r/ForeverAlone Jun 16 '21

Thinking of canceling my vacation because it would be difficult being all by myself, and looking at all these people who are in a fun social group with their friends and significant others. Vent

I tried going on a vacation by myself 2 years ago, and it was horrible. I was at this resort, I went to the beach all day, free food, free drinks, but I was just all by myself, while looking at other people, literally everyone else was having so much fun. I was there just sitting all alone, hating my life, how disgusting I look and how socially retarded I am, not being able to fit in anywhere.

This year I was thinking to travel with my car across couple of European countries. It looked more fun since its more about exploring certain places, not just being stuck at one place. Im suppose to go in 2 and a half weeks, but im having second thoughts.

All its going to happened is im just going to drive for hours and hours, visiting places by myself, I will eat at restaurants alone, seeing other people having a blast .. then I might visit some beach, and again, I will be there all by myself... it just sounds so depressing.

At this point I wish there is a cave I could go crawl in, and just disappear and stop disturbing people with my presence.



u/Indifferent_lemon Jun 16 '21

Free walking tours (just google city name+walking tour), Meetup, Airbnb Experiences (bike tour, beer-tasting sessions, whatever) and the Couchsurfing app (there's a hanging-out section as well as for accomodation), if you don't already have accomodation sorted consider a private room in a hostel for a bit of extra socialising (obviously stick to your age group, there's a fair number of us late-30s/early 40s folk that still use hostels when travelling around), and even reddit country-specific subs, just say you'll be in X city and does anyone fancy a coffee and museum explore, or whatever you're into. Can't promise they'll all work every time, but they've all worked for me at least once. Safe travels, your trip'll be worth it. :)

(In fact, first offer - if your itinerary includes Belgium, then am happy to introduce you to proper fries and a beer.)


u/NUMI47 Jun 17 '21

Man I actually just search for vacations for singleā€¦..and was like ugh


u/V_M Jun 19 '21

"ugh" as in what?

I just googled for singles resorts and there are quite a few tropical resorts catering specifically to singles and it looks like fun and if I had the staggering money required to go back when I was young...

Now I would not advise as single or FA going to one of the resorts catering to all inclusive wedding parties and honeymoons, thats would be awkward being the only single guy on the entire property...


u/survivor_bigmover Jun 16 '21

i think europeans are more open to talking with american strangers. maybe go on group activities like a tour. get drunk and get some liquid courage- start a convo, might be fun


u/CarolusX2 Jun 16 '21

Haha I'm european and I always thought americans were more talkative lol


u/Joey_Thememe Jun 16 '21

Nah you have to go through with it man. Even if you don't end up socialising the travelling itself will be very satisfying.


u/V_M Jun 19 '21

At this point I wish there is a cave I could go crawl in

Specialty hobbies. Like literally exploring caves.

If you hit the tourist traps its gonna be half elders and half honeymooners it'll be rough.

But if you decide to camp the various national parks of Europe or take a boat down one of the big river systems or really anything not normie or tourist trap-ie it'll be "fine" or at least better.


u/CarolusX2 Jun 16 '21

I think that it can be fun if you go in with the right attitude. I think there are a couple of apps out there where both tourists and natives can mingle. Worst case scenario, go to a bar and try to open a convo with people, not to get laid but to find cool people to hang out with.


u/mandothsays Jun 16 '21

Who knows you might get the girl you're waiting for all these years. Go. Try.


u/Kultas Jun 16 '21

that happens only in the movies


u/duksinarw Jun 16 '21 edited Jun 16 '21

There ought to be movies where some normal guy does things alone then mundanely goes home to a quiet house/apartment and gets back to his normal routine in silence


u/Exodus3070 Ugly MF Jun 16 '21

That would be a boring movie, and the reason why we will never get gfs