r/ForeverAlone Jun 15 '21

I can't read romance novels or fanfiction anymore because it just makes me sad about being forever alone. Vent




u/fxngoria Jun 15 '21

I just read them anyway and then cry 🥲👍


u/catsvscrows Jun 15 '21

LOL. Not gonna lie I do the same. Read this great fanfic last night and it wasn't even sad but I cried anyway because I was so jealous of fictional characters.


u/trianuddah Jun 16 '21

I can read those books, but I find myself wishing misery on the characters. Not a nice part of my personality.


u/ICO_HUNT Jun 16 '21

To me it's the opposite. Seeing romance all over makes me feel better knowing it's out there and no matter how small there is a chance for me to experience it as well and if not atkeast I can observe it. I think it would be way worse to live in a world where everyone is FA and there is no chance to ever change that.


u/Street_Dragonfruit_3 Jun 15 '21

Fuck i hate tv. I hate series. I hate reading. Forced romance is everywhere today and it ruins any attempts to cope.

I fully realize i sound just bitter, but why does everything today need to have this fake romance thing. Does anyone even like it/prefer having it? Its really hard to imagine.


u/survivor_bigmover Jun 15 '21

what makes it fake? i love romance in media because i’m a hopeless romantic


u/Street_Dragonfruit_3 Jun 16 '21

It always seems surreal. Over the top, not realistic. Cringy dialogue.

Protagonist doing his adventure/plot. Then on que comes the love scene developing into unnecessary and unrealistic drama and arguements that make no sense when you think them through.

This example is mostly for printer series. Netflix, amazon. Etc.

Thank you for answering this. It goes to prove there really is a target audience for that stuff, and i’m just not it.


u/EndeavourToFreefall Hikikomori Jun 15 '21

Sometimes I can't read that either, I have at times put a book down for a couple of weeks or more when the romance becomes a focus. It's awfully didsapointing to find that in sci-fi or fantasy, but I think it's inescapable, it's deeply entwined in the lives of everyone except us.


u/ChuckHolt Jun 16 '21

I wish I had read more romance novels when I was younger knowing it's the closest I would get to the real thing. I used to develop strong feelings on literally any love interest in a book.

Now I don't think I could develop crushes even on real women. My romantic drive is completely gone despite my constant feelings of heartbreak.


u/jelloslag Jun 16 '21

I experience something similar with movies / TV shows that feature a significant romantic plot. It’s too depressing and I have to stop


u/solidcrimson Jun 16 '21

I feel the same way i read a lot of romance and slice of life manga because how easy they are to consume but after a while they're too painful and depressing to read


u/catsvscrows Jun 17 '21

Yes, I read a lot of slice of life and romance manga as well. I love them but find them depressing to read now for the same reasons mentioned in my OP.