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Moons One small step for Moons, one giant leap for Moonkind - Expanding Moons beyond r/CryptoCurrency with custom flairs in other subreddits


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Moons MOON Proposal System


Proposal System for Grant Funding from u/TheMoonDistributor's MOONstash


Background Post

Proposal System

This system would allow members of the community and the broader cryptocurrency community to put forward proposals that would help add value to the community in exchange for MOONs from the moderator controlled u/TheMoonDistributor account and its accompanying 1.21M MOONs.

The Proposal Process

The proposer would make a post in r/CryptoCurrencyMeta describing in specific terms what it is they would like to do in exchange for MOONs, including one or more milestones as well as their expected compensation. Payment of MOONs would be made for each milestone at the completion of that milestone, as determined by the moderators. The proposer could specify whether they wanted to define their compensation in MOON or USD terms for each milestone.

The post would be open for discussion for at least three days, at which point if there is at least some support from the community, then the proposal would move forward to a MOON weighted vote in r/CryptoCurrency which would be open for five days. Moderators would retain the right to veto proposals if they felt they were not appropriate or feasible to implement.

Eligible Proposals

In order to be eligible the proposal must help advance the values of the r/CryptoCurrency community. I think that some of these values would include:
* Education - We value educational outreach such as Kahoot trivia for MOONs as well as guides like r/CointestOfficial * Information - A tool like ccmoons.com or a proposal to help find more guests for high quality AMAs provide value
* Engagement - Games and giveaways are fun ways to entertain, including across reddit, discord, telegram, and possibly more
* Community - Reddit is a magnet for advertisers, scammers, and many others who wish to manipulate it for their own purposes, so help mainting authentic community is valuable

Ultimately this eligibility would be determined based on the discussion on the proposer's r/CryptoCurrencyMeta post resulting in approval or rejection from the community and the moderators.

Eligible Proposers

In order to make a proposal the user must not be banned from r/CryptoCurrency.

Voting in r/CryptoCurrency

After the proposal has been approved for voting, the proposal would be posted in a collection on r/CryptoCurrency as a non-governance MOON-weighted poll. In order for the proposal to pass it must have greater than 80% MOON-weighted approval when the voting closes after five days.

Milestones and rewards

The proposal can contain up to six milestones that could be spread across up to a maximum of twelve months from the starting from the approval of the proposal. The completion of these milestones would be determined by a five day MOON-weighted poll similar to the poll for initiating work with 80% approval requirement for passage. If the milestone poll passed the proposer would be rewarded from u/TheMoonDistributor within one week.

If a proposal is structured to have multiple milestones, then the reward for each milestone must increase by at least a factor of 50%. For instance, if a proposer wished to have two milestones, then the reward for the first must be at most 40% of the total reward, and the reward for the second would be 1.5x that - 60%. Likewise, if a proposer wished to have five milestones, then they could structure the rewards for each milestone like: 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 45%.

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Suggestions Can we get a Binance mega thread?


Basically every new post on the sub is regarding Binance and the SEC. If you look at new 9/10 posts are related to Binance.

I’d vote to keep the current threads that meet rules (especially the text posts), but limiting the future posts and link posts will help out a lot.

Are any mods around to make this happen?

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Discussion Why Don't Posts Generate More Upvotes for the Author?


There was a post yesterday entitled "DOT vs ATOM" that generated a lot of comments and upvotes for commenters, but virtually nothing for the poster.

Last I checked the poster had 8 upvotes while another commentator had 57 upvotes for saying (humorously) the poster started a war. One sentence 57 upvotes while the poster only got 8.

I was perusing the rest of the comments and there is over 100 or 150 and multiple one-liner comments that have generated 10+ or 20+ upvotes.

None of these commenters would have received anything if it weren't for the original post. I've seen this time and time again where posters get very little in return for their efforts while commenters drop in, drop a one-liner and get big upvotes.

So my question is, can we develop a system or algorithm in here that rewards posters better for generating fun/stimulating conversations that further generates a lot of discussion? For example, if a post gets 100+ comments the poster gets 1% of all the upvotes generated, or 2%, or a set amount or whatever.

Just seems a little unbalanced the way it is currently structured. Someone takes the time and effort to post something, but gets pennies on the dollar while someone else comes along and drops a one-liner and reaps the rewards.

Is there anything in the pipeline to remedy this, or has this been brought up before?

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Question Would it be possible to create moon staking?


Would it be possible to dedicate a certain percentage of the moon distribution each month to a smart contract where people will be able to stake their moons?

Im thinking that it could help and encourage users to HODL their moons, and perhaps even buy more, and stake them for rewards.

Asking if this is possible before I submit/create a governance proposal

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Discussion Reddit API changes inhibit community-ownership and user-centric experience via 3rd-party-apps - which is valued in crypto. Some subs will protest on 12th June and go off. Shall r/cc and co. also join or not?

Thumbnail reddit.com

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Discussion Idea/Brainstorm: Enable individuals to exchange purchased moons for earned moons at a substantial cost. The exchange will be facilitated through a smart contract utilizing TMD.


Hi everyone,

I got an idea to let investors swap their bought moons for earned moons to gain voting power in the sub. This could be done with a smart contract and TMD without admins help. Now I know that this might be a "payed to win" feature for future government polls, but I think if you set the fee high enough (for example 10%) it could benefit both parties.

The swap would be in this order:

1) Moons from the investor goes to TMD
2) TMD sends automatically the moons back minus the fee
3) The fee could go to:

  • Burn address
  • Provide these moons for "staking" at sushi swap so liquidity providers will have extra moons
  • Keep these moons in TMD and use them for community event purposes

With this idea the voting threshold will also be guaranteed for in the future. This would also give another "feature" to the moons ecosystem. The benefit for investors is that they will have a bigger share in future governance proposals (but at a cost of course).

I'm very eager to these two questions:

1) What do you think about this idea?
2) Where should the "fee" go? I summed up some examples above.
3) How much should the "fee" be? 5%/10%/20%/...?


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Governance Proposal: Minimum balance of 1 MOON to downvote


The rampant downvoting is crazy. It ruins any meaningful comments and promote and echo chamber.

Most of these downvotes are done by bots, hoping to edge up their Karma Moons ratio.

Proposal: Allow downvotes to be preformed/counted only by accounts that hold at least 1 (one) moon in their vault.

Pros: Less bots downvoting More meaningful discussions Less echo chamber

Cons: Potential for a few people who actually want to downvote to not be able to

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364 votes, 6h ago
294 I am in favor of limiting downvotes to accounts with a minimum of 1 (one) moon
70 No change (Let the bots run wild)

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An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.

Thumbnail self.ModCoord

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Discussion Has anybody else noticed a lot more [deleted] comments all of a sudden?


I feel like in the last week or so, i’ve been seeing a lot more [deleted] comments than usual. Now it’s normal to see deleted comments that are negative karma, but that’s not what i’m seeing. Its often comments with positive karma. I even see top comments now that show [deleted], which renders the rest of the comment chain below unable to interact with. Seems to be happening when the post is new too, but i’m not sure.

I don’t remember seeing this happening too often just a couple weeks/month ago, so I was just curious if something has changed or if anybody else had noticed as well?

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Governance Proposal: Moon tiers for advertisers



In my post some weeks ago I asked peoples opinion of having moon tiers to give some users/advertisers some benefits for holding moons. This proposal is about a moon tier system for advertisers/companies. The moon tiers for users is currently not possible since we're waiting for admins reply.

Moon tiers are a form of "reward" for holding moons and this could be seen as a membership to this sub. Examples of moons tiers can be found in the post I linked above. I chose to not to include some moon tiers to this proposal since every moon tier should get their own proposal. So in the future people can make proposals and it could get discussed individually. Also I recommend to use this type of sorting:

If this proposal is CCIP-060 for example, every proposal that makes it to the sub should be CCIP-060.1, CCIP-60.2,...


As for now we don't have any benefits for advertisers/companies that want to support our sub and moons. Some advertisers (like CoinGecko for example) bought a lot of moons after their advertising in our sub and in my opinion we should reward this kind of behavior.


The solution to this problem is to have moon tiers for advertisers and companies. Moon tiers are tiers where an advertiser/company should hold an x amount of moons to get some benefit. This way we could reward them with some extra discounts and free stuff, etc for holding x amount of moons. Some simple examples:

Holding x Moons = One free day of banner time each year
Holding y Moons = Get 5% discount on AMA and banner rentals
Holding z Moons = ....

Like I said before this proposal is just to approve moon tiers for advertisers in the sub. Each moon tier will require their own proposal since it's too specific to make general moon tiers in one proposal.

Extra precautions:

  • For a minimum of three months, a company or advertiser must maintain the required number of moons for a specific tier.
  • The wallet where a company or advertiser is holding their moons should be used to burn moons for future AMAs/Banner rentals/...


  • Rewarding companies and advertisers for holding moons, this could be seen as a subscription to the sub. They will have access to exclusive features, discounts,... in return.
  • More interests in moons as an investment and a way to let advertisers hold their moons for future advertisement benefits.
  • Potentially more volume for moons. (Could translate in a bigger liquidity pool)


  • Exclusive features, discounts,... could result in less moons burned.
  • Adding an extra layer of difficulty (but it's optional)

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213 votes, 1d left
I'm in favor for moon tiers for advertisers
Leave it like it is now

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Discussion What is going on with the main sub?


I've put up 2 posts on cc and haven't gotten any responses, upvotes, mentions... I even tried spamming the most recent one (https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13w6ul1/there_will_be_another_bull_run/) and cross posting the other one on the meme side (https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13py848/elon_musk_is_scamming_us). Nothing gets any attention. There's no way the unbridled hopium in the most recent one should be going unnoticed. I've seen similar posts get hundreds-thousands of upvotes/comments and I'm getting nada, zilch, nothing. There's no way this is organic. Are they allowing only paid members to get seen? Seems ultra sus 🤨

Edited to include the corrected version of the 1st link (the 1st one used $ and BTC as one term and apparently the bot filters that out 🤨🙄)

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Governance Proposal: Sponsored Polls on r/cc for MOON burn


This is the updated proposal from this post.


On r/CryptoCurrency, there is an audience proven to be active in the crypto ecosystem (albeit in different ways), which would be attractive for businesses (e.g. new and existing projects, CEXs) to gain insights from, as part of their market research.

Enable sponsored polls on the sub. The form of the poll will be single question standard polls on the sub, with a sponsored flair / tag to it. The sponsor can choose how long the poll would be live for, but cannot pay for a fixed number of responses. These can be priced based on the duration they are live for, as below:

  • 1/10 current AMA burn - 24 hours
  • 1/5 current AMA burn - 72 hours


  • For sponsors - Reliable market research data and insights.
  • For community - More MOON burnt.


  1. All requests will be pre-screened by the mods to ensure no spam/harmful links are posted (credit - u/pizza-chit).
  2. No penalty for non-participation (credit - u/pizza-chit).
  3. Comments on the poll post should be karma fee i.e. no MOON or karma is earned (credit - u/JeffreyDollarz).
  4. No personal identifiable information (PII) can be requested by or shared with the sponsors (credit - u/MrMoustacheMan).
  5. These polls should not take attention away from any governance polls during moon week, and so will only be allowed during the other 3 weeks (credit - u/MichaelAischmann).
  6. Since AMA price is dynamic, consider as per CCIP-043 price per 24h (credit - u/ChemicalGreek).

Edit: (6) AMA price added. (3) removed.

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Moons People are too stingy with upvotes


I guarantee you all upvote more readily on other subs. On cc, it seems like everyone holds back their upvotes. It's funny because it hurts you, too, as others are doing the same. Honestly, what do you stand to lose by upvoting more? Every time I reply, it looks the same: I upvote them, they don't upvote me, then if they reply, I upvote them,and if I reply again, there's still no upvote. I see it happening elsewhere, too. This sub is absurd. What is wrong with you people?

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Request Option to have link to Special Membership available on PC/Mobile.


Hi, so due to insufficient funds in my main account I lost access to my Special Membership and have to go through this ridiculous process once again of trying to reprocess the transaction, as there is currently no link to Special Membership available on PC.

I was just hoping there was a possible pinned location for access to the Special Membership, so you don't have to hope that the niche few that know how to access it on PC, will drop a good link for you to follow. It makes my brain hurt having to maneuver through mobile and PC for a location that doesn't exist on either if you don't know where to look?

The current comparison between paying Moons (or $5) is $58 (if paid in Moons). It's a pretty ridiculous comparison whether you agree Moons should have market value or not, they do, and unfortunately I do not have enough room without breaking the current distribution calculator on my account.

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Discussion I created an account that would allow users to trade a MOON/MATIC trading pair within reddit? Asking for opinions and feedback


As some of you might remember, I made a post a few days ago about wanting to start a MOON based exchange. Well I have slightly modified this idea, and just a few days late, I have come up with a solution.
I am not trying to shill this (just yet), and am looking for suggestions/opinions/feedback)

I have created a brand new account u/Moons2Matic (NOT ACTIVE YET) to act as a trading account. This account will be able to facilitate cross chain transactions between MOONs (On Arb Nova), and Matic (On Polygon).

How will it work:
- Users send Moons or Matic to the account. (though tipping or to the wallet address)
- Within 24h users will receive the other pair of the trade into the same wallet that they send with (obv. on the other chain)
*Gas fees are subtracted from final value
*Done in bulk every 24h to minimize gas fees
*1% trading fee (no minimum fee other than gas fee subtraction)
Examples to explain:
User tips 10 MOONS to the trading account -> User receives 1.53 MATIC (at current exchange rate) (minus gas and 1% fee) to their vault address

User sends 2 MATIC to the trading account -> User receives 12.85 MOONS (at current exchange rate) (minus gas and 1% fee) to their address

Please give me feedback - what do you guys think. Would love to officially announce this as working very very soon

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Governance [PROPOSAL] Increase the maximum number of posts about Ethereum per day



Ethereum has become a bigger currency than many imagined and even though it's price may still be lower than BTC, the amount of people that follow it is more or less the same. Additionally, there are a LOT of projects that use Ethereum to run it. Bitcoin is mostly an investment, but Ethereum is very different to that, many people buy Ethereum for DAO's or NFT's. Since Ethereum is also rising, I think it is time that we adapt our rules, which currently state that a maximum of 7 posts per day can be about Ethereum, to the same as BTC. As of the time I am writing this, ETH is one off of it's max whereas BTC still has 3 posts left.



Yes - You think that I am correct and the maximum posts for ETH should be raised to 12.

No - You like it the way it is and want the maximum at 7.

No with veto - You think my idea is correct but don't agree with the maximum number of posts I suggested.

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162 votes, 3d ago
82 Yes
71 No
9 No with veto

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Suggestions The Banner sale should be an auction


I think that instead of taking to specific patterns, the banner sale on the r/cc subreddit should be done though an auction style even. Highest bidder in moons wins, and gets the banner for a month.

This will encourage more community engagement, and will encourage more spending on the banner, rather than (if I'm not mistaken) a fixed rate

More moons spent = more moons burnt


r/CryptoCurrencyMeta 12d ago

Discussion Idea: Let 2 companies/projects hire the banner


Hi everyone,

I already asked some of you their opinion on this in the official telegram group of r/CryptoCurrency, but I'm eager to see what you guys thinks about it too.

So in a bull run the demand for the banner will increase. This would result in a banner that's rented out for months. But what if we allow 2 projects/companies to hire it at the same time. The banner is big enough to have 2 advertisers.

About the price, I was thinking to use the same price or 0.75 of price now. It will result in 1.5x to 2x more moons that are burned.

The disadvantage will be that someone has to edit the banner image all the time to have 2 advertisers fit in.

It's just an idea and I would love to hear what you guys think!


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Discussion I want to create a MOON based exchange - help needed


Hope I this doesn't break any rules here, but here is the thing:

I want to create a moon exchange. Many people who would want to buy MOONs can get stuck due the chain theta MOONs are on and the whole complicated processs.

Also, there are new community tokens being released throughout reddit.

My goal is to create a CEX, where people can very easily buy and sell moons, being able to purchase and sell across different chains.

Also to support and enable easier trading between moons and other community tokens.

Including the ability to purchase Reddit NFTs with moons using the exchange

Focused on simple UI and simplicity to use

- I think this could benefit moons and the whole community points ecosystem greatly.

Looking mostly for potential developers, web designers, UI people. If interested please DM me or let me know.

Again, hope this doesn't break any rules.

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Request Moon Proposal: Twitter Giveaway/Airdrop


Host a Moon Giveaway/Airdrop on Twitter for Twitter users to help Moons awareness spread cross platform.

Details: Give 25 Moons to Twitter Users who meet the following conditions (once per Twitter User)

Possibly host the give away for up to 1,000 Twitter users. This could be changed based off community feedback. 25 Moons is small enough in value that users who receive Moons likely won't immediately sell. With a low marketcap of Moons some Twitter users will also be encouraged to hold Moons.

The end goal is to increase awareness of Moons on Twitter. Total used Moons is 25K from TheMoonDistributor.

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Question My post not appearing on r/cc.


Hi all, I just posted something on r/cc about an hour ago and I can't see the post on the new post feed. Does anyone know what is up with it? There are no indications that it has been removed or if it is against any rules. I can see the post in my own profile.

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Suggestions Suggestions: More awareness renting banner + AMA


Hi everyone,

To make the renting of the banner (and AMAs) more visible, I suggest the following:

  • If there is no advertiser for the banner, try to make a banner with how to rent it. Maybe make a design contest (in rccmoons) for the best 3 banners if there is no one to rent it.
  • If the second sticky post in the sub is empty, try to pin a universal post with all the info about renting the banner and AMAs to raise awareness. Try to make it the top post.
  • Tweet on the official Twitter mod account about new AMAs and banner rentals. (I think this is done from time to time).
  • Sticky a Tweet on the official Twitter mod account about how to rent the banner (or AMAs).
  • Maybe make a post in the sub with the official mod account (and maybe sticky it for 24h) every time there is a new advertiser for the banner. Include the link of the advertiser to it so it can generate more clicks.


- What do you guys think?

- Do you have other suggestions?

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Discussion Yeah so just gonna go ahead and ask… Where’s our moons??


Looking to see if anyone has any insight on why the distribution hasn’t happened yet. Have moons been this delayed before? I can’t recall this lengthy of a delay especially since bricks have already been sent out. Hey thanks if you have any insight, cause I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one wondering… where they at!?


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Request Rule Proposal: Adjust all non-CCIP polls default behavior to show raw votes as the default view and moon votes as the secondary view


Currently when you see a poll, the default view for users to see is the number of moons that voted for each option. I am not saying that this isn't a valid view, but for a normal poll where there is little to gain by brigading, plain votes are generally preferred because it shows the number of accounts voting for each option.

I believe that all non-CCIP polls should default to the votes view to avoid confusion. I would argue that CCIP polls make sense to leave as moons for the default since they are more likely be be brigaded.

some very recent examples from a single recent poll post where users assumed the polls showed votes by default.



View Poll

97 votes, 15d ago
50 Change the default view of polls to votes for non-CCIP polls
47 Keep the default view of polls as moons for all polls

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Governance [PROPOSAL] - Raise the minimum words limit from 500 to 700 in posts with the flair analysis


So, for me, analysis is a post where someone provides a lengthy post about something they chose to analyze and to explain it to people who are not so well informed about cryptocurrency. A post that just hits the minimum 500-word limit isn't going to explain much and would reduce the quality of posts we get on that flair. I think if someone is writing an analysis on something then they ought to use at least 700 words, if they don't then they should use the discussion flair so that the analysis flair is full of actually useful stuff. I personally really find everyone's analysis on this subreddit very useful and they have helped me understand stuff way better than some article on the web.


Change the limit to 700 - If you select this option you agree with me and want the minimum word requirement on the analysis flair to be 700 words.

Keep it the same as it is - You do not agree with me and want this to be kept the same.

No with veto - You want the limit to be changed but do not agree with me when it comes to the limit I proposed.


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180 votes, 12d ago
52 Change the limit to 700
110 Keep it the same as it is
18 No with veto

r/CryptoCurrencyMeta 19d ago

Discussion Remove Moon related posts on /cc, since it’s again rules standards.


I’ve seen most posts on Moons are getting removed by mods for whatever reasons. It’s because /cc rules, when strictly applied, do not permit talking about Moons actually.

But still, we have Moons flair and even a limit of 2 posts at top50. Some posts go through but according to a mod explanation “it is more suited for r/CryptoCurrencyMoons”. So my question is, why don’t we simply automod every post talkint about Moons ?

Also, I don’t get why rules can be applied so specifically to these posts but not on zero-effort link posts that share the same news multiple times.

This is too much effort to try and write a post, better just share links 3 times a day even when it has been already posted.