised. Is this a dead Mobo battery issue ?


So, during this crypto winter I've found a couple deals.

This motherboard on Ebay for $71: ASRock H81 Pro BTC LGA 1150 6-GPU Motherboard, Celeron CPU and 4GB Ram

And a couple 3070's for $300 each.

I mine some small coins - kinda like a lotto ticket but I enjoy it.

Anyway. Whenever I power down my mobo (w/ HiveOS), when I restart the motherboard is offline / not found. I update the bios and I'm good to go. Dead mobo battery ? I think so. Just lazy and don't want to introduce more issues.

Update: Not the CMOS battery. Think it's my HiveOS thumb drive. That's the short version. I'll keep you posted this weekend. Gotta go work for the man ...

Post weekend update: The good: updated mobo BIOS. Consistently boots and holds new bios. No issues there now.

The Not Good: I've got a HIVEOS issue. This is the smallest of my 3 rigs (3 gpus) on HIVEOS. HIVEOS 'sees' the motherboard but not the GPUs. Also, with a monitor on the rig - Hive starts pretty normally - all the green 'OK's look normal. But ... then the screen goes black. Mobo fan still running - hive just is done. On the HIVEOS site on my computer - just shows the motherboard.

Next weekend - start from HIVEOS scratch, download new image, rig.cof, the whole shitter. :/ I'll let you know. Thanks for any advice / pointer.

On the bright side: older 2 rigs steady and no probs :)

r/gpumining 13d ago

How to know if a cards dead?


So I heard that if a cards dead it won’t even start up at all? I have a mining rig with 5x 1070 and 1x 1080ti and 1x 1060

Recently I discovered that my 1080ti, 1060, and 1070 are not detected anymore and they all have flashing lights on them when I start up my miner, but they all still have working fans and the 1080ti still has its rgb lights working. I think I may have bumped into my 2nd PSU which is coincidentally connected to the exact 3 cards that are no longer detected by my miner. Is it a possibility that disconnecting the PSU while my miner was running ended up destroying the cards it was powering? Is there any fix for this ?

I think this happened to me once before with a single gpu on my miner. My mom was cleaning and disconnected it by accident and it took me multiple restarts and re seating the card etc untill it started working again.

Any help?

r/gpumining 14d ago

How to start mining?


So I've built a pc for the purpose of gaming, however I randomly thought about mining and if it is possible, or worth it. I also have a laptop I use for uni. Is it possible to mine on that while being able to use it for other stuff? I've never looked into anything like this and kinda curious on how to go about it. I don't even know if I will do it.

r/gpumining 16d ago

What is everyone GPU mining?


I used to mine when ETH was POW but sold my rig when they transitioned to POS. I’ve seen a project appear (very new) and they use something called proof of useful work. I may get into that but I’m interested to know how people are utilising their GPU rigs.

r/gpumining 16d ago

No more heating benefit, so mine, store or sell?


After ETH went PoS, I saw a lot of you mine at a loss, to get discounted heating. However, now temperatures are going up. So will you keep mining, turn off the rig, or sell the cards?

r/gpumining 18d ago

Miner for AMD GPUs on Kaspa


What miner is everyone using on Kaspa for their AMD cards? I'm currently using teamredminer as it was the best for ETH, but want to see what others are using.

r/gpumining 17d ago

I think found a Gem


I started mining kaspa around the eth merge. Since then I've moved my rigs to kyla, its spec mining atm, but the community and vision are definitely there. If anyone wants to check out their whitepaper, it's on their site, or ask question in the discord: https://discord.gg/RfvSN5gU

PoW, NO premine, NO VCs. GPU mining. Low Market Cap

r/gpumining 17d ago

Mining with a single GTX1080ti ?


So I rarely play games now, and mostly just do some drawing on my pc, which doesn't require much GPU power.

I think it is a little bit of waste, and have an idea to do mining on the site while I draw, no overclock or anything, just mining for as long as I'm on the computer. (ranging from 4-8 hour)

is this possible ? I didn't expect to get a decent profit out of it. It's just instead of letting the GPU sit idle, I'd rather use it for mining.

r/gpumining 18d ago

Am I going crazy or is this profitable?


GRIN has been showing a hefty return for 1660S for a couple of days now. Am I missing something?


r/gpumining 18d ago

GPU test software


Hey i broke down my rigs and want to sell them. I don't want to sell a messed up card. any programs i could run a bench mark test just on the gpus? I have a decent amount of them.

r/gpumining 19d ago

How do you get rid of these junk from the heatsink. Tried brushing it but really hard to take off.

Post image

r/gpumining 19d ago

Omen 25L 800 Watt Cool Master - Able to handle (2) rtx-3080


I purchased this stupid 25L omen with a upgraded psu of 800 watts. there are only (2) 8 pin strands on the PSU. There is PCie x16 and Pcie x 1

I was wondering if I'm able to split one of the 8 pin strands to power a rtx3080 on the pciex16


I was wondering if I could splie the other 8 pin to power the riser and power a rtx3060ti.

That should give me enough power. Say rtx-3080 ( 250w ) + rtx3060ti (150w ). So much room to spare.


Can I take that extra 8 pin and power another rtx3080. That would mean, I would split the 8 pin 2x to power the rtx3080 and power the riser. . Thus giving me still room to breath with a 800 watt power supply.

Here are some photos. Does the cable look too this on the 8 pin ?

I just want to max out the power on this and not waste it. Insights would be great.




r/gpumining 20d ago

It looks like the 3070 makes $6 per day while mining MOAC.


It looks like there’s a new coin called MOAC(Mother of all Coins) and the 1660Super makes $2.85 per day and the RX580 makes $2.88 per day, and the 3060 makes $3.50 per day and the 5700xt makes $5 per day.

so it appears to be bringing GPU mining back to life. Does this look real?

r/gpumining 23d ago

More Clock Tool - AMD OC & UV tool for Windows Only, but need your help



Summary: I am asking for the community to test the More Clock Tool with their AMD GPUs on their Windows Systems. However, do it at your own risk, then share the info or data below.

Hello All,

I hope you all are having a great day and a good start to the Mother's Day Weekend - May 12, 2023. If I could ask for your help regarding some testing and data for the More Clock Tool, featured on Igors Lab (BUT not liable or responsible if you mess up). The community can share their data on Windows systems using this tool in a similar or same format as the one shown below, this would be greatly appreciated.

So far, this MCT (More Clock Tool) works with RX 7000 and 6000 series but is questionable on the 5000 series. If you have the time and you are using AMD GPUs on your Windows system, please feel free to share if it improved anything. In Hive or Linux-based Mining operating systems, we can lock clocks or settings. However, in Windows, we can just use the various Mining program commands, but I still am seeing my 7900 XTX keep my mining clocks after I exit the mining application, until I restart. Which the MCT can avoid, by a quick reload of profile or stock settings.

Please share your GPU Model, Core Clock, Mem Clock, Core Voltage, hashrate, and Powerdraw.

Example:RX 7900 XTX / 2180 Mhz / 2500 Mhz / 0.755 mV / 4.86 Ghs at 195 watts on Novo - SHA256DT.

Igors Lab Download links for RBE, MPT, and MCT:https://www.igorslab.de/en/download-area-new-version-of-morepowertool-mpt-and-final-release-of-redbioseditor-rbe/

More Info on MCT:https://www.igorslab.de/en/the-moreclocktool-mct-for-free-download-the-practical-oc-attachment-to-the-morepowertool-replaces-the-wattman/2/

Longer Form Content: https://youtu.be/N-WyEbRrhTM

Short Form Content (5/13 release): https://youtube.com/shorts/IkJG5UVV9YY