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Discussion Daily General Discussion - June 5, 2023


Welcome to the Daily General Discussion on Ethfinance


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Sentiment “Leverage is very low right now… the current market is more spot driven and most likely resembles 2016 style market” – Glassnode Analyst!

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Educational Quadratic Funding: A Toy Story

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News Latest Week in Ethereum News


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Technicals Rhino Review - Ethereum Staking Journal #8 is out


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Security SCAM: LayerZero Airdrop Hack In progress


The site: layerzero DOT money is a fake airdrop site.The real site is layerzero DOT network.They are NOT doing an airdrop.

If you sign a transaction on the site at least one ERC20 token from your wallet will be transferred to lutra.eth and moving to other wallets.


It's a good thing that there are always fingerprints left behind in these kinds of hacks so the identity of the hacker can be uncovered.

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Discussion The Future Unleashed: Predicting the Next Wave of DeFi Development Services


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Alternative to zk.money


Hello everyone,

I used to use zk.money to add some privacy between my wallet.

Since they closed their services, and given that tornadocash doesn't look in the best shape, what alternatives to these services are still up and running?

Thank you for your answers

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Exchange The Ethereum exchange balance has dropped to a five-year low

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Metrics Blur's NFT lending protocol, Blur, yesterday saw an ATH in daily volume, with over 14.5K ETH (~$27.6M) in a single day.


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Educational Everything About DeFi Development One Should Know In 2023!


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News Beijing releases white paper for web3 innovation and development


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News Latest Week in Ethereum News


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Release Curve ecosystem devs create a new kind of Defi x NFT project on Ethereum with "The Llamas"


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Strategy Arthur Hayes explaining his main investment thesis!

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Media Account abstraction could change how institutions interact with Ethereum!

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Discussion Oasis - project redefining our interaction with digital assets and data


Greetings, ETH community! Welcome to the Web3 world of Oasis, a groundbreaking project redefining our interaction with digital assets and data.

Let's plunge into a quick overview of Oasis's concept, functionality, objectives, team, community, tokenomics, and partnerships.🌟

  • Concept
    Oasis Protocol stands at the forefront as a pioneering web3 Layer 1 PoS smart contract platform. Its distinguishing features include a strong emphasis on privacy, scalability, and extensibility.
  • Functionality
    The $ROSE token serves as the lifeblood of the Oasis platform. It enables transactions, powers DeFi protocols, supports the development of dApps, fuels AI applications, and empowers zK Rollups for boosted scalability. Additionally, ROSE provides staking opportunities, contributing to its versatile use cases.
  • Objectives
    Oasis has an ambitious plan for 2023. The roadmap includes enhancing its privacy layer, bridging with Ethereum to promote interoperability, launching Oasis Explorer for comprehensive insights, and integrating enhanced security measures and wallets to improve user experience and safety.
  • Team
    Comprising over 40 accomplished individuals from tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, the Oasis team is an assembly of seasoned professionals. The team is spearheaded by CEO Dawn Song, an award-winning entrepreneur, whose expertise continues to drive the growth and innovation of the Oasis ecosystem.
  • Community
    Oasis's community engagement is robust, with a significant following of 278k on Twitter. Their tweets often garner between 200-400 likes, showcasing the community's active involvement and strong support for the project.
  • Tokenomics
    Oasis's native token, $ROSE, has a maximum supply of 10 billion, with 57% already in circulation. The release of tokens follows an inflationary model that extends until 2030 and beyond, ensuring a steady and controlled distribution over time.
  • Partnerships
    Oasis's alliances with influential industry players such as Meta, Binance, Covalent, and Chainstack bolster the network. These partnerships encourage innovation, adoption, and integration of ROSE across a variety of sectors.

We invite you to join the Oasis revolution today and experience the power of privacy, scalability, and extensibility in the decentralized world.

Stay tuned to Oasis Protocol for the latest developments and opportunities.🌹🚀

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Discussion Most popular NFT marketplace?


What NFT exchange / auction platform would give the NFT the most legitmacy long term? Or in other words, which NFT sell / auction spaces are most reputable?

Just trying to discuss this topic and get everybody's opinions.

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Security Ledger Fallout Poll: Hardware or Software Security?


Inspired by u/cryptOwOcurrency comment from 5.23.23 daily discussion:


Closed source stack = physical security. Open source stack = digital security. Choose one.*

Either you have open source hardware that's well-documented enough that people can physically crack it (Trezor), or you have closed source software that's undocumented enough that it's impossible to prove that there's no backdoor (Ledger).

In other words, Trezor is susceptible to physical hacks because it's so robust against software hacks. Ledger's software is susceptible to software hacks because it's so robust against physical hacks.

Neither design is "better" - each design is a trade-off for a different use case.


View Poll

125 votes, 6d ago
17 Trezor, because I care more about digital security.
43 Ledger, because I care more about physical security.
22 Other, reasoning in comments (e.g. multi-sig secured by XX hardware wallets, Grid+, etc)
43 I'm actively looking for a new open source option.

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Strategy The Curve Newsletter


Hi guys.
If you don't already know it, this is Curve Finance newsletter. If you don't have time to be 24-7 on Twitter. This is a good way to follow what is happening

And because Twitter's links are not working properly since last week:.. on Mirror (you can collect it !)

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Educational A History of Ethereum's Execution Clients


This post is half educational piece, half solicitation for people to help fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Here is a history of Ethereum's execution clients, past present and future!

Past clients

  • trinity. A Python client for Ethereum, started in 2016. As far as I know, this never made it out of alpha, so there's not much to say about it.

  • openethereum. A fast and reliable client to rival geth back in the day. Originally named parity, the project was renamed to openethereum in 2019 after ownership of it was transferred to a DAO. The new ownership ended up deprecating it in 2022 to focus on erigon.

  • akula. A re-write of erigon in rust. Designed to further improve the performance of erigon. Deprecated in late 2022 when akula's maintainer stated that there is another upcoming Ethereum client, also written in rust, that akula would not be able to compete with in terms of funding and developer mindshare (is he referring to reth?).

Current clients

  • geth. The oldest mainstream client and the gold standard. Good performance, great stability. But don't use it - the lack of client diversity exposes you to tail events.

  • nethermind. I haven't heard anything bad about it, but it's also not a giant leap forward from geth in terms of performance. A solid alternative to geth, like Parity was in the early Ethereum days.

  • besu. I've heard people voice some stability issues, but I get the feeling they may have worked through some of them so that besu is running more reliably now. Is that the case? People running besu, what has been your experience?

  • erigon. Originally called turbo-geth, erigon is a fork of geth to improve its performance. Eventually, the changes to geth piled up to the point where the project was renamed to erigon to avoid it from being confused as a mere geth modification. Does it run stable? Is the code different enough from geth now that there is no significant overlap in terms of its consensus bug surface (i.e. is it a true minority client)? Please help fill me in!

Future clients

  • reth. Developed by Paradigm, an investment firm. On their GitHub repo they state the following: "The project is not ready for use. We hope to have full sync implemented sometime in Q1 2023". Is this the new client that put akula out of active development? Any thoughts on reth?

  • nimbus-eth1. An execution client from the nimbus team. As far as I can tell, like reth, it is actively developed but not production-ready. Receives funding from the Ethereum Foundation.

Are there any notable Ethereum execution clients I missed, or any inaccuracies in my list? If so, comment below!

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Release Rethink Digital Transactions with Account Abstraction - Visa

Thumbnail usa.visa.com

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News Latest Week in Ethereum News


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Media Happy Friday Doots Livestream with DC Investor!


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Technicals 🦏 Rhino Review - Ethereum Staking Journal #7 is out!


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Media [Audiobook] GreenPilled: How Crypto Can Regenerate The World