r/ForeverAlone Jun 15 '21

Life was better when were kids that didn't have to care about a partner or sex. Vent

Puberty has been the worst trade deal of in the history of trade deals, maybe ever

A one way ticket to discovering how much worse life and humanity are. How shallow everyone can be. How dependent you are on the needs of a biological human.

This fucking sucks i want a refund

Growing up went from hey I'm a kid life is fun I can do anything to wow this job sucks, ppl dont like me, my adult parts need to be itched, and I'm so lonely

Even at times you just like get yourself off and then feel like so trash like why did I even need to do this.

The bullshit of adulthood and problems.

This is trash Who tf invented this

why would we ever be born happy just to be eventually learn wed be born to be miserable

The most angering part is some people didn't even get that happy part.

I'm livid about mine but damn just goes to show this life really is some bullshit.



u/tinalpasid Jun 15 '21

I second this. It feels as though the good, carefree experiences of childhood were just a set up for the bad experiences in adulthood.


u/[deleted] Jun 16 '21

Being a kid sucked too


u/mymanez Jun 15 '21

Life wasn’t better as a kid because you didn’t have to care specifically about those things. You didn’t have to care about anything at all. You still don’t have to care about them as an adult. The only thing is now you have responsibilities and you’re in control of your life. As a kid, you didn’t have any responsibilities. Everything gets handed to you. Someone else fixed all the mess you made. Someone else provided for you. Someone else dealt with taking care of you. You don’t have to put in work as a kid. Obviously now that you actually have to deal with yourself and your responsibilities, it’s not going to be as fun as being a kid.